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They senselessly nerfed every character I cared about
But at least I get to dress Skye up as a schoolgirl

Pray for Damba, bros.

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. . . and SMITE-style $600 skins soon!

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>making eerie pressence even more mandatory
great job guys!

and what is the problem with that?

Finally she is returned to us in all her glory.

Take the /palg/ Quiz:

>Which champion is your favorite?

>How much money have you spent on Paladins?

>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?

>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?

>Describe your first kiss in detail.

>Which champion would you marry?

>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?

Thank you!

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Racecar Lex is not dead, guys.

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t. Chris


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>not opening with the Andro dab image
When did this sub become so trash?

>Which champion is your favorite?
Willo! Willo a cute, CUTE! I love Willo!

>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
$20 Founder's Pack + $5 on a skin while I was drunk.

>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
z1unknown, or really any streamer with lots of viewers.

>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
There's one poster who welcomes SMITEfriends and Tribesfriends and also tries to get people to stop fighting. I'm convinced this is all one poster. That's my favorite poster.

>Describe your first kiss in detail.
Spin the bottle. I was young. She was a year older than me.

>Which champion would you marry?
None. I'm a lone wolf.

>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
Whenever the game is fully released and no longer in beta. That's just means Hi Rez is ready for the game to die. That's how Tribes died.

>roaming emotes
oh god we're actually gonna get hotline ying aren't we

Hello, mojiposter. I was wondering if maybe you can vary your image from time to time. Maybe build up a collection like yingposter. I'll answer your questions now.

>$13 for Founder's Pack during sale
>Number 1 ranked Evie player
>That guy that says "make a new thread now kiddo" at the end of every thread
>Accidently kissed a girl I was arguing with in grade school
>Overwatch-style champion swapping or removing 3rd Person

Mojiposter, why are you always asking about kissing?

>Which champion is your favorite?
I don't really have any, it depends on my mood. Right now I'm digging Drogoz.

>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
0€, I would think of it when the game gets out of beta lol

>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
Every fucking sniper mains especially these days where they are nearly unflankable. You just know you're not going to have fun when you see the fourth autistic Kinessa main who played her for 340 hours.

>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
Fernandoposter ;_;

>Describe your first kiss in detail.
It was back in Kindergarden, a girl kissed me but I freaked out and I slapped the shit out of her.

>Which champion would you marry?
Moji is the only character that could be wife material when she's an adult. The others are just extra whores, waifu bait or just bland.

>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
Removing all kind of depth and making it nu-OW

>too lazy to check, but probably just around 100~. bought the founders pack, 4000 crystals for 40-60$ or something (forgot the exact price) on last year's summer sale, frontline pack, and vip pack.
>nobody :3
>nobody :3
>don't remember it
>other then cards unbound, probably mid-match champion swapping.


So you are one of THOSE people huh

some people just play really casually like the guys who only play Paladins when Fortnite is on maintenance.

Playing video games in general is a waste of time. The change makes it so that you don't have to treat it as a second job.

You can argue that now core players have less reason to play, but forcing people to play or else miss out on limited crystals is a pretty predatory incentive.

>Which champion is your favorite?
>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
$15 on the Frontline, VIP and flair pack.
>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
idk all the waifuposters are dumb
but i guess mopsy is okay
>Describe your first kiss in detail.
My mom kissed me as a newborn baby.
>Which champion would you marry?
>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
Cards Unbound 2.

>gutting damba's healing output by like 15-20%

what the fuck were they thinking

>>Which champion is your favorite?
>>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
>>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
Random GMs that won't fuck off out of my casual games, I'm not a terrible player but holy shit fuck off once in a while.
>>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
Every idiot that has been shitposting since ob started,
>>Describe your first kiss in detail.
>>Which champion would you marry?
Cassie and Tyra is the only female in the game that won't do terrible things to you.
>>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
Actual P2W. Unbound was retarded but that was going to be changed dramatically one way or the other, I stuck around through that. Depressed for a while though.

>Which champion is your favorite?
>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
so far: $20, although I will be spending more in OB68
>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
Competent Snipers
>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
Everyone here
>Describe your first kiss in detail.
Never happened.
>Which champion would you marry?
>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
making new champions only buyable via crystals.

>Which champion is your favorite?

>How much money have you spent on Paladins?

>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?

>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?

>Describe your first kiss in detail.
When I was 11, some girl from my church asked to make out with me and we did.

>Which champion would you marry?

>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
CU return or something similar.

So what characters are you most expecting to be ban material? Remember you have four now.

>Still Torvald
>POSSIBLY not Makoa depending on how much harder it is in practice, but still probably Makoa
>Possibly Ying depending on how strong she is in practice
>Probably still Bomb King

>too much
>I once played against Bird and I still have trauma
>Fernandoposter and that user that made all those Palakino
>I was very young, played spin a bottle, it was fucking gross and slimy
>removal of Fernando

Yeah not arguing against any of that,
I'm just saying that a gold chest for completing the monthly limit of dailies is acceptable, sucks because they're "taking away" the diamond reward but either it was a bait to get people to do quests at the first roll out all along or the person who let that go through was taken out back and shot.

