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shitfu edition

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Aviator a cute! CUTE!

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3rd for Taric is fucking lowkey busted

When is Riot going to admit the fact that champions with no dash or massive MS buffs are trash?

yuck thread

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>not posting the animated splash
fuck you

Half dragons are for _____

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if you buy emotes please also buy bleach and drink it

Ahri a shit

When they create a character designed specifically to remove the inherent advantage dashes and MS buffs give to whatever cancer happens to have them in a matchup

Champion with a spammable knockdown/grounded aoe when? I just want to play something that makes assassin cucks cry

>That Super Galaxy Elise skin
should I learn Elise just to use this?

Your main has magically changed gender
What is the result

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Oh, question over

>no champion with a 6 second global silence

i need to HUG aviator!

What jungler should I play when WW Is banned or picked by enemy?

Be nice to your support and compliment her!

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I cervical penetration is intended and possible her vagina will be shallow as fuck. Humans have freakishly large dicks compared to all other animals. Fucking half-breeds sucks.

hello my name is press W to stop fun how are you

you may know me from the time ssumday used me to shit on a camille yes hello

i am... best waifu

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>Male shyvana


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What if every female champ was turned into a trap?

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>no massive 5 second aoe stun/silence on a spammable 60 second cooldown

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>female ahri

this skin is still the most fappeable right ?

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God I would do such lewd things with her like holding her hand and stroking her hair

I see no problem here.

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Sales discount has a debit balance, and affects revenue so when we credit it that means reducing it which means increasing revenue which means our revenue was previously understated which means net income was understated therefore net income is understated therefore retained earnings is understated therefore equity is understated I LOVE ACCOUNTING TESTS, accounting champion when?

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post it

>no 6s AoE immobilization that even incapacitates turrets

>yfw a void goes mid

I want the one on the _left_

I was thinking something more along the lines of xin zhao's ult except it doesn't knock you to the outside of the ring,it is spammable and it does nothing for your defense outside of shitting on mobilty cancer

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I feel guilty for fapping to this splash

Need to convert it and compress to make it a webm, but i have other things to do, maybe u guys have the time for it

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I want to wed and impregnate this targonian aspect!

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1) you cant marry kids
2) you can't impregnate kids
3) it is wrong to do either of these things
4) however i am just some guy on the internet, not the fbi I swear so I have no power to stop you if you did either one of these things

The ingame is a million times better than the splash, and they're changing parts of it this week

No you don't

>most toned tight ass in the game

Actually im glad everyones hates their precious virgin skin now.

>be riot design and balance team
>"so fampaitachi what should we do that 70% of the roster is unplayable dogshit?"
>"idk kev, maybe give them a talent or some shit what gives them what they missing."
>"your a faking genious mah man."

And thus at release we got an awful tree called precision, and riot took months to make it somewhat useable, the champions using these runes were a nightmare to play as.

>the team with Fiora top autowins

Epic balance.

If I want to actually do damage as Taric I build IBG and not Triforce right?
>instead of 200% base AD every spellcast it's 100% base AD and 60% bonus armour and IBG has tons of free armour
is this right? It seems like the item was literally built for him alone. Also, do I need to get the healing+shielding items? Is ardent still broken on him in particular?

What champion do you play if you want to afflict autism to everyone else present in the match

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Now imagine if you had a Trynda.





>silver 5
>5 games, 4 wins, climbed to silver 4, pretty easy
>silver 4
>very hard to win a game, there are always a feeder, tilted faggot, or you are the one who is tilted and feeding his ass of
what the actual fuck? is silver 5 my peak? I still cant believe it

Doesn't PTA just do more damage than Conqueror?

Well you're average. Is there something wrong with being average?

Honorable mentions to Janna.

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wait what the fuck

learn to calculate

>janna inflicts autism


depends how good your ad scaling is and how tanky of a team you're hitting

the point remains that conqueror has no cooldown for melees essentially

>doing damage

do we play the same game?

what's wrong user?

