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Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

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wait so how do you get the 2nd Deviljho weapon? Built the first one in the tree but the 2nd one is still grayed out and not showing the material needed.
This is for the GS.

xbox players -- heres my session ID i have t2/t3 investigations all day and willing to do arena as well

If there's one good thing I can say about Monster Hunter World is that it made me want to go back to MH4U where there's endgame content.

I've been a LS main this whole time but need to mix things up now that I've completed pretty much everything there is to do hunt-wise. Thinking of trying out either Lance or Switch Axe as my next weapon.

I figure my current build will work well enough for Switch Axe, but what do I need for Lance? Probably going to go with the Jho lance. Is Guard Up + x3 Guard enough? How much handicraft does it need?
Wtf bros I thought SAED spam was dead??

So what's the verdict on Jho? Was he neutered and casualised like Diablos or is it still the same ol Jho?

Has anyone even gotten hit with deflock from jho yet

are loading times slower now or is it just me

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do you have elder dragon blood yet

This except it made me go back to XX just for general content overall

Nowhere near what he is in previous games. When you're at low HR he's kinda scary but otherwise he's just farmmeat.

Deviljho more like Redditjho.

>guy still farming Jho for parts to make weapons
>uses weapon he already has
>does it slower than a guy with a Tobi CB

Yes, all the time.

Room session id: 67L6xFapPeRR
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Temper Investigations/Jho/whatever, PS4 Room ID/Session ID: 4kdRwMdK6ea3

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Ye, lots of it. Now tell me the secret of the Elder Dragon Blood.

but i'm playing Monster Hunter Frontier Z, user..

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It made me go to 4U for the first time.
And I kinda regret it cause it's causing my 3ds and my fingers to fall apart.

if it's not blood, then maybe you haven't gotten a gem yet? Cause it's 5 ED Blood, 2 Scalps, 5 Tallfangs, and 1 Gem for the upgraded jho weapon

>removing relevant patch notes

Wow the jho armor is actually completely fucking garbage

I have seen no noticeable difference. The first quest I took after the update let me drop in instantly but then the actual black loadscreen took about 5 times longer, haven't had a repeat of that weird shit.

He hasn't kept up with the improvements to World so he's slow and not particularly threatening, but he's a huge HP sponge compared to everything else.

>entire team sets up bombs at the monsters head
>start up my wyvern fire
>LS faggot slingshots the bombs

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>12 jho gems
>1 scalp

Here we fuckin go

Doesn't quite live up to the hype, but he was never going to because the expectations were set ridiculously high.

It's good content, though. I think when we get Savage Deviljho and tempered he's going to get his old challenge back.

I wish there was a way to play MH1 online again... I wish fighting Lao with people. :(

Should I ignore the crit element set bonus if I'm doing element CB, since phial explosions don't crit?

Post you're proofs

Actually hard this time, and it demonstrates the full potential of the reworked brute wyvern skeleton to account for the slopes and ledges.

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so is jho actually BIS in ANY weapon class? or is it all just overhyped garbage?

Nevermind, I was in the wrong menu. I'm retarded. I have everything I need save for another scalp. Thanks for the help anyway, man.

Lobotomized like every other monster in World. He's a jhoke.

>go to wildspire because it's my favorite area
>no jho tracks. start fight with chicken, jho doesn't show up
>go to ancient forest
>no jho tracks, start fight with toby, jho doesn't show up
>go to elder's, no jho tracks, hate elder's so back to wildspire
>pick up quest to kill pinkian in wildspire
>kill pinkian, no jho
alright, this has already taken much, much more time than i care to have used. how do i fight deviljho?
also what's the deal with 'special assignments'?

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He did the right thing then because your WF is actually 3 separate hits (2 for HBG) and only one hit will get the wakeup bonus.

Post your Gildenkarten!

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Lance and Hunting Horn.

Wyvern fire isn't a good wakeup, only one hit will get the sleep bonus.

Na, he's neutered, except for the dragonbreath which is slower, but impossible to dodge through now.

I don't know anything but I'm too stupid to think for myself so I'll ask an inflammatory question on Veeky Forums to bait people into spoonfeeding me

The hunting horn's array of songs are pretty fantastic for tempered elders and has a ton of white at 3 handi. The GS is comparable to Laviathan's Fury, has more white, raw and dragon but has to have the negative affinity compensated for. Nothing that really breaks the mold or balance.

Yes, as opposed to slingshoting the bombs, where exactly 0 hit will get the wakeup bonus



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No, they mean the ??? classification got applied to those other Elder Dragons because they didn't fully understand them yet.

