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>New Arena Mode: Grand Prix
>March nerfs/restrictions - No cards
>Rotation, formats, new class

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I love my pure wife Arisa

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>Singer + Blazing Breath
>Sybil + Aiela
>Windmill + Scyther
>Queen + Israfil
Man, I'm so skilled.

Forest will be the new cancercraft that everyone complains about next expac

Screencap this

Portal will be much worse.


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If you're not in the final stage for Group A then you can't post in this thread.

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I mean yeah, it keeps BnB and having a 6pp storm following up Ipiria will be good in both formats. Shit's going to be nice.

Match ID: 92162
Concede onegai!

>Implying having the best wards, the beast heals, the best removal, the 2nd best storm, and the best threats in the game isn't already the cancercraft
If it wasn't for rune, shadow and dragon being cancer for a couple of expacs, forest would be top of the shit list.

This link should really be temporarily added to the OP's news section with how relevant it is, just in case anyone happened to miss it.

I didnt even play gp until yesterday

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Prove you're not a shitter, /svg/

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Wait. So first I'll spend all my gold on Dawnbreak Nighedge.
And then when I am all out of gold they'll release super fancy new cards, into the same pack I just bought. For cards I'll never ever get, and when I try I just get the old stuff all over again?


>he plays shadowverse

>he used a ticket


What was everyone's thoughts on this? Looking at it, I think it's pretty good. 2-3 months is around the time meta starts getting really stale because everyone has crafted the LMAO EZ win decks.


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5-0 on my first go
This game is easy

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To keep people from saving gold on the final month for the new expansion.

I'm just a filthy B Rank who didn't even know about this until Stage 2.

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Can't say I'm not a shitter, but at least I'm determined.

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Free packs yo

>0 rupies

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>implying forest doesn't have best tier 1 deck atm

Yeah if it wasn't for the other 7 classes Haven would be cancer too.

If you want to pull whatever legendary cards get added in May for their emblems instead of having to craft them (and yes, according to the JP announcement it will be one more lego per class) then don't buy DN packs until then. Craft what you need the most with your current reserve vials, and keep saving gold.

It's a pretty negative reaction overall, from what I've seen anyway. At least in my opinion, month 3 was the most fun because by then the most outlandishly broken decks were usually dealt with, but now that's not gonna be the case since the new cards will almost inevitably bring issues of their own. I guess month 2 will probably be the most balanced now, so I'll probably be getting GM then as opposed to month 3 like I usually do.

>group B
you just proved to be a shitter


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One hour left until finals, my dudes

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Why wouldn't you, it's gold and pack(s) and isn't good for anything else.

It's an interesting idea since it's one way to get people to play the game for sure. People like balance but the game being too balanced can make it boring and stale. But it's also an obvious jew tactic to get you to buy more packs.

There's gonna be a GP every month so I assume people who are paranoid might want to hold on to them for when they actually need another try.

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Rate my dick please.
Do you think that Star Phoenix would do it any good.
I was thinking about dropping 1 Aiela since it does nothing later on and put a third Staircase.
Card off screen is a single Bahamut.

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I'll be saving them if that's the case and when it's confirmed that you can save them, and I'll be spending them until then


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No Daria today so it was easy. Neutral Elf is nice.

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Vial sink/whalebait. Realistically no one is going to buy more packs just for the small chance of pulling the new cards, so people will have to burn lots of vials for any new legends they need. It's just going to lead to a lot of people not pulling on release and running old meta decks for 2 months; or not playing at all for 2 months.

>yfw the salt when moonbun is in the may release

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Pretty fucked up desu. Sure it keeps things fresh but it also makes you feel like shit for spending gold buying "incomplete" packs at the start of an expansion. Last moth is when I usually start saving so I'm not even going to buy the new packs most likely. Another problem is if they add moonbun then and not from the start of the expansion.
They can also avoid nerfs to problematic cards using the "huuur new cards, so we want to see how the meta changes" blizzard tier argument.

How many leaks left?

>Add 2 FFG to my midshadow
>All 4 Daria 1 dirt
I've been queuing every day for the good gold, and over 50% of my games were NForest for every stage. The second I tech against Forest and Dragon, they disappear entirely. This game is way too fucking predictable for supposed "RNG matchmaking".

You're not mixing enough archetypes. Add some Windmill cards.

>he fell for the "counters" meme.
Counters never work in this game.

18 cards.

I'd actually uninstall immediately
Their whole narrative for the stagger is to "refresh the meta", an alternate version of an old rotated card would completely conflict with that

My boy Dayan didn't qualify either so everything is fine with the world. Second round was literal luckshit time.

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I literally won't play the game after the expansion if that's the case. I'm saving my rupees for Moonbun, and I'm not gonna waste them like KMR wants.

But that just adds more win conditions it's been working pretty good so far you barely ever run out of steam and the constant preassure on board also works to punish most aggro decks.

Counters on ladder are mostly useless since the point of ladder is using decks that have the widest range of good matchups so you always have a chance at winning. Counters are for tournaments where you know what you're targetting and have other decks for other matchups.

