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post cringers worth cringing for


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post pumps you need to pump

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post lizards in cute outfits!

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bros.... /wowg/........

Some might even say I forge it

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Do not trust c@girls.

Is it bad news if a catboy gets clingy with you?

Be nice to your faeries, and to each other.

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top 5 cutest cats

Eos is a slut
and so are you, elf

yes it means they have marked you as their prey

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it means he's in heat and really needs someone to breed him


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The smell of grease is strong.

all mmo players are as bad as each other

Serious answers only...
Those weren't serious right?


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Would apply oil on/10.
for sun protection...

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Just bring out a spray bottle if they get out of line!

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Eureka is actually pretty fun if you do it properly and not just follow the train

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What's up

Tell them to fuck off.


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Hand over your Hi's

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how does one "do it properly" ?

>best cat and best lizard reply to me
Today is blessed

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it was

redpill me on softs officers
lets topple the fc

Get a group of 8 and pull groups of mobs 4 levels above you and aoe them down, repeat until NM spawn

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And then they get to spray their liquid on you :3

Don't be rude to your superiors.

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i want to do this chocolander properly!

wow you are right! wtf eureka is fun now?? THIS is the engaging gameplay ive been looking for!

They're all doormats. Doormats stack very neatly, they're not toppling anytime soon

where do you find these groups though

The day 1 special but with NMs. Truly revolutionary and fun.

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I'd tell you to go eat shit but considering you play a male Miqo'te, you probably already do

As opposed to literally being afk until something spawns, yes, that's more fun.
Get friends

What top is this

you were the frogposter all along...

it's really not lol
at least you can do something actually worth your time while afking

Nice jealous defenseless lamb opinion thank you but the LIONS are talking now.

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Only sometimes

>get friends
but my friends are busy playing better games

are you also the type of person who says "who even plays this game" and then goes back to afking when someone asks if anyone wants to do something

who are the most cheerful/fun to be around/nice people in here? i want to web someone nice

these queues are fucking ridiculous I hate leveling so much


Kirito Tia

nah I'm the type of person who does actually pleasant content when it comes out instead of pretending eureka is anything but a dumpster fire
are you done making baseless assumptions?

Shut the fuck up, Mott.
The smartest thing to ever come from your mouth was the catboy cum you couldn't swallow and that's stretching it.

that'd be me

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This catt has nice skin

i'm going to web you

/pet again

>ywn web spidercat
why even life

that's zombiecat...

Ty /pet

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wrong nyan

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>non-human male paladins

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Hey this looks familiar. I'm booked anyway and have to do a one chest then pilot another BRD this week anyhow.

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Narcissism was a mistake.

reminder that all moonies want you to pump with no warning

Pinging Mott.
Do you do level 1 alts? Very serious question.

give me a quick rundown on vjera


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Stop it

The design of this character is fucking attrocious.
It's like they took a bland base and plastered al sorts of shit in a desperate attempt to make it look good.

Are you just mad that DRK sucks right now

what's the quickest way to 30? PotD?

Hey Hey Heeeyyy

You mean get a group of eight and stand around while others farm mobs until an NM far above your level spawns, then run to it and get next to no xp.


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Mott ded

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It's spending $25 on a boost.

It's ok I would let him pump me

>tfw really bad at tanking

I only have eyes for one man anyways.

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You and 80% of the tanks in game, don't worry

Unfortunately for you the only person who has opinion on the character that matters is me.

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web me...

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Friend wants to buy me something off the Mogstation. What should I get?

nah fuck you

Pots of metallic red.

True, but I only need level 30 lol

what does that even mean

just learn to conserve your shit. if you don't use two buffs at once you are already leagues above the riff raff that rush into pulls and mechanics with no buffs.

everything else people can adjust to.


I met an actual irl girl that uses this hair. miracles do happen.

>dork knights

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what the fuck am I looking at

fuck YOU

wanna find out? pst mikki hikki on balmung... we'll get the process started right away

give me now???

>based DRKs

>lame PLDs

What's the coolest one?