Torvald might be kinda trashy now, he didn't need damage nerf.

>lose money creating , fixing , then removing cards unbound
>milking gameplay mechanics didnt work, lets do skins
>limit customization because higher ups want more skins instead of devs and modelers working on fixing clippint issues because it takes too much time
>no guarantee the skins will be anybetter than before
>cant get better looking skins anyway because the game looks like plastic

boy my subscribers are gonna be pissed this Sunday.

Whats next, removal of the item shop because its too confusing?


>Which champion is your favorite?
>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
No one
>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
>Describe your first kiss in detail.
Never happened
>Which champion would you marry?
No one
>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
Cant really think of anything.

Boring answers I know.

>35 usd
>no one
>no one
>pay subscription to play

>Which champion is your favorite?
>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
1000 argentinian pesos
>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
>Describe your first kiss in detail.
probably my mommy
>Which champion would you marry?
>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
another retarded card rework

Andro worries me, he might be worthy a ban.

>when they can't handle the VEJ

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>Which champion is your favorite?
>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
i've bought most of the bundles and 18000 crystals, i don't know exactly how much i've spent
>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
the drawfriends
>Describe your first kiss in detail.
i was young and my dad got invited over for dinner by someone he worked with, and i had to hang out with someone for a couple hours before dinner and they kissed me
>Which champion would you marry?
>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
p2w coming back

They were thinking that Damba should stop being picked so they can shill their new and improved Support when it comes out.

Why isn't Maeve in the OP grrr

Aiming your heals is too confusing for new players, better put damba into obscurity.

they also gutted his health

I can hear that fucking twitch song just by looking at this picture.

>Which champion is your favorite?
>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
25€ or something like that, the founder pack back in closed beta
>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
>Describe your first kiss in detail.
It was in an attic with a neighbor when I was 10 or so.
>Which champion would you marry?
>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
Probably P2W

>Illuminate was never picked, so we removed the stealth mechanic because it was too confusing for new players.
>Instead, we've brought back an old friend, Aggression! It's a flat 300/400/500 bonus damage per second!

im happy that the op picture this time isnt shit

Now you're just being a bully

patch notes say all reveals now reveal stealth so it is already effectively removed

>ying buffs
Essentially old 100% Lifelike is back. Hail the goddess of healing.

>Strix player never anywhere in sight or in the killfeed, almost forget he exists
>Only time he's in the killfeed is when the enemy Skye is shitting on him
>He keeps asking us to buy Illuminate and tell him where Skye is
>"Why don't you buy Illuminate?"

And I'm still going to take Focus Lens.
I was happy with the range buff alone.

Attached: DYOVsPtX0AMeiHz.jpg (900x1200, 116K)

Fuck they killed the best most skill based healer in the game.

what the fuck

sorry no aim allowed, now buy new Seris skin.

good image
bad image

>No man can kill... me
Unlucky for Mal, HiRez are monsters.

>Crowd Control reduction cards were previously only reducing the duration of Stuns. They now work like Resilience and will also reduce the effectiveness of Knockups, Knockbacks, and the duration of Slows. This change affects the following cards:
It's actually kind of pathetic it took them this long to even do this.

I hate Seris so much and she's in every fucking game.

I suspect we're heading into a very flank-focused meta with Zhin, Moji, Androxus and Evie all being fairly strong, and Torvald enables flanks, so even if he isn't particularly strong himself he'll still be picked/banned.

heh, this is gonna get either annoyingly interesting, or retardedly stupid

give me a (you) when pts is up

it is already stupid

Well when you spend 5 months with an autistic hamburger at the helm of the project details tend to get skipped.

does nega-mojiposter only want hugs and cuddles instead of kisses

I'm surprised it took this long honestly.

Blame HiRez for continuously nerfing the rest of the supports, for a while you basically never saw her. Damba/Jenos. EVERY.SINGLE.GAME

Yingposter is a janitor. Nega-yingposter has been defeated before his tyranny could even begin.

>changing diamond chest reward for 40 dailies to gold chest
>removing moji's only non-recolor skin
>sha lin still permacucked

This is the yingfaggot we need AND deserve

Attached: feel so surreal.jpg (500x500, 106K)

>start playing yesterday
>don't really like hero shooters for minor reasons (basically hard counters to whatever it is you're playing)
>Get over that shit because I'm drunk and bored
>Hey this is pretty gewd
>Play some Fernando to fill out the last open slot on the team w/o frontline
>First time I do it, entire team locks in behind shield and mows down people from behind it, multiple kill streaks for rest of team
>in no other game afterwards does anyone fucking do this, they literally run directly in front of me by several dozen units and get mowed down
>Watch a Lex slide through shield to be in front of me to try and kill an entire enemy team team, dies before finishing slide
>only person that supports me is a Ying
>She ends up getting first place, most KBs, most healing, least deaths (tied with her), and most damage despite having a level 2 mastery because everyone else is literally too retarded to stay behind the fucking shield despite the fact they're ranged heroes


why do you assholes make me hate games I want to like

How hard do you feed the enemy team, and for how long, before you realize this that despite the fact this man looks very deportable, he is trying to absorb all the shit that would kill you

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lets play a game
guess Mal'Damba winrate in OB68

Attached: bettermeta.png (998x620, 129K)

I posted it before and I'll post it again.
>we've got all these different colours for the default costumes that are already made, are easy to make more of while adding some visual variety and could be a great gold sink, what should we do?
>lol just delete them all
Makes NO sense.
read the first line of the OP

Anyone else bitter about losing their customization, a handful of the skins they owned, and then seeing the aesthetic turning into something totally unoriginal and boring instead of advancing to be its own thing?

