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"daggers don't do damage"

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I thought you were banned for a month

>ban evading again


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Raul's wife

Fjorm is the perfect example of a pure aryan woman, unlike those baboon-titted apes from Muspell.

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How would I go about putting Basilikos on a 4* Raven? I have a lot of 4* ravens and figured getting one to +8 or 9 with the prf would be better than a 5* one

I didn’t pull either of those units in 330 orbs and I’m unhappy but glad you’re putting them to good use user

>Previously had been pity broken by a +Atk -Def Maria
>Get spooked again by a +Spd -Atk one
Which one is better? With +Spd she could have 40 Spd total with an A slot, but Atk isretty important now that it improves their heals, although she only has 30 Atk with +Atk

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>has to sit on defense tile to avoid ohko on retaliation
it's shit

This would be way hotter if it was Female Robin....

And how come Corrin/Camilla don't have a support. That horseshit.

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Summarize the last couple threads please

TFW no sharena

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Her speed is naturally low so you won't double much either way but it's not really needed with her strong and easy available setup.

so did you get the easter slut you wanted /feg/?
were they good IVs?

Tiki and Aversa have better bodies.

and that blonde lady

Corrin is into real incest, not fake incest.

Lord jesus what an ass and all packed so nicely.

“Reeeee bunny units”
“Yayyyyy bunny units”
_______ waifuposting (insert random female unit name)

>sidegrade or worse Frederick
>worse Nino

Yes. Fucking no, 5 Kagero's and the only one with +spd had -atk.

Yes, I got Catria. She's +Def -Spd, so no, and I don't want to burn her, but I don't know what to do with her 32/32 and no Res spread

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Fuck off with your loli fetish.

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what is the /feg/ consensus on warriors?

I wanna naizuri Lucina

it doesn't have reddit characters, so it's bad.

they're decent, but bows don't really offer the utility that hero's sword coverage does or offense that zerkers get from being zerkers

Perfect body, desu

cool class, i liked their gba crit animation. Hope they come back in fe switch

Low-effort skin for DW7.

Hmm Alfonse cummies
Titty Ninja...epic
Catria who?

Spring Alfonse is nothing but a slut for brigand dick
+HP -SPD Slutfonse. I'm satisfied and can happily make use with what I have to help him out. Did you get your easter slut, user?

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It's serviceable but not amazing
It does a good job at not feeling grindy like HW was, the only thing I really find myself grinding for is support rank
Unless you mean the class, which is the best hand-down

And "Hur hur, Thracia looks dumb," followed by "Nah, they don't," followed by an edit giving them poofier '80s hair that made them look better according to one poster. Also I agree with that poster.

On a different note, as a flier emblem wannabe, how valuable would a dagger flier be? Doesn't seem like all that good an idea.

>be fateswakening baby
>wait for new units
>all I gets are alts
>almost all the units already in the game were powercreeped or trash since the beginning (t. Odin fag)
>I will probably wait another year for an Awakening banner
>it will be all childs again
>Fe switch in coming
sure feels good to be part of the winning team

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nintenbabbies first, or possibly second, musou


>Kagero and Catria cummies!~
>Bunny Alfonse... epik
>who the F U C K wanted Sharena

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When is Zacharias coming back?

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now the interesting part is what special to throw on her

with fury she gets into good iceberg dmg territory, but with so many buffs ud think the only thing stopping her is enemy defenses so moonbow and luna look juicy

>-5 defense/res smoke debuff
>+5 defense/res ally buff
>stack with ward fliers +4/4
myrhh's best friend

>warriors' idea of fateswakening pandering is putting just the shepherds and all the fucking royals
>owain and tharja, both characters consistently proven to be more popular than olivia, get cloned movesets, while the whore gets her kawaii ugu moveset

merge a 5* into him.

Not flat enough

Doesn't nintendo ban these names?

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i want to pop those fake tits

Cumming in boots

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It was empty and hollow and just a shilling experiment..one that failed pretty bad.
With an example of how to make movesets at least fun so obviously present in Hyrule, it comes as a fucking downright shock that this game is considered a full release as a modern warriors game with a fucking tiny cast and an even tinier array of movesets-- how they thought this was good I have no idea. Hipsters? Nobody in the entire office ever played a video game from after 2009?

If we're being honest the tweaks to gameplay (switching/ordering is a biiig one) are phenomenal but literally everything else is just a mess of disappointment, letdowns and missed opportunities.


I'm sure "because excuse" will come up a lot but make no mistake: FEW was fucking disappointing in a lot of ways, fucked up a lot of basic shit, and ended up trying to shill DLC to recoup which turned out, you guessed it, to be more. fucking. clones. Yes, paid costume DLC. Fuck me sideways, how did this game leave their fucking office? It's got so many holes right away.

No. I'm all out of orbs. I failed Leaf, and I have nothing to show for it. Catria, why didn't you come home?

