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>Stat tracker/leaderboard


>Most recent patch notes

New Challenges today:

New heavy shotgun out now:

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so do you niggers play the PvE too or are you just BRfags

how contrarian do you have to be to hate your own game because another mode got popular

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No one plays that lame mode

>discord link
someone make a new thread

I like both, I'm just asking a question, sorry if the BRfag came off hostile but seriously calling someone Xfags isn't that big of a deal.

if you like the thread use the thread
if you like discord use the discord

>only enjoy this game when friends are on

anyone play on their own a fair bit? tried random duos and random squads and both are absolute aids

solos is sort of ok but still not great

The game is pretty boring without playing with friends. I only solo for the solo challenges

H1Z1 fags

What’s the point of Veeky Forums is you slap a discord in it

discord wankers love their fucking discord

>asking if people play both makes you a contrarian
The said, PVE players have some animosity toward pvp players is somewhat justified since they paid money for their side, but they're now so far on the back burner to pvp they might as well be off the stove, not to mention there's very real concern pve will be completely scrapped for pvp

so the heavy shotgun is basically a pump that fires as quick as a tactical?

epic have probably received 10x more revenue in micro transactions from BR than all the money from save the world tho

No duh.

To keep funneling people from Veeky Forums to discord, you autist.

it's pretty much a tac with better range afaik.

10x... lol. No hyperbole, probably 100x at this point. Mobile MTX are close to STW sales

So is the discord full of tiltedfags or winningfags?

>mods are okay with discord links on general OPs

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It's full of entitled cunts that think their containment teamspeak channel is any better than just posting in a thread.

>Thinks it is just about posting in a thread
>This much autism

>entitled cunts
So fags who try to win games with 0 kills and complain about the pump?

can you see traps before you walk into a room or is it the kind of thing that's like "lol sucks 4 u idiot" with no way to avoid it if the trapper isn't in the immediate vicinity and you have no idea someone's been here

I had a really good round killing a bunch of mans got good guns decent health and i'm instakilled by having the audacity to walk into a building i'm pretty sure is empty

Veeky Forums has mods?

>checks accuracy

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You can see traps but considering how traps are it's best to not bother looking for them every single time you come into a building, because odds are you're not going to find one. Traps don't do full 200 damage unlike pump shotguns either

This game is pure fucking garbage. Spent entire day playing and all day long I'm getting shot through walls or dropped behind cover. I'm also seeing hit indicators on faggots I'm shooting at but they're not taking dmg.

Does anybody happen to have a mobile invite code?

>tfw you win with 1 kill

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what's your latency? sounds like you have terrible internet

The only thing garbage about this game is how shotguns are still allowed to exist. Takes all the skill out of it

It's not my connection.

t. ITfag

What's up with those piñatas? I popped 2 of them and my material count went to 999 in all types

Will Raptor finally come back today?

can you stop samefagging nobody cares if there's a discord or not if you don't like it don't use it

>shotguns are the problem


why the fuck would they do that

they have like 600 of each type of mat

I made a giant bridge in the sky just to test it out

Please understand

Since these developers cant balance shotguns

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The third Celtic skin needs to come out first.
If they took away one of the other 2 for it, it'd be fine.
But they didn't.

green pump is literally better than any epic smg/ar

it's nonsense

How do I git gud in this game?
Also: Fuck discord

At this point playing squad or solo is the same thing since everyone is a shitter

go solo squads


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Will just doing daily challenges and the battle pass challenges get me from 47 to atleast 87?

blah blah building yeah yeah get good but seriously. Building is used as a crutch get caught out? spam a wood wall

pre builds should get destroyed instantly


Apparently the new shotgun is in the game now

>Still worst than the current ones
>Current ones have better range and damage
Shows how fucking retarded they are right now

>There are pvp kiddies who don't know what this is, and how completely bullshit it will be if it gets into br

>long range


what is the fucking point? so you can hit a huge spread from 50 meters away?

How many battlepass levels do you get by doing all the challenges and dailies?

eventually, not in one go.

I really hope it gets put in just for the saltstorm

What if they made explosives easier to find?

Or they add a single shot grenade launcher that detonates on impact

>last two alive
>get sight of the dude
>he is running towards my tower
>shoot my last rocket at him
>hit him
>still alive
>switch to my rifle and shoot
>he shoots a pump
>100 shield and 100 hp GONE from one hit
Glad to see a common ass weapon you can find pretty much everywhere is stronger than an RPG+chip damage.

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>im garbage
>i lost
Glad I could post this from my phone.

Yeah I don't see the niche that the new shotgun fits, it seems contrarian to what a shotgun is supposed to be. If they're midrange you use an AR lol. I've heard you can double shotgun with it switching back and forth super quick like the old pump but that requires two legendary items.

Are the new dances worth buying?

Do you like dancing?
If so yes.

Also, flipping sexy actually gives a game play advantage so you should buy it whenever you see it. I know its not a "dance" but still worth pointing out.

Just won another solo game without building structures, just hide in bushes then pulse grenade on top of the already wounded last guy. EZ

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i almost won a game by basically just hiding and being an opportunist but somebody who wasn't an opportunist had a rocket launcher and so i hecking died


Can you even get the Bush in the solo Blitz? Been trying for seven games now for the challenge and I haven't seen shit.

ye its in blitz

they need to remover tilted towers from the normal map and make it it's own map

would be more fun when you fancy playing on it and revitalise the rest of the map cos there'd be more people everywhere else

Alright, guess I'll keep looking

Wasn't there some news a while back about replacing it? Something about putting a castle there instead.

Help me fggts

Raptor back in store?

Nah that was some redditor wishing he was a fortnite dev. But they do need to change something about it.

>No urban city map filled with skyscraper buildings

What are the chances they'll add other battle royal maps in future?

PUBG did it so I'd say the chances are high. Hoping for a snow map, even if it's just part of the map as snowy mountains

Fuck off with that fake shit nigger

fuck you idiot gave my computer a virus, posting this from my internet enabled toaster


Hoping for that new Halo-looking skin!

niggas more obsessed with fucking skins and emotes than kills and wins

The dances and outfits are gay as hell. Don't bother today.

skinfags need to go and stay go desu

how do we communicate to people that literally nobody is impressed by you having a legendary skin maybe it'll stop


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fuck off with all the womyn skins, i absolutely guarantee 99% of the player base are male



You're probably just jealous desu

Quick with the screen shots

That glider is pretty tight though.
Not enough to use over my dragon, but pretty nice
Yes user, and men generally like to look at the asses of women, rather than men.


finna buy the dab tbqh

no it genuinely angers me how seriously people take skins

when people say that having a long grind for skins or a game not having customization is a "dealbreaker" it genuinely offends me because it's like the single last thing that's important when it comes to games, it's like refusing to eat at a nice restaurant because you can't get a complimentary t-shirt afterwards

But Shadow Ops a cute!

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>Getting this legitimately upset over people liking cosmetics on some cartoony video game
Begging you to leave the basement senpai

Damn thats hot

it's not "liking cosmetics"
it's "caring more about cosmetics than the actual meat of the game to the point where you wouldn't even play the game if you couldn't get a stupid status symbol that'll be completely irrelevant within a few years"

ded gaem

>being this assblasted over how someone spends their money

I like to play as female characters even though I'm a man.

shitty movies are still made and profitable because people don't care how they spend their money

valve doesn't make SP games anymore because people don't care how they spend their money

cry me a river

>tfw favorite male hero isnt in BR
Genuinely holding the game back for me