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>BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Releasing on May 31 in Japan, June 5 in North America: personacentral.com/blazblue-cross-tag-battle-releasing-may-31-japan-june-5-north-america-new-trailer/
>Persona 5 anime to start airing April 7th 2018: p5a.jp
>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night confirmed for release on May 24th 2018:


>Atlus' online shop is now open: shop.atlus.com/
>Persona Q2 revealed: pq2.jp

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I love Anne!

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Anal with Makoto!


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My wife Futaba is so cute.

Fuuka is CUTE

Claiming this curvy catsuited coquette.
Best model.
Most compassionate.
I'm so proud of Ann. I love her.

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Remove P5.


>Persona 6 comes out
>Dungeons are randomly generated again

How would you feel?

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Her name is Anne.

Ayase or Takeba?

Legit angry. P5 is the only 3D Persona game in which I actually liked the dungeons.

I love and adore her so much.

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will groojos ever fuck off with their trash character?

I wanna impregnate Ohya!

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I propose we split /pg/ into /p1-4g/ and /p5g/ to avoid being swamped by P5A when it is released

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Obligatory Makoto post

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I'd be pretty mad but not as mad as this guy

Let me get that source

It'll be fucking hilarious when the P5 general can sustain itself while the P1-4 one slowly dies.

so angry P3fag general?
That'd be nice, their bait sucks these days anyway and doesn't get replies like it used to

Terrible idea.


I'm not a groojo, I just like that image

So why does Japan like based Yosuke and Junpei but hate ryuji?

I want to marry Labrysfag

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Yosuke is fujobait


No character quirk to appeal to fujos.

the one they liked was Yosuke because of fujo bait
Junpei they actually disliked, Ryuji they don't care too much about because there's no fujo bait

It'd be deader than /smtg/ desu

Futaba has a giant horse cock.

Lavenza could take it easily.

But Yosuke sucks.

Do you mean a horse's cock or just a really big cock


We have no major p3-p4 news (aside from DMN). It will be dead, user.

A literal horse's cock.

I love my Queen

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I haven't made it far into 4 yet, but what's the reason people dislike him?
pls no spoilers

No, he doesn't, and he's cute, albeit a tad bit annoying.

He's bland like the rest of the cast.

She's mine /pg/

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Haru's tits

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Nips fucking love Yosuke. It's just /pg/, as usual.

He's just a fag. There's nothing particularly spoilery, just consistently acts like a fag for the whole game.

Only people who really dislike him is Tumblr because "muh homophobia"
He's a fucking teenage boy, most are weirded out by gay people for a while. He's no worse than any other early male party member.

Just really big

>can't find that fic where Futaba fucks Joker with a horse cock anywhere

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Do not trust /pg/ when it comes to how popular or beloved something is ever.

Memes and this place being contrarian as hell as well as him being fujobait and a cancelled romance option.

So write it

Why are you so angry?

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Whats your Persona OC /pg/?

Yosuke is one of the most popular characters in P4 though (consistent top 3). Why do you think he is disliked?

Jerry "Large Dong" Johnson

Lovers arcana

It's basically just Popuko with fucking Grimace for a Persona.

Why do we have so many hipsters here?


Persona should have more outer gods/old ones. Maybe the villain of the next game should be one, unrelated to Narly but more of a reference.

I can't wait for Persona 5 Akechi Goro of the Resurrection!

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Hey. Hey you.

I don't share your taste in Thing

Because it's /pg. It hates itself and everything else.

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Because you don't get any cool points for liking the popular things. It's like saying Mario Odysee is your favourite Mario game. How could you ever show your deep knowledge about the series with an opinion like that?

Naoto holding you hostage in her bedroom with her revolver!

You could just carve the series name in your arm or get a tattoo like a normal psychopath

I thought that narly would be waiting at the bottom of mementos.

My cock is literally bursting through my skirt right now

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Less than 11 hours away from Haru's with Mona/Ryuji trailer.

some gunplay can be hot

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How fluffy will it be?

I am erect

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P5 fags' new thread:
Everyone else:

I'd suck Makoto's dick until she can't walk straight.

Naoto discharging into you!

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How big? How much? What caliber?

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More like user getting banned for spamming threads on Veeky Forums.

t. Retard

>78 posts in
You STUPID cockbasket.

Autism, like, literally autism.

Nah, I refuse to participate in this shit. I am staying here.

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t. Banditfag

You fucking idiot.

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post girls being fucked by other men

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>actually doing it

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We don't need to thread split. We can use our Purse owners to take back what's rightfully ours.


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On a blue board? I'm not falling for that one.

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I'm hoping for maximum fluff.

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Dancing for as long as she wants because only meatbags tire after one night!

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Who's Altus trying to appeal to with this dance?

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