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Previous: >[E Pluribus Unum Pickup 2 Summon]
2018-03-22 04:00 - 04-05 03:59 UTC
New Servant: Queen Medb 5*

>[E Pluribus Unum Pickup Summon]
2018-03-15 07:00 - 03-29 03:59 UTC
New servants: Nightingale 5*, Helena 4*, Rama 4*, Geronimo 3*, Billy 3*
New craft essences: Ideal Holy King 5*, Record Holder 4*, Beast of Billows 3*

>[E Pluribus Unum Release]
Fifth Singularity: North American Myth War E Pluribus Unum
Release date: 2018-03-15 7:00 UTC
New interludes for Orion, Fionn, and Fergus

Check FateGO.USA on facebook for preliminary announcements and Campaign Milestones


Daily Quests: fate-go.cirnopedia.org/quest_daily_us.php
Drop rates(Click at NA tab): docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_SlTjrVRTgHgfS7sRqx4CeJMqlz687HdSlYqiW-JvQA/edit#gid=525320539

Rate ups in JP FGO: drive.google.com/file/d/131VQ4DGGnb4A_iG6J-4BLJ2ePeFDUX3D/view
Upcoming event materials: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V2iDoN2HjafZ8Ube6Jgi0woIibY-Di3YxLMZdJ6quTA/edit#gid=585071742
Servant Planner: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CfEa5k-sB5btC8905kZKPfRC07IokKM1sXnoXo6-YQo/edit#gid=537592975
Friendlist: pastebin.com/Am2aVbVW

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First for most bro Lancer.

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Posting here so we don't get BTFO by the willychad again...


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Explain this tamacucks

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I love mikon!

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>F I V E

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mikon thread it is


Just two more weeks Du Heine bros!

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>two more months

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>/alter/ moved to the scatposter thread

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You guys know this thread is the one that will get purged because of the OP right?

Stop trying to push this meme

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Scatchads are the strongest posters here

What's wrong with the OP?

You guys rolled for your Queen, right?

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I can't believe there won't be content for 3 months

Is it really going to be 2 more weeks?
I'm so fucking excited, I honestly haven't looked forward to something this much in ages.
I pray to god that I get her but at the same time even if my 750 SQ aren't enough at least the salt in these threads and reddit will be glorious

>be Arcade Bumstead
>have the ability to warp reality
>only way you ever use this power is throwing chains at enemies and using one lousy generic air cutter attack from every magic anime ever

bros onii-chan wants to assassinate us

2 fucking years

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Sorry Tamascats, you are not getting out of this one

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Just sick the scatposter on them

Nothing, feetposter is trying to stir shit because people ignored his thread

1 ticket like usual, got the other fat queen

that's a sensitive topic user, please stop

Vive la France!

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4 toes

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>be Tohsaka Rhino
>ebin genius mage with at least above average affinity to every mainstream magic
>throw exploding rocks and use the flu spell

Mods deleted 3 tamamo threads in a row without apparent explanation a week ago
Either a ban evader did them or they just dislike tamamo

Gee thanks.

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it was some faggot who got banned

fuck off now I can't unsee it.

2 fucking aeons

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>be gilkeks
>strongest king of herons

How much do you hate the SEAniggers /alter/?

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>posting this fake shit

Which female servant has the smelliest feets?

Have you offered your fresh semen to her yet, /alter/?

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Giving a shit of the retards that shitpost here when their game is dead to the point that go on a thread spam the instant their threads keep getting deleted.

Screw feet; let’s talk about husbandos

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Allow Doctor Sayyeed to correct that little anatomical mishap

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Fuck, I couldn't check /alter/ these days and missed the literal shitposting, now I'm sad.

Not at all, if it wasn't for Aniplex I wouldn't have a gambling problem

>1 discord screenshot gets deleted almost instantly
>all the other 5 threads and numerous shitposts remain untouched


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What was even the point of releasing a global version if they weren't even going to try

We need more Servants who can fuck up women. Only Roastie Removers I can name right now are Deermund, Carmilla, Jack and Phantom.

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Way ahead of you.

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He deleted it himself retard

I have two personalities | Nicest person you will ever meet. And twisted fucking psychopath

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Can Li Chad take out Seibah Blue like Kuzuki did?

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Based censorposter protecting Ahmed and all the other moslims who visit here

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>there are people stupid enough to fall for this false flag

Lizfags have friends in the highest echelons of the Veeky Forums moderating team, so that is why

Why are there some many nerds with japanese names in this game?

/alter/ being cancer at this time of the day is a staple of the board.




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It's because the Brits are waking up

You forgot your third personality reddit

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What's a good support CE for her? I want to whore her out to lots and lots of anons.


Should I roll for Gilgamesh or Waver?
Have good Archer already but only use Hans as my caster

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>ahmeds browsing /alter/
oh nononono



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If you're asking it means you have no preference
So waver


Well she's a rider so an MLB Mona Lisa is a given. Failing that you cant go wrong with a 2030.


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Consider committing suicide, you stupid Bishopfag

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>Janny deletes the old thread after it reached 750 posts.

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>abby fag this mad

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not as much as most of the posters in this thread

Delete this

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>redditman lily

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Now that I dropped GBF because of the rigged 100 free prem pulls and have come back to FGO NA, what did I miss? Two weeks of gaps to fill but no way to trace it since you guys managed to have all your shit deleted.

(Fuck you triple Shiva)


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Can't wait for the Abinigger to spam the thread with non-sense out of pure SEETHE again

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>enter thread
>abbykek is being blown the fuck out
some things never change

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has fergus banged scathach?

You missed rigged 10 quartz pulls

based abortions bro

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Stop phoneposting achbar


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you missed nothing, its america and then 2 weeks of piss queen gacha, then cu, then some day in 2019 we get da vinci.

>He played GBF
Just leave your NA account here someone else would benefit from it more.

>They thought they would be safe outside /fgog/

Which Servants would like rap music?

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I've got that on her now, but I'm not sure whether anyone would use a ST Rider for farming doors given that she can only make one door cum at a time with her NP. 2030 sounds good.

>Lost my log in streak twice this month
Fucking "events"

Emiya Alter, what with being from Detroit.

How the fuck will abbyniggers recover?

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why her

pedos BTFO

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