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what happened to the pastebin

I only read moege

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Name a more relatable vn protagonist.

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I love Suzu

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Why is she so perfect?

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This one

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Renna a cute!

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Because she's a NEVER EVER

just buy the fandisc man


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Now that the dust has settled, how do you rate Tsujidou?



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Virgin Road when

How would you rank the 3 gods in power level?

Maki has the same h-scenes despite the fact she is tanned or not?

Read Chaos;Child

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It comes with the Junai torrent.
time to learn nip

Is this ntr?

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>reminder that SukiSuki and Tsujidou WagaHigh FDs will never come out in English in this lifetime.

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Cross Channel Steam version coming out already? That seems too sudden

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Cute and sexy!

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Is Majikoi worth playing if I liked Tsujidou?

Aahh... Matitetsu...

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I heard it's basically just the King James Version or whatever with some QC checks.



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>side route jealous onee chan is my favorite at first glance
>side route

It hurts.


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I like cute girls

Based NTR edition.

>Naomi H-scene where both her pussy and asshole gets open WIDE.
Hot damm.

Its a big change like renna?

Does Majikoi S have more text than Majikoi?


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Those boobies are way too big

You get different scenes, so if you want 100% completion, you'll want to read both 'routes'

Just how I like her.

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its shorter and worse


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Can we post more kissu's?

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Hey, Paulette is still 13 years old.

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I have a kissing fetish


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Eternal Moment>Mercurial Serpent>Golden Beast

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She's sexy

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So after almost five years somebody changed the monthly spotlight in the wiki. It truly is the end of an era

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How do I extract Virgin roads script?


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Jun, you should learn to love girls of all sizes.

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The threesome with Paulette and Reina is pretty hot

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Reina a cute!

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oh shit, the vn recommendations changed. Can someone post the old one for comparison?

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Route when?
she was super cute

fucking hot

She's a lewd little train

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Man she's tiny


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Majikoi Alternative fucking when?

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Guys help me. My girlfriend sent me to the store to pick up lettuces and I don't know what it looks like. She has one of her male friends over today and I don't want to keep them waiting for hours like last time. They were panting like starving beasts they were so hungry when I got home.

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>Miyako causes Yamato to become a causality conductor

I'd masturbate to it.

Yamato is listed as "Make an appearance" in Tsujidou according to VNDB, when does that happen? Is that from a joke ending?

Imopara 3 and Oniikiss soon bros

>reading VN
>has indirect kissu
>close VN

Soon bro

"Addicted to anal pleasure" end of Maki's route I think.

>have a cunnilingus fetish
>look at the sexual traits of Hatsukoi
>Midori : Sixty-nine/cunnilingus
>Finish her route, the sixty-nine was just Yuuma puting a finger inside while she sucks him

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Might be the long and dark ones

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Yes, he is in Maki's bad end. Btw, can someone tell me where does Uesugi Ren appear in first Majikoi? I can't remember/find it.

Just wait for her append.

Good news lads

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>reading VN
>has hand holding
>close VN

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Are they voiced?

>didn't put Chad Thundercock for the memes
I'm glad the hack works though.

The last time I brought those home the guy sent me back out but said he'd use them anyways and my girlfriend looked embarrassed. I think he was just being nice though because I didn't see any of them on the dinner table later.

Nice, Optimus Prime is going back to highschool.

Nameable Mc? Hmm....mine will be called Netorase Kino

i'm going to blogpost this with the name "fate/stay kamige"

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