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Shit rolls edition.

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>Recent news
Metatron and Avatar Raids released
Glorybringer and Nekomancer are available
Arcarum Extreme unlocked, together with Arcarum Weapons and summon FLB (which needs Magna II Omega Anima)
Celeste and Chev 4* uncap
EMP skills for Apsaras and CR
Story chapters 106-107 released
Yaia 5* uncap and Bonito 4* uncap released
Xeno Corow is up
SSR Summer Jannu (Wind) released
4th Anniversary Event with Magfest, daily crystals, free daily draw, bonus pendant, JD drop boost and Daily Roll Roulette with one guaranteed 100 rolls in the last day if you haven't got one before that.
What makes the Sky Blue Part 2 is ongoing with free SSR Sandalphon and a free discount Primal/Sunstone

>How to Start
Go to game.granbluefantasy.jp in Chrome.

>Schedule for March:
2/28 - 3/23 - What Makes the Sky Blue Part II
3/12 - 3/18 - Rise of the Four Beasts
3/18 - 3/24 - Xeno Corow Clash
3/24 - 3/30 - Robomi Generations (Rerun)
3/31 - 4/8 - New Scenario Event

>READ THE FAQ before posting! - it will answer most of your questions if you are new or learning.

>Mega Pastebin - This pastebin has lots of useful things like important guides and other stuff, so don't be a shitter and read these before asking something.

>Guild Pastebin

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So who else /noSSRs/ in here?

Does Sethlans have literally any use or should I reduce him after recovering his plus mark?

Now that it's all over, what's your final count /gbfg/? Did you get something off your wishlist?

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AVOID !!!!!
bought id 11001794
old id 18142832 !!!!
AVOID !!!!!

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I'm happy with the pluses.

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>always had a boner for Viras AFFECTION OATH
>she finally learns her 4th skill
>activate it

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How'd your BIGGEREST go, /gbfg/?

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Happy 100 guys

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I'm mad

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So I just started during the free rolls and apparently I should play light. What should my general purpose team be for low level content?

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I prefer a character rate-up plusfest instead of a summon one.

>DESU WA in the first roll
Can't complain, finally got her.

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I hate this

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Nezha, Quetz, Cag Ona(Scam), Agni, Shiva(Scam), Magisa(Scam), Beatrix (Ticket), Hallessena, Grea, Forte, Naru, Flaretato, Catherine, Altair.

Good overall or bad?

Now this was a good way to end this. Finally got a good water tank. And needed two years to get Papa Bones. Now I am only missing Vortex Dragon for summon banes.

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Could someone help me with a Baha HL, or everyone are still busy with Xeno?

>Azazel gold moon

Not what I wanted but I cannot possibly complain.
Wish I had not missed Fenrir showdown now tho.

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Is this the most American summon?

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I made Sarasa sidebar pictures. For anyone who wants them.

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Was planning on giving up desu, since i never gotten a good f2p primal, kmr blessed me with a Varuna/Eden/Lucifer/Zeus in this biggest, now i can't leave....i have to protect my crew's smile, i must.

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I never thought I'd be this angry about 100 free rolls (and pluses)

+ Summer Jannu and some gold moons.

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Every single phrase gets more yandere and fight-sexual with the exception of her ougi. Comparing her non-transformed Ougi to her transformed Ougi is such a letdown. The inflections should be reversed.

Post your final haul from the start of the celebration

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>F. Metera (Moon)
>Water Lancelot
>Macula Marius
>Thighsworn Alex
>SR Herja as a bonus
I unironically got more new SSR's today then I did during flashfest.
I know it really shouldn't bother me but it does.

GBF confirmed dead

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How did BIGGEREST go for you?
blew 80 extra during flashfest, haven't played for 5 days, only rolled

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>tfw got gobumage and jessica


>this is the state of 100 rolls

I got 2 ssrs on a 10 draw once

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>100 rolls
>just 1 SSR
Could be worse

g o o d s h i t

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How fucking horrifying

Too afraid to draw

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>like three or four gold moons
>Therese (on wish list)
that's it. There's a decent amount more but I spent a shitton of my own crystals and tickets so those don't count.


