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Good bye Gachapin and Mukku

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Stream summary

>Recent news
Metatron and Avatar Raids released
Glorybringer and Nekomancer are available
Arcarum Extreme unlocked, together with Arcarum Weapons and summon FLB (which needs Magna II Omega Anima)
Celeste and Chev 4* uncap
EMP skills for Apsaras and CR
Story chapters 106-107 released
Yaia 5* uncap and Bonito 4* uncap released
Xeno Corow is up
SSR Summer Jannu (Wind) released
4th Anniversary Event with Magfest, daily crystals, free daily draw, bonus pendant, JD drop boost and Daily Roll Roulette with one guaranteed 100 rolls in the last day if you haven't got one before that.
What makes the Sky Blue Part 2 is ongoing with free SSR Sandalphon and a free discount Primal/Sunstone

>How to Start
Go to game.granbluefantasy.jp in Chrome.

>Schedule for March:
2/28 - 3/23 - What Makes the Sky Blue Part II
3/12 - 3/18 - Rise of the Four Beasts
3/18 - 3/24 - Xeno Corow Clash
3/24 - 3/30 - Robomi Generations (Rerun)
3/31 - 4/8 - New Scenario Event

>READ THE FAQ before posting! - it will answer most of your questions if you are new or learning.

>Mega Pastebin - This pastebin has lots of useful things like important guides and other stuff, so don't be a shitter and read these before asking something.

>Guild Pastebin

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First for my wife!

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I wanna MASH them!

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8 days


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why doesn't it show honors then

Please carry this chevalier omega!

Reminder to NOT fap to his daughter to ensure SSR 100 rolls

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Why are they even called potatoes? It's just midgets.

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What happened to Asparas? Is it usable now?

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reminder that you're 23x more likely to not draw any SSRs from 100 3% draws than 6% draws

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toots vagina is about to slip out what the fuck

>tfw playable Satan and Metatron never

What are the EMP skills on glory and neko?


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Just read the update notes you Double Jannu

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I'd like to hold Charlotta's hand.

Do you like enmity?
Do you like stamina?

i thought you were kidding

wtf bros I thought justice was flat...

Usable is an understatement.

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Is there any good porn of them yet

Reminder you're a worthless 6% overrating piece of shit.

>have 50 accounts
>doesnt care about low percentage
The more sample you have, the better the outcome

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What's about Yaia's?

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It's a recurring term. Lalafell from Final Fantasy are also called potatoes.
It's cause they're small and round.

legit good with dark, your team can cap for 10 turns straight

Give me the fucking PNGs and I'll shit out an extremely low effort one that looks better than your manufactured ass.

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He doesn't care about them though. Not Zwei at least


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Dark Apsaras with Herm?

>absolute dogshit class
>gets access to either of enmity or stamina
seriously fucking nerf the shit out of enmity and stamina already

So it's 20 distinctions to unlock the exII class on top of the 41 to ele-change the class weapon?

Look them up yourself, asshat.

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water yuel
earth vas

I'm not gonna make, my shit dark grid only allows me to kill nm70, damn just give one flip on the sword, stop giving me only those fucking sunset fans.

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good luck getting any of those on summon gacha

Go for the second flb sword

Oh and by the way, the normal smile version doesn't exist anywhere, I edited that myself. So have fun making that again to validate your ego.

>either of enmity or stamina

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>erune and draph

Do u rike it?


>MVP voice
>MVP smug
>MVP of anons heart
>MVP looks
>MVP body
>MVP personality
>MVP outfit
>MVP specimen
>MVP genes
You do have her, right?

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Dark Apsaras with Hermanubis?

>Black Knights fear doesnt work on Metatron
>Olivia's trigger skip version does
What is this bias?

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9.0 in a mediocre element

I was going to spark her but /gbfg/ told me she's shit

No, if I wanted a traitor girl whose only good points are her looks, I'd fuck some random whore on the street.

>remember that time when you laughed at that guy who rolled 90 R 10 SR

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Both her and Vira.


that's not how
whatever makes you feel better sampei

is Corow even a good statstick
I've gotten 4 flips and 3 were selfies


That's all. Bless me, master!

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Because it's a local debuff

Not even the best playable fallen angel

Is it worth losing the sword prof on the MC by going dark Apsaras with Hermanubis?

shiva i guess i have every other unticketable except varuna and zeph

>Seig momma becomes Sara and Danua's mom
>Lunalu is the orbiter
>Carren the estranged niece
>Apollo the rebel, but actually successful in contrast to her mom, daughter
>Perci, vane and lan-chan's simmering homolust for him
Sitcom is now

yeah, splitting spirit -> conjunction -> hit 4 turns -> jammed 3 turns -> dance of zeal 3 turns -> jammed 3 turns. Can do either ultima axe with six or ultima spear to take care of data

that's when i realized i shouldn't play this game

Fuck, I'm gonna test this.

>ultima axe/spear in dark

this can't possibly be worth it over herm

30 minutes left until free 100 rolls. I hope something nice happens to you /gbfg/. Let's pull some great things out of it.

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Why do you play that awful Nutaku game

Whatever happens, user, I just want you to know that it's all your fucking fault

I mean something like this

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Alright, according to motocal it goes like that

Snek dagger > bow, period and I don't understand why
Tia gun > harp, but you want about 2 harps
Katana = Axe > Yugu sword, you want no more than 3 axes, it actually rates yugu sword higher butit's because it lacks data on the other weapons atk I guess

Anyone got different results?

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He did care about Orchis, just his revenge took hold of him and he left her to be her own person. He did give her Lloyd and the doll(?) as a parting gift. iirc wasn't Zwei Liam creation? I wouldn't call her his daughter since he used her as a tool to an end

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>looks like asuna from SAO with wings
Basically generic waifushit looks and awful personality. Also dies faster than Lucio after some turns. I wish I had dark Sarunan for S. Zoi memes.

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>Had to quit SV cause it was going into the shitter and fighting that was destroying my general wellness
>The next pack was G O L E M S
This gushing crater in my soul will still be leaking in ninety years

DFD7DA08 Avatar

Ah gotcha. I would rather do fist/sword and just leave Gran out in the cold though.

m8 nutaku is years behind and doesn't have the tiny sprites emoting
he's playin on DMM

>looks like asuna from SAO with wings
You blind?


Reminder you will not get a Shiva or its equivalents from the 100 rolls.

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Okay, why is he playing that terrible DMM game

Is the spear solely just for MC's benefit?

Gran and his husband!

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that's fine i got grimnir yesterday and the day before

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I got Shiva a few days ago though while sparking for Sjeanne.

No, I run forte lady grey zoi with that grid

Here's your Swimming Pool, user!

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Grand Cain soon.


I like cute things. It's why Kumuyu is my favorite character in this whole game.

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Translate it weebs

Wow I want to fuck Gran

400% AoE damage/burn/wind ATK/DEF down (massive)
main: fire normal atk +110%/def +10%
sub: fire HP +30%