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>Deviljho patch is live

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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She's not a slut. Delete this immediately.

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Friendly reminder to all anons out there that Jho's GS gets greater benefit from damage bonuses thanks to its high base damage and deals more DPS than even Jag sword when affinity is capped.

> Hint: every speed-run uses AB

You guys were arguing about the most mundane shit last thread so let's nip this one in the bud.

I run a VERY basic rathalos/dober bow set and wrecked him with tobi's bow.

>thread is immediately dragged back into jho vs jag shitflinging


I like math and i was trying to justify not having to farm 4x Sword Hero Stones.
But here I go, to farming T3s again.

What animal is that and why is there a fucking possum in the background?

Monster Hunter World is a fun game and I enjoy playing it

post fuck ups

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Here's why you're wrong: you're a homosexual.

>Godslayer has joined the quest

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I feel your pain brother. I had just finished a LS for every element and thought my grind was over but it's looking like Jho's Reaver is just straight-up better for 90% of fights even before dragon is calculated.

Monster Hunter XX is a fun game and I enjoy playing it

At least you're finally building that Meowstress folder

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Me too.

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monster hunter frontier is a good game and i enjoy playing it!

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>elemental LS
>not using divine slasher for everything


nice picture

Please don't call my imouto a slut.

you need to go back

I'd like to try IG out but it seems pretty complicated with the buffs and stuff. How do I know which one to craft? What are some good IG skills?

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So the Dragonproof Mantle grants +30 Dragon Element, but it's limited by the elemental cap all the same, which feels really stupid.

same as every other weapon

Anons which of the 4 elder dragons in the Nergigante story line has the best LBG armor set?

I can't figure out what it is though. My gear is up to snuff and I'm up the monster's ass constantly attacking most of the time. It's not like I'm spending half the fight running away and healing statuses or some shit.

What's better for diablos CB: two points in attack taking me from 5 to 7 or two points of handicraft? With sword charging it seems like sharpness isn't quite as important as it once was but it's still a damage multiplier.

Slasher was the first build I completed but was having fun with an Elemental Crit set to give me more to farm + for shits and giggles.

Also you may not have tested it yet but Jho's LS is better Divine Slasher for the same reason the Jho GS is. Try it out - it's amazing.

I can't find Jho

Assuming the TTC 2nd hit is a 1.05 sharpness mult like one user suggested, and we throw out crit since affinity booster caps both weapons:

Jho TTC 2nd hit
((((1104/4.8)+5)*1)+21)*(1+(0.32*1.05))*2.21=755.85536 damage

Jag TTC 2nd hit
(((912/4.8)+10)*1.1)+21)*(1+(0.2*1.05))*2.21=644.4581 damage

How does one "git gud"? Is it an innate skill, or does it come from lots of experience with the games?

why do some people get handi3/4/5 AND protective polish? isn't handi 1 and pp enough?

(for jho weapons, although I guess this is applicable for any minimum white amount)

>tfw using Jho's armor and trying to make the best of things.
Th-this is fine...

Are all the Jho weapons worth making?

some of Jho's attacks do around 50% of my health with 430 defense despite him not being tempered. how is his damage weak again?

Experience mostly. Every now and then there's an action game savant who is really good at recognizing monster tells and weapon move-sets but almost every super-fast speed runner you see has simply fought that monster using that weapon so many times that they can tell what almost every pattern and attack cue is.

just GS HH Gunlance Lance and HBG so far

But Jho's LS doesn't look like a glorious katana, folded over 1,000 times.

>tfw using jho armor and having lots of fun

I use helmet A for the sole handicraft point and the rest B. I added WE3 with a WE charm and deco then some misc bits.

I still dont understand how the fuck breaking parts work. If i break jho's head does the item get sent to the bonus reward, the normal reward or is it it drop only?

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how do i git gud > play more > return to start until gud


got a nice deal with a jap videogame outlet store.

for $50, all sealed.
are the japanese servers the same than the american ones?

handi 3 could likely be a result of a charm. 4/5 could be armor they had for slots. PP with 5 is a little ridiculous though.

Charge finisher has 67 MV, you are spamming that aren't you?
That's how Striker Lance functions.