Summon pluses are much harder to find, this is good.

>Now everyone is going to post their luckshitting throughout the whole roulette


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>get 1-2 SSRs per day from 20-30 rolls
>get 0 SSRs on main and 2 alts from 100 rolls


+Grim and Baha.
I'm perfectly happy with this.

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Fuck off Phantom Thief

Fuck off.

I'm not hosting it right now. But soon.

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How many MLB buncles do I want of each element?

It's alright

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One gold moon, 3 trash summons and still ZERO Cucouroux. Fuck this game.

Newshitter here, so I can only uncap my Celeste to 4* if I'm high level?

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>All dupes besides Vania

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Thank you, KMR.

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level 120

The SSR rate is lowered to 2% so dont expect anything


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They are useless if not maxed


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Max Sandal summon and LMB the event sword and you're done for basic content while you work on your grid.

>While I ended up with a grand fucking total of 7 SSRs and 4 OF THEM WERE FUCKING HELES GOLD MOONS

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AE386324 Grimnir

Just bought my 2nd Claw from the pendant shop. Do I put it in my grid or use it to uncap my one other Claw?

fuck you man I'm sick of these shitty adults giving me Sethlans
all I wanted was Earth De La Fille from free rolls and I didn't even get Light De La Fille , it's time to change KMR's heart

hrm should i spark now? I have got 200 tickets worth of crystals, or should i just wait till i have 300 tickets and then spark during premgala

Is thor good as-is or should I save up stones for him?

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Did you not read the fucking question?
How MANY MLB BUNCLES do I need of each element?

>roll varuna
>not interested in making quatre or uno
>don't want to waste my spark on kat

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>Come to Granblue! Our rates are way better than GO, it'll be a lot less frustrating!
Thanks for lying to me, faggots. Are these SSRs at least good?

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what skills do I use for The Glory?

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2 is good

Claws at 0 are better than Axes.

These three any good?

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go ahead and spark now you woofus

Got Shiva, Lucifer, Thor, and Hades. So, I am pretty satisfied.

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newfag here, she good?

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at least i hit the base percent this time

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>Grand Order


Is this good? I also got a Europa and that 120% makes me assume so but can I use them to replace primals?

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Light makes a good second element
Lucio, Chevira, and Song is probably the best possible light lineup, and you have the ones you'd have to roll. Gun Zooey is supposedly made for UBaha, and literally everybody else makes fantastic filler.


Charlotta is okay. Nothing else is special.

it wasn't a 6% gacha you fucking brainlet
anyways you did get good shit, why you even complain fucking faggot?

How much do you love your gbf waifu


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Gawain is one of the best wind units I think.

The best.


>1ssr in every roll
Sounds like they were right. Box is okay, and athena is one of the best subs.

Even dark?

one of the few buffers in dark
use a team of her, dao and zoi to ignore game mechanics completely

Fuck me then. Thank you for the info.

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Who /1SSR/ in here?

gawain is the coolest knight and lets you run something other than spartan on wind
arulu is RNG but the buffs are really good and she can spam them lot if you feed her charge bar
the erune is shit

>Sounds like they were right
Those were the only rolls out of the 10 that had SSRs. The rest were all dead, except for one giving me a Mariah.

>finally get Vas as my single SSR from the 100
>he's the wrong fucking element
I'm so mad, but at the same time I like his armored form more.

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he clearly doesn't love her enough

Decided to try to get into the game because of the free roll shit, I got Scat, Cag and Beatrix, should I reroll?

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>100 Rolls
>0 SSRs
>2 Silver Moons
>No new characters

KMR is Frieza and he just killed Vegeta and now I'm fucking platinum mad. I'm going to go even further beyond.

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Alright, now that the rolls are finally over, which account should I go with? I'm a bit confused since only the middle one has good summons, but the units are pretty questionable.

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ah nice, I got a few Dark characters beforehand so that'll be perfect. Thanks!

>crew luckshitter with 5 primals quit the crew because he only got 4 SSR and someone else got 5