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Ignore this thread, I am a retard.

how dare u


How can i do a Morrissey run?

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hey that game with the cowboy robot and the checkered man, that is one good game.

Is wasteland two worth pirating?

>worth pirating
I never understood this train of thought, what exactly are you losing when getting it for free?

Wasted time, potential malware, etc.

Time and effort

Gib all your best Fallout 4 weapon mods right the fuck now.
I submit 'Assault Carbine and Service Rifle' for your viewing pleasure.

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Guns you want to see in FO4:

Colt Monitor (I know there's a BAR already but I wanna be FBI man)
Colt SAA

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the bear.......................

the bull....................................


>Guns you want to see in FO4:

psh, anything based on real fucking guns, for starters.

Grenade Machinegun/Mercy

What order should the DLC for New Vegas be played.

Majority of the guns are based on real ones.

Release order as that's clearly the way they wanted the playerbase to experience them

Are we going to make a different thread or just stick with this one now?

You don't want
*click clack*

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release order or bust

For what reason would we need another thread


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The DKS-501 mod is bad*ss, it's kind of old but it's so very high quality, I only really found out about it by using the horizon weapon pack, I can't recommend it enough.

What the fuck is smiths and morrissey and what the fuck does it have to do with Fallout? Fuck you OP, you should feel bad.

>1 modded weapon
What next, laser and plasma rifles
there's really no need to be this obtuse simply because I didn't specify the exact ballistic weapons that matched their real world counter-part

I guess it's a pop culture reference. Fallout 2 had those.


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I don't.

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I think it's an ode to based schizoposter.

>commies 13
what did they mean by this

is it possible to make this game run smooth? right now i have micro stutters and lags all around

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what game

Spray canned air into your filthy dust-infested PC

clearly it implies that vault 13 was populated by commies and that's the reason they were lived out and replaced by talking deathclaws

new vegas


>.308 ammo
Unf. It fucking blows how in the base game ammo is typically only used by one gun, especially in the case of .308

I havent been here in forever, what ever happened to storyfag?

chased out 'cause a coupla anons didn't like storytelling
a shame

>player agency


Its in the CC, so its "official" its also a 1:1 of the 10mm from fallout 1.

Black Isles and Obsidian were just so lazy they slapped in real gun designs so everyone thinks fallout guns have always been realistic or based on real guns, when in reality, the very first iteration of the series couldn't have been farther from the truth

I liked how they made the RCW based on a real gun but re-purposed to be an energy weapon. That's genius.

what is fanfiction

>the New Vegas thread on /v/ it's more active than /fog/
dedededed generul kil it alredi

new vegas threads are always fun though.

>occasional discussion has more replies than daily discussion
That’s kind of because they don’t discuss everything to death over the course of a week like we do.

starting my umpteenth run tonight in fo4, are there any mods that bring nature back to life that isn't regrowth? that mod is lazy as fuck and i really want some postman aesthetics.

>Check the thread out
>Reee waifus took over so we made a general on /v/
>Reee no generals
>Hur hur jingah jangah

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Please don't use Rondo Duo to shitpost, It's a masterpiece, thanks.

That sucks. They even took his imgur link out of the OP so I cant reread it. Anyone have the link?

I cant fap to this bitches unless they are outright futafucking each other, those animations are so obnoxious.

damn that's nice, where tf do i get this? not having any luck googling it.
tweak your ini and video settings, get nvac and light a candle & say a prayer or two to the machine god until you find your sweet spot.
hey thx mang

>gen 3 synths are 3-d printed meat clones that have the exact same nervous system and brain as a human being
>multiple characters that should know this call them machines and compare them to toasters

>institute gave kellogs corn flakes implants, killed an entire town for no reason,littered the CW with mutants and kiddnaps people to replace, among other things
>no option to confront them with this

>institute banned cybernetic research
>they're dumb motto is "mankind redefined"

>maxson's brotherhood uses nukes and hates ai and cyborgs
>the brotherhood was founded to stop anything like the great war from happening again, has a cybernetic doctor in 1 and a AI (well not a true AI but still, a thinking computer) in 2

>everyone seems to have forgotten that ZAX is a thing

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Why is this thing?
It's just a re-skin of that doctor game for children with bad motor skills. Who buys this shit?

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it's a thing because stupid kids and soyboys will throw their parents money at anything geek chic.


>caring about what other people do with their money
Socialist I take it?

Nora's panties.

At last you see, tiny user.
This is how the capitalism works
And the product in question is a perfect example.

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What, you mean supply meets demand.

>institute gave kellogs corn flakes implants
Yes, before Father took over.
>killed an entire town for no reason
They were attacked by the town so they killed those whom attacked them
>littered the CW with mutants
Yes, as both experiments and because the surface is trash and the best place to put their trash.
>kiddnaps people to replace
Forceful subjugation of populaces that may be threatening to their research, like diamond city, and for experiments like Warwick.

I know you're trying to make the next "simpsons image" but that image was fully bullshit and so is this.
Fuck off

>not 12.7mm
it's shit

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>essentially fires .50 AE
>regular STANAG magazine
People criticize Bethesda but Obsidian's gun designs are just as bad.

It's funny because somebody would've looted them from their house in the postwar period.

Any tips on mods to make the first few hours of Fallout 4 more exciting?

Be a ghoul.

seriously though, some kind of RP or game play restriction might shake it up.
Other than that try one of the alt start mods

I don't think there are sadly, I usually just power through it.

You could download a save that's already partially through the game I suppose?

maaybe this? nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18946/?tab=files

Go full New Vegas

Unarmed, cannibal, stealth

This is my courier "la creatura",she is what average american would look like in 2273 i actually tried to make cute brown anime girl with fluffy blond hair and blue eyes but this is what i got.Sorry for shitty photo my pc hates NV for some reason and everytime i take screenshoot it gives me black screen so i'm forced to use my dads ipad

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>T-51b power armor and later models also include a complete waste recycling system.

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why is it upside down

That has to be retconned because of how easy is to get out of the suit in fallout 4.

You can just squat, open the backside of the frame and shit everything.

>pretty Sarah tells me Jimmy is more of a 'specialist'
>thinking chains and whips
>he's just gay
I mean coulda just said he only does guys

What, you think the fags who designed it would make it so you had to get out of the suit to piss? No way son, catheter goes in the urethra.

Can't do that in the glowing sea.


Unbogus, Lootoverhaul, SKK Combat stalkers, Vivid Weathers.

that's why you shit in the swamp before going to the glowing sea.

Please consider suicide.

Only if it's a lover's pact with you.

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Why is piper always smoking now?????

wow what a regular mannequin play

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>love the gameplay in FO4 but hate the story

The really spooky shit is when you're sneaking through the city with weather mods and War of the Commonwealth turned on. Sometimes you'll find whole groups of Synths doing their mannequin impression in the middle of the streets. I rolled up on a group and I didn't realize they were actually Synths until I could see their glowing yellow eyes.

Do you like my handsome boy, /fog/?

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I like the bits of inessential lore floating around, like the thing with Arlen Glass, Red Tourette and Lily, Captain Zao ect ect

i saw Heather smoking today and i don't think i ever saw her do that while she idles.


You're breaking my heart, user.
What about my pretty girl?

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he's ok

she looks pretty alright

Just a mercenary looking to make a living

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Gotta turn down those scars my guy.