He didn't qualify yet? That's weird.

We recognize your concern, and as such the leader card for Moon Al'Mir-aj will be counted as a rotation legal reprint in order to bring new variety to the format. Thank you, and enjoy Shadowverse.

He streamed and couldn't get 4 wins for shit. You brick twice in this shit and it's gg. Gran Prix is anything but a display of skill.

>old meta decks for 2 months
Good fucking luck with that when so much shit rotates. I'm just gonna hang with trusty old aggrosword in unlimited for the first two months. May, maybe craft Celia at the absolute most. Huh, maybe they actually did it to prop up unlimited?

>3 (THREE) legendaries per class

They handled this the worst possible way. If they released the extra cards as some fixed complete set you could buy (with some PvE content would have been cool), I'd have less issue with it. 3 legends per set per class is pushing it to breaking point, but they aren't wrong that nobody really wants to play by month 3 of any meta. And constantly nerfing cards to give bandwagoners free refunds for the next cancer isn't the way to fix it.

Inserting the cards into the existing packs is fucking stupid however, and just makes people not want to buy anything at launch or even drop the game entirely until the full set is out.

Why did I have a new ticket and a legendary in my crate when I logged in today?

But he still has time or did he give up already?

I got 4 wins on the second round and 3 on the first but I'm in group B how does that work exactly. Do you have to get 4 or more in both?

>the inevitability of a bunch of anons that'll get highrolled in the first game
this grand prix is nothing but despair

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Just buy more crystals for premium matchmaking and premium draws. Enjoy Shadowverse. Thank you.

If they want to make the game more exciting in months 2 and 3, they should BUFF some cards instead. That way they don't need to refund vials, and they don't need to print more shit. Make some shit like Mail or Straddler a bit more useful to shake things up.

Can't wait for the backlash from angry nips.

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Nips are spineless betas who will put up with anything

I think GP is rigged. I've lost from the most insane literal 1 damage off of surviving and winning kind of stuff several times in the last few days while doing GP.

Is this the expansion with most censored cards we've had yet?

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Burn Rune and current forest builds with some tweaks will still be strong. The question mark is Dragon and Mid-Shadow, who right now are losing more than they gain. Shadow still has a bunch of cards left though.

Yes. There are more censored female cards than uncensored ones.

Took me 2 tries to get to group A then 7 tries to get into the finals and I was playing the exact same decks. I only won my forth game because the game decided to match me with a bricking haven instead of the usual Dorothy/Forest/Dragon.
GP is only slightly less rng than T2. I'd like to see statistics of what percentage of players actually qualified for final stage A.

Yeah, but it's all worth because we got to watch a couple of dudes mirror match each other with the same 3 decks over and over again on stream for a few hours.

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>go first and win
>go second and win
Seems 50/50

>Do Gran Prix
>Don't get a Daria opponent, I win
Took a little bit but there you go. The team at Cygames are fucking retarded. There is nothing fun about playing daria, she either high rolls you and you can't do anything, or they brick.

I think pretty much every single card with a cute girl on it is censored in some way.
It's pretty ridiculous.

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I qualified for group A at the last at the last hour and only because the game matched me against to worst D rank daria and dragon players ever. The rune dude didn't even know the proper time to put the board down. Whoever says GP isn't just luck on hand and shitty opponents is just a liar.

You want more draw than that.

Dorothy wants to go 2nd though so that fucks up statistics.

>play daria
>brick half the time
>play dragon
>dont get ramp half the time

Someone give me a deck that's actually consistent

Opposite for me
Literally won against every single daria deck and lost to literally every single neutral deck. Lost the 50/50 so no sleeves for me.

Control or Neutral Elf.

Anyone? I saw no reason for why I got it.

Every single deck your opponents play, but only when they play it.

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Fucking owl

There was an unscheduled maintenance yesterday that fucked everyone's runs so they gave out a ticket to compensate and there was a survey to pick a legendary to give out and Queen of the Dread Sea won.


I agree that would make a lot of sense for undertuned cards that were supposed to have an impact, and obviously didn't. But they won't.

neutral elf is anything but consistent

I sure do enjoy drawing all my elf cards when I run 3/4 neutrals.

So that's a yes on the third Staircase, being a minion based deck with a bunch of token generation that should be enough, I've never felt a lack of draws when playing it.

Oh. Neat.


In 2 months

It just highlights how little control you have over outcomes in this game, that many people didn't really notice when grinding dailies. My last GP run I got crushed by perfect curve nelf, won 3, and then lost to a fucking Nep deck who had the perfect answer to my board every single turn. You can't make this shit up, all you can do is shrug and move on.

>missplay and evolve wrong follower
>could have played an ogler for free
>decide not to out of shame
>still win
haha nice

>final stage in 30 minutes
>something fucked up my steam and I can't play online games
Thanks Gaben

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Extra day senpai. Final round starts in 24 hours.

>My boy Dayan