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rats cum

Which faction would consider the most FUN, lads? Coming back to the game after a month, already played all LLs before. Looking for some entertaining new campaign now

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finally,thanks bro

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>Kroxigor infiltrates Lothern a la Sir Bearington
>Teclis makes the perception check
>Tyrion personally drags his brother out while the Everqueen consoles the High Krox
>the two have a temporary marriage the following year

*Warhammer 2 ofc, ME

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What do you mean by new if you've played them all already

Like, starting Turn 1

minor factions with an unlocker
or this steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337986043, made by a local user


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>Tyrion: I am ever so sorry sir Kroxington, I don't know what has happened to him.
>Sir Kroxington: RAWR *shrugs*

Looks good, might give it a go. Speaking of minor factions, how is New World Colonies campaign?

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so uh
lothern high elves get 5 anti-losing gates

what do the other races get?

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to bang the everqueen


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Kek, Soy Elves BTFO

actual siege units
better starting positions
starting positions that arent a grind of you fighting your own race for 100 turns because they're all faggots

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Rock the boat!

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i'm fairly certain high elves get to bang the everqueen the most

>actual siege units
>better starting positions
>starting positions that arent a grind of you fighting your own race for 100 turns because they're all faggots
fair enough, but what to the dark elves get, then? because they suffer from all you said as well

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t. Asoy

The easiest campaign in the game next to VC.

>dork elves
t. never played dark elves

Any recommended mods for Total Warhammer 2? Specifically stuff to mess with game-play, I heard "Boyz will be Boyz", and "Steel Faith" are good. But again maybe i'm wrong and a total retard. But please tell me your modlist.

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>easiest campaign in the game
That's ME Kroq-gar without a doubt

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the ability to confederate
the albeit underwhelming black arks
a corner start position
lizards, skelies, dorfs, rats, norscans nearby to bash on instead of elves
a hydra starting unit if you play as Morathi, which is absurdly broken

>dying race
>fields 5 near full armies
wew laddie

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Cuck Elves is more like it.

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Get to fight skaven,notNorsca,kangz,pepes and get invaded by tyrion u fucking leave me and my black arks alone

Install Cataph's TEB and enjoy yourself lad, it's a blast from beggining to end, and two completely different campaigns if you pick El Cavado or Marco Colombo (actual lore character for fuck's sake GW).

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slaves are infinite money

>El Cavado or Marco Colombo
How are they different? Downloading TEB now btw

>black arks
are those even useful?
i never use them and as soon as I confed mommy I disband them

What's difficult about them? You gain massive amounts of money and your basic troops are more than enough for most races. You have tools to fight every single faction in the game with ease and even cancerous flying monster unit spam gets beaten by a few Witch Elves.

its funny how the difficulty evaporates as soon as you get the Arachnos and Khalida dealt with
Then all you need to do is march west and shitstomp Queer, then you have a whole playground of skeletons to just shit on and steal lands from
the only issue once you make it to the desert is if Grimgor somehow invades you
which he doesnt because he's too busy fucking up the Empire and Vampires

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Dunno, I had a lot of trouble with skaven *teleports behind u* bullshit + tomb kangz free skellies. Had to fight them at the same time because alliances in this game are fucking retarded.

Do you want to nuke anyplace on the map?
Recruit anywhere?
And get that sweet sweet sea loot?

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they're basically fleets in FotS combined with a horde mode army
you construct buildings and shit, get recruitment zones for armies in its circle, bombardment zones for battles in its circle, etc
its a very important part of Delf mechanics, you can put a presence anywhere in the world with one and not have to deal with global recruitment

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True, Skaven ambushes can get very cancerous. The Beastmen usually bully the few TK settlements.
Every Skaven clan also somehow manages to get strange alliances going on. Skryre and Crooked Moon even bullied the WEs in my campaign.

SFO II is good but you need to be the right level of autistic. If new everything, units, buildings, balance and whatever ain't your thing, don't go with SFO. If you're artistic only about units there's a submod for that.

SFO is a mod best played if you enjoyed a few Vanilla campaigns. The elite units are more elite, the battles last longer, unit size is diversified, so chaff can have up to 280 models while elite units like Grail Guardians can have 6-12, buildings are diversified and are no longer just "build money, then walls, then whatever", and overall most of their additions feel like they could be proper vanilla - which just makes the stuff they get wrong all the more baffling, but that's up to your taste.

Boyz is a... different beast for sure. What they do is they take the stats right from the tabletop, pass it by a computer, and then what comes out stays. So while it's a lot more faithful to the tabletop in all aspects than SFO, it relies almost entirely on GW's balance, and GW fucking sucked at that.

Tomb Kings and Chaos are laughably weak, with their patchwork fixes meaning nothing, I have no clue how they handled non-tabletop stuff like Nehekhara Warriors or Foot Squires but it shows, they are either godlike or fucking trash, and the other campaign chances are honestly up to you.