>not using giphy

I mean why silver 4 and silver 5 are so different?

other way around UNLESS you have a ton of people who are all working together to target the same enemy rendered vulnerable by PtA, but even that's a wash since Conqueror people can hit multiple enemies simultaneously with their 20% true damage.
>10-35 extra AD and 20% true damage conversion
>160 bonus damage once at level 18 and 12% increased damage (only fucking 4% increased damage at level 1-6)
Conqueror isn't only stronger, but it can also apply to multiple enemies simultaneously. Ideally you'd have at least one person on the team with PtA to enhance the conqueror's damage even further.

>female taric
Suddenly every other woman in the game became a basic bitch.

It's not different you had bad luck with matchmaking. Keep climbing user.

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i like you

>my lastest chest
Time to pick up Tryndamere.
Or so I think; does this rune just bring him back to healthy levels or am I going to be playing cancer for once?

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desu lads I don't think there's a problem with GGMF aside for the price

Male LeBonk. I wonder what that would look like?

5th age Taric is the only real Taric.

Riot viral marketer back at it again

it was always the cutest splash

I'm glad they keep the trend

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PTA has a cooldown unlike Conqueror and even Grasp of the Undying.

Why do you think Tanks were so popular user? They could proc grasp 24/7 and add it on top of their DPS; eventually doing more damage than a single PTA proc.

5th age is for basic bitches and bloodstone is earnestly his best skin

well then do it

if you could play Trynd effectively with PTA, then you are going to be turbocancer.
Now that you only picked him up now you'll be average.


It's ugly as fuck. What's wrong with your taste nigga

>eternal teenager: the post

It has a flat damage component and damage amp (basically the same thing conqueror does)

You gotta hit them a lot for the bonus AD to do more damage than the upfront damage and 20% true damage ends up being 20% damage boost against 100 armor target, less against squishies.

I can see conqueror being really good on those people who have really hard time actually landing 3 autos (e.g Darius or Nasus or other juggernauts) or ADC's with crit amplifying the bonus AD
It's also pretty good against tanks where the true damage boost is higher as well so if you going to be splitting against one then that could also be very benefitial

Jax or something who is always going to get the PTA boost against an enemy ADC will basically never do more damage to them with conqueror than they would with PTA


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has nidalee done it with cougars ?

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Barely even see a tank in top and jungle tanks definitely didn't take grasp

Pretty cute if you ask me

You're not accounting for the fact that conqueror will basically be always on for a lot of melee champions. Someone like Darius or Illaoi is going to exploit the FUCK out of the bonus AD.

I dont like nurelia,she is more of a teamfigher than a duelist now

and they butchered her Q travel speed,that was the most fun part of her,what other duelist top laners can you recommend me anons,trundle?

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which other champions would vastly improve if they were cute girls

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Oh please sweetie
5th Age > Pool Party >Classic > Emarald > Bloodshit

Is that right? Well I'm sure by the time I improve to the level where I could be turbocancer, appropriae nerfs will come. Thanks for the insight.

Ye it's pretty great for juggernauts

I have no main

So good, especially what he did with Xerath, as much as his other swaps were appropriate given the attire of who they were based on.

>female skarner

would anything even change, outside of voice

she's still a strong duelist, you just don't right click people to death mindlessly now

Yup. But I like Pool Party more 5th Age is too much of a meme

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>the new rune is broken as fuck
>nobody thought 20% true damage after 4 seconds of combat would be broken as fuck
man for the first time the balance team lets us down..

Considering that it's Diana, that's especially cute underwear.

Is Maokai male or female to begin with ?

PTA is a fucking dogshit rune, a bad version of fervor.

Conqueror was nerfed to shit before hitting live servers, and its still counts as broken. Consider this.

Also add the fact that Trynd is going to be a nightmare until nerfs with conqueror, while with PTA (which supposed to be his go-to rune) he was below average.

maokai is treemale

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