>Welp, I'm dead
>Yep, told ya

I think innate skill still plays a big part. I'm having a hell of a time adjusting to World's monster updates, but back in 4U I was great. Then you have people like Canta who do speedruns a week after release like it's nothing.

I like Nerg HH better

It may not be GRORRIOUS NIPPON STEERRU but it looks sick AF and has cool effects when Spirit Gauge is leveled up. It just makes me realize that Nerg LS could have been so much cooler.

break rewards are in that bonus box at the end of hunt
if you hover over the items before collecting them, they will actually tell you why you got them: Broke X's head, or Captured Y, and so on

If you're wearing fully upgraded endgame armor with full Defense Up and he doesn't one-shot you then he's piss easy and weak

thank you.

I know I'm not getting the source but I'll ask it anyways, source please?

>agitator 5
>attack up 4
>weakness exploit 3
>maximum might 3
>guard 3
>handicraft 1
>protective polish
>flinch free 1

How is my jho lance set?

>playing lance

It's not 1.05

Part of it is time commitment and just having general muscle memory translating over from game to game.

It's like how most DS speedrunners can pick up the next game in the series or how really good MOBA players can utilize much of their skill-set between different games.

If your core is really strong then it takes less time to get to the stage of learning every monster and fine-tuning things.

My latest MH spree was on 3DS so it was a little jarring at first to move to world but now that I've gotten used to things I can feel my "gradually getting better at exploiting openings" vibe coming back.

why agitator and max might? replace that shit with crit boost and crit eye

>>guard 3

Honestly, if he was tempered, people would just be complaining about those tail swipes doing too much.

No I've mostly been playing like the lances in other MH games. Pokes and counters. Is there a style that's better for that (only striker has the original triple-poke)? If not I'll probably just switch weapons all together because spamming charges sounds pretty boring.

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Can't imagine anything that could be changed without being overkill.

>he doesn't play Lance
>he doesn't play every weapon in the game


Dodogamma, I already told you your fingers are too fat for the keyboard.

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can't tell you exact source but it looks like fei's work to me

>Optimized data processing to reduce loading times.
What did they actually mean by this

Means they didn't do shit. Load times are as long as ever.

Crit eye is fucking trash you moron. Crit boost wouldn't even be worth it without MM on Jho.


Say pard, just what kind of bionergy that's welling up in Deviljho's body? Maybe that's the cause of his high body heat.

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if anything the load times feel longer

If you duplicate that setup: what does each hit for?

I was promised Bnahabra armor.
Where the FUCK is my Bnahabra armor?

>Jho's armor is crap because there will be a higher tier of Jho later


I don't have that setup.

it's just attack 7 and 1 handicraft

Plz respond

Is this online playerbase fuckign dead or something
like zero rooms online

Temper Investigations/Jho/whatever, PS4 Room ID/Session ID: 4kdRwMdK6ea3

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>forced to make the kadachi bow because everything relevant is weak to lightning

bravo, bravo

Yeah the game is really holding a gun to your head

Field Team Leader set when

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Then I can't be assed to make that setup.

From what I gather, you get good enough to not cart, and not make a scene about how you may be enept. While looking down to everyone and calling them shit because they aren't using x weapon with y setup, even though they might not have the ability or knowledge to do so, and instead of helping them learn, you talk shit about them.

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I told you to get two spikes from Nerg so you could type properly, but you were probably thinking about eating rocks instead of listening to me.
You're worse than Kulu.

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>We have a problem with Thunder being too relevant so let's release Jho

there is one, guild cross

That's just the commission set but with an open chest.


>doing expedition in Elder's Recess
>Azure Rath tries to bully Dodogama
>Dodogama knocks it the fuck out with his lava spit

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So did the jho armor have tiddy physics or not? any vids?

Post Paolumu killscreens. This poofy ass nigga talking down to people like he's hot shit.

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>Jho's LS is better Divine Slasher for the same reason the Jho GS is

Someone crunch the numbers on this. DS with NEB vs Jho LS. Both white sharpness, target is nergigante.

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Doesn't look like his though.


His gauntlets and boots are different, though. The one we currently have is more like what the Commander wears, unless I haven't unlocked something.