So if you're a gameplay/Total War fag, go SFOII.

If you're a Tabletop/Warhammer Fantasy fag, Boyz will be Boyz will probably be more on your alley

Yeah, but can you recruit ANYTHING?
I only got corsairs, and those are fucking trash by the time you start sailing the seas to kill asur trash or others.

using them to follow your army and bombard everyone is fun desu


you can even recruit agents

user ever make that fapfic? Also I remember ages ago there was supposed to be one with a State Troop Regiment on a dark elf, was that ever done?

Hello fellow Understander of Strategy. I am new to Total War and wanted the /twg/ approved tierlist for Total War games so I can shoose which ones to start with.

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El Cadavo is a massive dipshit who's hated by Lizardmen (-100 race relations!) and most nearly everyone. Some RoR will outright refuse to fight for him (You can't hire them) and he's a veeery dirty fighter, buffing units like Close-Quarters Infantry (same class as Free Company and Great Weapon Dwarf Rangers). His special skill tree, Cadavo's Story, plays at the idea that "El Cadavo" is a title adopted by similar people and not just one purpose, so you can define Cavado's "past" to choose multiple bonuses.

Marco Colombo is an idealistic boyscout who discovered Lustria and made friends with the Lizardmen (Racial Affinity). He's a long range fighter with a magic crossbow (unlike Cadavo who uses a Lizardman weapon he stole from a Scar-Veteran he killed) and his campaign focuses more on fighting side-by-side with your allies, discovering new lands and essentially helping wherever you can.

So Cadavo is your Herman Cortéz campaign, raid Lustria for Gold, exterminate the Lizardmen and use their wealth to conquer the world, Colombo is essentially an order faction like the Empire but with new interactions, a more interesting start and cooler units (not more OP).

wtf I love the navy now?

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>darren and legend playing together Stellaris

is this what senile dementia looks like ?

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you start with shogun 2

Norsca I only played them 1 time in tww and still waiting for them

Are you into any specific time periods

tfw too much of a brainlet to play attila

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I am writing the one which won the poll right now. Should be done tomorrow. Also I plan to eventually do the regimental gangbang fapfic.

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Are you gonna do high elf mage + dark elf sorceress?

>tfw deleting my 220 turns vortex campaign

What a piece of shit campaign. Even Shogun 2 realm devided was funnier than this

Fuck this, fuck those rogue armies forts and fuck those 8 chaos armies that pop right next to your most important city

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If i play Mortal Empires as one of the TWW2 races is there still the vortex/magic runes collecting ritual shit?

Played a mommy campaign on release day and it was easy as fuck, the skaven and tomb kangz being there stops the massive early DE blob

yeah but it stops it in an annoying way,it took me like a million turns to eradicate them
but yeah you've got a point because after that i steamrolled tyrion's hold in mommy's lands and then confederated with mommy and now i'm pretty much unstoppable

Norsca confirmed for May 31st

>4 fucking armies all converging on Thapos the turn after I captured it
wew. Carthago delenda est, but I don't think I can hold the beachhead with only 2 battered navies against 4 armies and might have to abandon the beachhead. I buttfucked 3 carthaginian navies so I control the seas and could send over the garrison army thats on Sicily, but I don't think they'll make it in time. on the Rome front I've destroyed 2 legions and I'm regaining strength before moving to capture the rest of southern Italy. If I can capture 1 more settlement I reach imperium 3 and get an army reform.

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>amazons still not announced

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>playing the worst total war

Lu Bu was half European. No wonder he was so talented and killed so many.

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Arena has a campaign map?

>Still no RoR or old RoR
>No Norsca
>No updates
Its over, fantasy is dead, game 3 is cancelled

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Show us Jack Lusted1.jpg

not particulary

Is he as lusty as they say? How much testosterone does this man hide?

Then Shogun 2 + FotS and/or Attila are best, or Warhammer if you want dragons and elves and we wuz orcs n shiet

I want to RAPE Morathi

can't rape the willing

Clearly you've been asleep a long time user, welcome to the dark ages

How does one effectively deal with High elves when they throw 8 flying monsters at you?

Which Empire factions are the homies that I should confederate and which ones are assholes that I should conquer? Boris and Middenland seem like cool guys so I want to confederate them, and I know I should conquer Marienburg fast before Bretonnia gets to them, but what about the others? Either from a lore or a gameplay perspective just interested in what to confederate and what to conquer.

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ha ahhh shit

They’re all cunts

you tell me user

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the soy has been here all along, we just never saw it

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They’ve got armor

armor piercing missiles

There are 8 of them
Unless you mean to make me have an army full of shades

That got done. It wasn't bad.

No it didn’t

But it did.