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What's a good Doc helmet for his blood orchid uniform? Tired of using the hazmat set on him

Delete him
Make his ability a ping like jackal. But only once because Jackal can scan 1 person 5 times and Lion should be able to scan everyone who moves once.

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none of his headgear looks good

why doesnt Buck get a shotgun

i want to sniff IQ's toes!

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I haven't properly played this Siege since Season 3. How drastically has it changed, for better or worse?

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>"ela peak that window"
>ask which fucking window
>"that one, over there"
>fucking where
>"behind you. Not wrong window"


So why isn't Finka considered OP?

I could've sworn everyone was saying how she was going to OP during her release because of the team-wide boost x3 packed with instant revives, health bonuses, 0 recoil, and concussion resistance. She doesn't even have a good pick rate in pro league.

I want to take off IQ's hoodie, pump a shotty into her, put some pasta on and enjoy a nice spaghetti bolognese together!


>instant revives
have only been killed by revived enemie once
>health bonuses
>0 recoil
havent seen it being used very effectivly except for countering spawnpeeks
>concussion resistance
how would that be usefull

you forgot the only good part about finkas ability
the ads time reduction
can fuck you up espiacialy when paired with shields

The only thing I considered OP was the revival shit, but let us be honest: How long do you live after being injured? A second? Not fast enough for Finka to react.
And the rest is meh. I'd rather have some Dokkaebi in my team.

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Far worse.

a beautiful soul

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Because he already has one.

"and here, attached to my shotgun, is my shotgun"



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>his shotgun would need to be automatic because there would be no way to attach the skelleton key if it was pump action

Lion and finka kinda alternate when they are OP
>super low ranks where people play on controllers - finka thanks to +hp
>low ranks where people can kinda shoot - lion since you retards will move and just aim at the red dude
>middle where people stop on lion but don't drone and peek everything - finka
>high where people drone forcing defenders to move plus they wallbang and prefire- lion
>very high where people keep track where's who, listen to audio cues, know ins and outs of a map and give info - finka
>pro where 95% of deaths are almost instant - lion

In pro games finka just isnt extremely useful, most of the benefits she provides can be just substituted by skill.

duct tape

I mean this was the alternative

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>underbarrel shotgun is mounted on the scope rail

obviously Buck is getting the AA-12

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>dont dead
>open inside

still cool, brother

Put it on the side.

Ripping down someone's house is fantastic fun!

>forgot the face to go with the quote shit
>lets try this again

Ripping down someone's house is fantastic fun!

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I'm talking about full wall reinforcements, not those half ones

if you put 1 jammer in the middle of two walls those two walls are protected, and then if you put 1 in the other wall you cover all of them though? does wall thickness matter for the corners?

Not to mention the recoil reduction fucks up pro players' muscle memory. I've seen one of the pro streamers bitch whenever someone picks Finka.

Operator with good guns when? I really want a MA5C ICWS or a M7S...

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how about an operator who can make 1 (one) window/ hatch/ wall unbreakable

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>what if we buff hibana

How about an operator with a satellite canon that kills any defender outside instantly.

Meet the operators saving siege from bad designs and based year 1 design choices

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its gonna look like those WWII japanese machine guns

>reading comprehension

pic unrelated?

Yea, especially tough for people who mastered buck/bb

>auto turret

Still future shitters

I think he's just referring to the visual design of the operators

Wouldnt Twitch be the hairy one?

Boy am I glad gadget destruction operators are base game and not shit
>as time goes on there are more and more with electronic shit
>mute and thatcher will counter 90% of the roster

sas saving the day as usual

>ranked with all randos
>one guy suddenly goes autism commander mode
>et cetera
>everyone including me decides to play along
>4-0 without a single hitch
>no one stays
>never see him again

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Stop playing Fuze

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>communication is key in a team game
Imagine my shock

Not unbreakable, but I wouldn't mind an operator that can put a reinforcement on a window-frame.

you mean castle

Is outbreak good

It's that time again, where I lazily write out two operator gadgets that I would like to see but no one else would really want. Both of these guys have a theme, it's all about intel and their gadgets are infinite use with a cooldown much like Cav and that other guy, you know, the one with the mask.

A 2-speed operator with the ability to use thermal goggles. I would see him as a defender, that would lurk near the objective room next to breakable walls to wallbang. A balancing factor I would use is that the thermal goggles are great for, well, seeing heat signatures but are pretty shitty at everything else. So expect newbies who haven't learnt how to use the goggles properly to be bumping into shit. Also, when the thermal goggles are on, they cannot see any tags including the ones that denote friendlies. So you gotta be aware of your team and be able to recognise operators by their outline.

This guy is a 3-speed attacker due to the equipment he carries. His gadget, as you can probably guess, is a sonar. He would send out a pulse centred on himself that will tag/outline any defenders caught in it. Due to it being sonar it will only leave after images, much like regular tagging. I imagine it has a pretty decent range, but I would rather he have to hug the wall connecting to the room you want to scan to get a more accurate reading. The outlines would be seen by all attackers, great synergy with Lion. Hard reinforcements dampen his sonar and reduce the range. So a surefire counter is to reinforce the room and find a safe spot away from where you suspect he might scan from. And obviously, him hugging the wall to scan leaves him open from wall bangs from Pulse or Thermal.