>Jho Beta
Good taste

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Bombs got the bonus.

just tried SA for the first time with jho's fully upgraded one. ofc i do bad damage cuz im a noob with the weapon, but i got the feeling that SA is very low damage in general in MHW.. can a SA user chime in to confirm or deny this before i put in more time into the weapon?

If the slingshot only hits the bomb and not the monster then one bomb will get the bonus, which is much higher than WF damage.
Now you know how to sleepbomb, yw, worldbab.

>impossible to dodge through now
I've dodged through it with DB Demon Mode dodge and no evasion improvement skills.

I'm just saying, it's probably better to charged shelling for wakeup. LS was still a dick though.

Check the world map for expeditions with a ??? monster listed. He'll show up there.

Odo lance is better with a specialised crit damage build.

>Mr. Quickdraw

Make good use of the sex change coupon?

Too bad the headband thing looks kinda silly. I was hoping for the gunner eyepatch

mucho apreciación

>Deviljho... the Monster Hunter: World™ eater...
Really, Capcom?

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>this is what odoshitters ACTUALLY believe

>mhw on pc limited to microsoft store
Capcom is retarded.

>no World info

nobody gives a fuck about the other games in the series

Lance and HH are both top tier.

Potentially BIS HBG, I think.

Why does foresight slash go into the opposite direction of where my stick is facing?

It's not as bad as though

Amped state gives you some extra damage which adds up over time. For example with just my Teo Swaxe, I do about 70+20 every sword hit, which adds up quickly.

>new patch
>buffs pretty much all the weapons
>make Jho a bitch
>makes easy game even easier
Why? They already got he casual crowd, they got the 7.5million, stop.

Switch Axe and Charge Blade are for weirdo's more concerned with being special snowflakes than dealing damage.

Everything SA and CB do is done better by GS and SnS.

Why Elders specifically? The Wind Pressure Negation on Jho's horn is not the one that affects Kushala. Only the Manasheena has that song iirc.

It's pretty fun to go ham on a monster in sword mode then do the mounted finisher.

Overall it's lower damage but I think it's one of the better weapons for breaks/tails due to reach and minds eye

And Gunlance if you just wanna smash shit.

this is it, the peak retard face

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Is it just me or does Elderseal affect Jho? I fought him with Blast, with Raw, with Thunder, and with Dragon and it seemed like he got staggered and even knocked out of rage mode with Decimation Claws.

>he doesn't get the meme

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Do you think in the future:
a. G-Rank will be introduced, and it will be just as difficult as in the previous games
b. G-Rank will be introduced, but it will be just slightly above current HR in terms of difficulty
c. G-Rank will never be introduced


tell me about this gunlance, so it's good for full burst builds?

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Okay, i was beating the damage numbers alone to check the Jho weapons.
I did consider phials and ammo. I didn't test them in-game or with specific builds.
I don't play all weapons and some may be vastly wrong, so please correct it constructively if you see fit.

Objectively great/best:
HH, Lance

Best in a specific playstyle:
Gunlance, HBG, LBG

Best in the dragon element:

Hammer, SnS, IG

At what point in the game can I download the DLC quests? I just killed Kulu-Ya-Ku and I have to go kill Pukei-Pukei now.

why does jho have such a low mount threshold

i just mounted him like twice in under a minute between mounts and a further 4/5 times in that hunt. What gives?


for cluster builds yeah but not for anything else

Blos Axe with NE Boost is great damage but then again all Blos weapons are. Otherwise I don't really notice any lower damage or anything.

he prefers to be on top

You can knock him out of it regardless. When he's enraged and you stagger him and he goes into his lunge animation and you slap him again before he attempts it, then he will pull an Anjanath and fall backwards and stay toppled for a bit.

Anybody else just really fucking hate the handler

This jho quest was the final straw

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>totally not kosher

It's good for a build where you forget about the gun part and just do the smashing infinite combo. I think someone said it had high damage Wyrmstake too, but I'm still making it so idk about that.

No, it's the best for slamming and sweeping. Pinkian and Zorah GLs are still best for full bursting.

who knows but my palico paralyzed him 3x during our fight so he probably has a low paralysis threshold too. Usually don't see more than one paralysis in most of my fights.

>Monster Hunter: World
[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 -

I think mounting is tied to stamina or rage mode in World, but I haven't seen confirmation of that.


May I have your thoughts on it? Everyone says its mediocre and I don't see what's good about it myself.

>Capcom releases High Rank Deviljho (non-Tempered)
>I'm in my end-game armor with over 450 defense
>Jho barely does damage


I'm not hearing anything to prove me wrong


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