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pastebin.com/M1sg5ftn - Danganronpa V3 Bonus Mode starting guide
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>Winter Danganronpa:

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I love my beautiful wife Maki so much!

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A reminder that Kyoko is the best girl
Fucking ants are starting to come out, I hate spring time so much

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Best mage Himiko! I hope you all have a wonderful day! For those of you posting about how much you love your waifu or husbando I have a message for you They love you too

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Angie and her beloved Tenko!

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I love Junko!

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Naegi loves Mukuro

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Why do you love her?

What a plain and normal character.

I love my wife!

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I'm going to KILL MIKAN

sometimes when i'm alone I wear my jacket like Kaito

How can one woman be so perfect, lads?

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Awaken, my Sayakafags



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Man, what a chick magnet.

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Being in STEM
Having big boobs
Secretly being a pure awkward virgin


How's everybody doing today?

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Hey there sexy.

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>We didnt get Miu Argument Armament
I would love to see her in one and her ending picture

I love Celes

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Miu's squishy Mius

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I love Korekiyo!

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Pictures of Dangantitties make me feel bad about being single. I need to leave this place

Knowing my danganwaifu will never be real makes me feel the same way

You may not like it, but this is what peak character design looks like.

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I love Mugi

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Being single is superior. be happy man, atleast your mom isnt forcing you to marry a literal who

I love her stinky sister!

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I'm going to FUCK the WinterDRs.

Are you marrying a literal who?



I love Tsumugi!

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I love Ouma!

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t. nobody ever

Me too!

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Me too!

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>Momworks at a kindergarten
new coworker comes
>mom said she want her to be my wife
>she said yes
>I have never saw her
I am fighting against it, wish me luck Anons.

You could possibly get some smelly fujo from here if you're desperate enough.

ill marry her

What the fuck, are you from India or some place? Good luck bro, that shit's whack.

What country do you live in?

This is still a great fap. Best hentai ever.

>implying fujos would want a /drg/ boyfriend

If you live in Germany, I can arrange something

I think my mom fell in love/found her adorable with her

Clearly if they get one of you twinks to cosplay as their husbando, it can work.

i dont

enjoy your single life user

>arranged marriages in Germany
There's a joke to be made here

I love her body.
Does she even have anything else going for her?

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Take your shot, /drg/!

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Ask Comun the Tsumugi stan.

Please vote.

Thank you!
Make the inner circle black. The blue part ends only after reaching the pupil.

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I love Sayaka.

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I think 2's the best!

pls no bully


What guarantees that the waifufags and the guys here aren't smelly either?

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I like 2.


Please don't lewd Baker-chan in AA2.

I love Nagito!

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I love Nagito!

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But thats a gay man and not Nagito

Don't compare my beautiful girlfriend Ranko with that bitch.

Don't compare my beautiful girlfriend Kaworu with that bitch.

But that's Togami.

Alright, any card requests today?

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more boob cards

I love Kyoko!

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I want Kiyo to go “Kehehe” as he advances on Nagito with red rope. I want him to tie a willing Nagito up in beautiful shibari knots, while Nagito prattles on about Kiyo’s hope, and how he’s so happy to be useful to him. Then I want him to nail Nagito into next Sunday.

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What a beautiful ship.

And when he thinks he's finally found the love of his life, Shinguji slits his throat for sister.

Futa genderswapped Shuichi.

Someone write it.

I like this concept. Finally, an Ultimate who likes Nagito back.

But he only kills girls! That wouldn't happen!

What's the best way to go about postgame stuff in V3?

Does she have a cute little weenie or an enormous bitch-breaker?

Is being voiced by a woman really enough to qualify you as an admirable girl, though?

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Well, I went for it. If I can find any suitable monsters/spells/traps I'll do more.

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7inch average girth.

dead? dead

Consider the following.
The iris matching a donut.

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Would Kaito consider fucking futa Saihara gay?

He would be too fixated on the boobs to notice the penis.

And the opposite for Ouma!

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Here's the second bust card of the day. I think both the name and effect are pretty fitting.

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Well now you have to make one for Saihara's butt to match.


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