Lmao shut up nerd

dumb frog nazi

>Seliph's is a cute, soft boy whose face looks exactly like his mother's
>Julia's utterly smitten with him

Will she be explicitly bi (f-pref) in the remakes, lads?

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That didn't take you long.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a great game and people only hate on it for having a 3 game focus. But then they give Hyrule Warriors a pass on having a 3 game focus (Ocarina, Skyward, Twilight) when it came out because of all of the DLC padding that it did to hit the rest of the series.

got +atk -spd and -atk +def Bunny Catria, which one do i keep?

Who are you and why do you hate friends?
There was at least one before on wii.

only if we get to choose seliph's gender too

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What happens when you pull on it?

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Sharena isn't a friend

She's a retard.

Figure I'll ask once more on the new thread.

Who should I promote, lads?

+Spd/-HP Kagero (Can +4 her)
+Atk/-HP Sothe
+Spd/-Def Cordelia (Can give her Firesweep)

I rolled a bad IV Spring Kagero today so that'd be the only other dagger I could give her, but I'd kinda like to keep her. Is a good IV Kagero better than a bad IV spring version of herself?

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it would keep coming out like a magician's handkerchief

+res -def catria, so I guess that's better than average. Works pretty nicely with gunthera.

Also got a +spd -def Alfuck. He seems pretty good, but I'm not sure how to build him. I was just thinking fury/moonbow/desperation/heavy blade seal.

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>green x blue
>green x red
I approve.

quick access hole for mother mila

Zelda is inherently a different series in how its character roster is going to be; there isn't really an expansive pool of main characters. Hence why FE has literally no playable villains while Zelda does.

And really, the excuses the devs gave are such bullshit that it makes the game itself reek. The fiasco of Lyn getting in is the perfect example of how inconsistent they were.

Her entire outfit falls off revealing her heart-shaped ass

>easter slut
Kagero has a lot of assets but I'm faithful to my other dagger; he's a faithful husbando who singlehandedly won the bhb for me. I can't betray him, not now... Saipai deserves better than that. And what sort of husbando would I be, if I broke bro code AND his faith, and went after his ex?

Naaaah. I got my free roll, got nothing and cut my losses. I've blown hundreds of orbs not getting the one character I want.

I'm just gonna save and hoard until at long last, they release a non-seasonal, non-fateswakening banner without a shitty spread of "powercreep, meme, outclassed."

Why did we sink to 3 unit banners anyway? Did the Jews do this, or did they have an actual solid reason for it.


It's what I did with my -ATK bunny

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I love Sharena

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Seriously, what's the point of this? Is having a handkerchief tail a real thing?

So basically

>Fire Emblem Warriors
>focuses mainly on Fates, with some Awakening, and... Shadow Dragon sort of
>DLC just gives more for these three
>Hyrule Warriors
>focuses mainly on its OC cast, plus Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword
>DLC brings in characters from the rest of the series, like Majora's Mask or Link's Awakening, the rerelease also calls forth Breath of the Wild into the spotlight

Thank you for your time.

I got Sharena and immediately got her molested in the same batch by Lukas

>significant merge advantage over opponents
>has to rely in L&D
>has to be on a defense tile or is entirely useless vs. DC

there are far better ranged options.


god we need a Tana alt

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Shes hiding something

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why is she wearing a diaper?

Delete this post immediately.

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delete this

D-don't forget me, user...

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you can name yourself Niggers like someone did and they won't do a thing

>Julia is now a kind, sweet girl who loves other girls, but also loves Seliph because he reminds her of her mother.
oh fuck I can see it happening
Fuck you

What's happening under that cape?

>Le Ugly Spicbait
Begone, downsyndrome face. When is a good artist going to start desiging Heroes OCs?

hmmmmm literally who cummies

Cute image

>It's a " fuck your orbs kil yourself (lol" chapter

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Somehow no, although some basic cuss words like 'fuck' you can't use.

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She is pissing

>he still thinks we're getting these, ever
We got costumes for the OCs before we got the other OCs they made.
In truth, I think they're tired of making balanced Prfs so they just shove busted shit onto enemy-exclusives to get it out of their system.

Could you imagine Hinoka getting jealous of the time you spend with Camilla?
She'd start to complain, asking if you really love her but you'd stop her mid sentence by sealing her lips with yours. You'd give her a proper sibling kiss with just a bit of tongue, but as soon as she tastes your tongue she won't let you pull away. So she greedily, hungrily devours you in a sloppy, needy kiss and when you finally pull away you tell her that if she keeps going you're going to make her your woman, to which she replies by pulling you back into a kiss. Then you start undressing her and have a passionate, mindblowing lovemaking session with your beautiful sister, forgetting all about Camilla.

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I wanna breed this bunny

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>Marth shields Catria from the cold with his warm cape
>But she knows it's just platonic, brotherly - maybe fatherly
>She begins to cry
Poor girl

Finally got my Sharena!
Could be worse!