I can't be the only one who cares about this stuff, right?

Thats just team games, stack with nerds or figure out how to solo carry.
Nando can carry you to diamond though, won't lie.

Forgot pic.

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Makoa's winrate will be around 40% after the hook nerf

I can't hear you over the sound of willo's original voice

I'm level 14 atm and people are still fucking doing this in every game, and I don't think bots are named Mistah Nosenstein

Pro tip: do more than stand on point with your shield up

>they make stupid change for no reason with only anecdotal evidence instead of doing a community poll before making said change
>revert it after backlash
>people become their drones like they did God's work
Why does this work so well for Hi-Rez?

Attached: 1503008205656.png (246x242, 47K)

If you were under level 5 you were playing with bots

>Makes NO sense.
It does to double digit IQ plebbitors which unanimously support the decision. We're the only paladins forum that even remotely hates what they've done.

I have been bitter since the announcement. They couldn't even fucking WAIT for the player numbers to go up or even stabilize before they fucked shit up again. If I knew their UI excuse was LITERALLY TO MAKE THE OVERWATCH UI I would have derided their fucking incompetence even more.

>>Which champion is your favorite?
Ruckus, though my husbando is Drogoz
>>How much money have you spent on Paladins?
Maybe like 60$, plan on getting the new bundles though
>>Which Paladins player makes you afraid?
Every single Evie at high level play
>>Who is your favorite /palg/ poster?
No one, but I am the drogoz poster, I am still alive
>>Describe your first kiss in detail.
I'll leave that to your imagination
>>Which champion would you marry?
>>What change would instantly make you quit Paladins?
It already happened, it was unbound, but I came back when it was removed.

It was so that they reuse the generic Chink splash art to be the portraits in the loading screen. They're going to start selling the same things they sell in Smite. Pedestals, loading screen portraits, loading screen backgrounds, etc.

I think it's a terrible decision and I don't even have many skins. It's going to retroactively curse all future skins and severely hurt player originality in the visual department. Everyone will just be the same based on whatever skin they pick, and there's less reason for people to get skins in general if you can do far less with them.
Can anyone even tell what parts on these new skins would potentially clip or require a "change" to the system? That would be a fun game, there might be enough images of them by now.

It truly is sad to see people still intent on attempting to harm the love of others through ridiculous slander.
Pay that lost soul from before no mind, he does not speak for me and does not speak for anyone else. My heart only wishes to love her in the most loving and pure manner I can possibly muster; do not be fooled by any claim to the contrary.

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>seeing the aesthetic turning into something totally unoriginal and boring instead of advancing to be its own thing
No I don't have autism.

>no spoilers

nice try yingimposter

Fernando is best played as a beefy bully that uses his shield to protect himself as he retreats, and not someone who shields others.

>They couldn't even fucking WAIT for the player numbers to go up or even stabilize before they fucked shit up again
This is the real kicker. They couldn't even pretend for a moment that they actually learned from the Unbound fiasco. It's a shame that the wool got pulled so easily over the eyes of everywhere else, but it seems to always be the case with shit like this, things get ruined because idiots don't know any better and can't take a moment to actually learn or think. Well, at least the balance changes seem mostly ok, but that should be a given.

The only thing worse than the fucking ying faggot are the people that try to defend it or copy it (I use it because I'm pretty sure it has no genitalia)

I wish they would have announced this stuff in advanced so I could have uninstalled sooner

Why do you care about UI outside of gameplay?

i disagree mojiposter is much worse and lianposters are worst of all

i like mojiposter

Is it even possible to not think of elves as sluts?

Attached: elves lewd.png (1291x443, 213K)

maybe if they were ugly like dwarves or hideous like ruckus

Giving every support champ the same health is fucking retarded when their kits and viability are widely different.

There's some retarded brainlet willofag right now that is happy her old voice is back and doesn't care about literally anything else happening with the game

Replace moji with maeve, if you don't think maevefags are a problem you are objectively and subjectively wrong

braindead healer now has more healing output than the most skillful healer, think about that.

Everything about the gameplay is framed, represented and demonstrated through the UI. This is the same for every single game. Only short sighted morons still use that kind of argument.

The UI inside the matches is important, the main menu and loading screens aren't as long as they work.

If you have never been turned off a game by ugly, generic UI then you must have not played many games. Say whatever you want about how paladins used to look at least the main menu wasn't DIRECTLY COPYING OVERWATCH