Not a shitty barricade, an actual reinforcement.

>same artists that have been working on the game since the beginning are '''saving''' Siege

fuck off with your sonic oc autismo

none of this shit is original

a good operator gadget does something new, not just a previous operator gadget only better/different

Just leave the headgear as default. It matches his plates for Chimera, at least.

total pings: zero

>ping ping ping ping
total half-assed callouts: zero

If by some miracle you manage to get both at once it's actually passable.

Oil - Dude puts oil on the floor and if u run over it, you fall, making a loud thud and you slide for a decent amount of time. Walking on it makes you just fall.

>post yfw the Delta operator is a greasy Amerilard

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>not Grease Monkey

Castle needs a buff.
His reinforcements should act like the reinforced walls. No Sledge or Ash being able to break it. No being able to knock it down yourself by hitting it, I know but what about run outs? I don't care, don't castle a door your team plans to do run outs through. What else, oh, Glaz I guess can still shoot through it, despite it being a bulletproof barrier. But I would have it where Glaz cannot break the barricade with his bullets only punch bullet holes into it.

>a good operator does something new, not just a previous operator gadget only better/different
Yeah, like Hibana and Zofia. Who aren't just Ash but different. Or Buck who isn't just Sledge but with range.

are they both defenders or is shadow clone waifu an attacker?

>not Slick

I think the hologram is attacker, for some reason I feel like her holograms would fool cameras and not actual players. Like how Vigil is only invisible to drones.

>His reinforcements should act like the reinforced walls.
>objective has only 3 openings
>reinforce them all
>other team doesn't have a Thermite or Hibana
>no way to access the objective
Big think. Castle is fine

eh it was okay the first time I played through but feels tedious doing the 2 pandemic missions last week and this week, didn't even bother with the rooter or smasher kills for the 1000 renown

i dont care, but they really need to bring codenames back

>First time playing
>Hear about PTSD memes
>Get to the Defuse bomb situation on Hard

Fucking HELP

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>like real reinforcements
>Lockers on border has three doors. Reinforce every one. Bring Mute and Bandit. What now?

Ying is so much fun I can't believe it.

when are we going to get a proper flamethrower operator? and no gay ass fire arrows dont count

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>play 15+ Outbreak missions, get two free!

Best entry fragger kit in the game.

I hope one of the new Delta operators is a cute! Hawaiian woman

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it's only gonna be one delta and one ctsfo user

>throw candela in room
>teammate gets blinded and starts spraying everywhere
>get teamkilled

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Good, so make them both women

How do you get new Outbreak alpha packs?
Without paying, I mean.

ya fault

ya dont

they're probably going to do that, pull the GROM card

what operators can you use in Outbreak?

Lesion, Cav, Ying, Buck, Maestro, Frost, Kapkan, Lion and Finka

I realized that and her fast ads time and slapped a reflex on it instead of an acog and this is exactly how siege should be played.
Fast entry fragging with a finka boost on your side, blinding whole rooms and murdering 3 people with 80 bullets in your drum mag, dying to the 4th, tapping out to shitpost a bit and going back into the game after your team won.

You shouldn't pixelpeek with acogs for 2 minutes and 50 second just to rush into the room in the last 10 seconds. It's just wrong and boring.

lion, finka, ash, glaz, kapkan, chanka, ying, smoke, doc

How many sites are there with only 3 entrances? The only ones that come to mind are basement objectives since they don't have windows, but even then they generally have a lot of soft walls. Not saying it's a good change, just that locking the enemy out completely doesn't sound possible.

and buck and i'm probably forgetting someone else

This never happens to me because I just rush in and don't wait for the others.

>jackal + lion combo to counter roamers

muh dick

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>paly mira
>someone reinforces the wall beside your window

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>someone reinforces the wall you want to reinforce
>they do it on the wrong side

>"It's not media center"
>"I'm going to mute you"
Well okay then

>not putting a crouch window on a soft wall and blowing the wall above it away with the shotgun

Does anyone else find it impossible to play male operators that are shorter than 6' ?

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Post some Ela please

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>being a gold shitter

i only play short operators because muh realism

I'm thinking Alibi's hologram ability could work similarly to how they work in Titanfall 2: send an image of yourself moving forward in the direction you choose in the same stance you deploy it in for about 5-10 seconds which can be used to distract the enemy or have them reveal their location by firing on it. For counters, they visibly glitch out walking past Mute jammers, can't be spotted by cameras (making callouts essential) and will indefinitely walk into walls if they collide with them until they disappear

>tfw jackal is 1.90m (6'3'')
Feels good man

Nigger that's how hologram decoys worked in Reach, newfag OUT

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Has anyone tried playing on Faceit? I think its more enjoyable than ranked
>your ingame rank isn't associated with your faceit rank
>teammates must join a discord chat
>uses tournament settings, 7 seconds defuse plants, etc
>solo queing only, focuses on individual skill

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