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>EOV guild cards

>EOV undub
US CIA: a.doko.moe/odnpma.7z
US Luma: a.doko.moe/wddgmp.7z
US to EU patch for both: a.pomfe.co/xcrrjwp.7z
Other undubs: pastebin.com/KxsDbkq8

>EOV DLC cia
US: mega.nz/#!bExTRahb!qRKVfagWcuesrETzsOpOAzBCYYZ1C4GmZseNzQqS8NA
EU: a.doko.moe/ystmmt.7z


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Good job.

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It's happening on april 5th
My dad works at atlus

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SSR Fang!

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It's mandatory at this point.
What prison have I made for myself?

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You are no longer allowed to spend time with Etrians.

>found ailment resistance chart for enemies in EO2
>all bosses have 20% vulnerability to everything
>Ur-Child has 10%

Huh, strange.
I know that in EO only one "ailment resistance" stat existed - so if a boss was meant to be resistant to panic (which all of them are, of course) it would also be almost impossible to blind or poison them. Binds had three different resistances, strangely enough.
I thought they went through the trouble of changing that for EOII so each ailment gets its own resistances.

And then they set everything to the same value for bosses?
I wouldn't put it beyond them but it still seems strange to me.

They are separate in EO2 and it's more significant against FOEs and regular encounters but they screwed up for bosses
All are immune to petrify, Golem and Hellion are the only ones vulnerable to Instant Death (5% resistance lmao), everything else is at 20% except for Curse which is 10% because we know how overpowered curse is, and Stun which is at 25%
Binds are 25% across the board except for the dragon trio who have 20%
Ur-Child halves everything the dragons would have, except Stun is 15%

Scratch that, FOEs are the same as bosses but with +5% across the board, slaveimps being the only exception

>EO2 implemented separate ailment resistances just so they could make curse harder to inflict compared to everything else
Sasuga atlus

Miku in Etriam when?

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I'm up against Star Devourer and here's my team, I don't want to change characters or even their classes because autism, how fucked am I?
Earthlian Dragoon Cannon
Potato Dragoon Shield (I think she's useless for this aside Aegis' Shield)
Celestrian Smoke Botanist
Bunny Rover
Potato Shaman

So I was thinking of doing the smoke flash cheese while I tried to kill it with burst cannon that should do 13k per hit. My botanist has 242 LUC since she has a Reptile Rod+5, Sapling hat, Fortune Necklace and Grease Boots. I don't think I can go higher with LUC.
Is this doable?
Also I haven't even used smoke flash before, I need to smoke debuff first right? I can do that first turn with aegis shield, but then how can I re-apply the smoke once it expires?
What's the fastest way to fill the gauge so I can spam Aegis' shield asap?

Your party looks lacking in damage, not much you can do without reclassing
>what's the fastest way to fill the gauge so I can spam Aegis' shield
Only way to increase union gauge increase is dodge fencer and omnimancer passives, sorry
Try more to use ailments to post pone his attacks
Paralysis will work once to disable all parts, then from there it will still prevent the use of full burst but the parts are free to act on their own

I tried to avoid full burst with sleep and paralysis but the problem was that my dragoon does too much damage in a single turn so the thing ends up recovering two limbs per turn, which ends up in a trainwreck because since the dragoon needs to charge up the dude will easily wreack avoc on the party and of course make the dragoon lose the charge somehow.

That's why I'm going for a pure stun instead, since I think that should lock it on always trying to do the full burst since stun lasts one turn.

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I don't think your team can do it mate

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Guild M@ster

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i feel like they must have secret curse strats that are really strong or something
i guess in EO2's case its indirect nerf to war magus specifically

>secret curse strat
Isn't that whats beasts are for?, curse the enemy and endure all the damage?
I saw a cheese video of it with the dragon

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damn fenrir is ugly

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That's gonna rough as hell. Let Earthlain Dragoon/Botanist use Stun/Sleep Gases during the stalling period. Just stack them up and don't use two different ailments at the same time. Use Vitality Prayer to improve your chances of survival. Get the best shield for Shield bearer and maximize his Cannon Mastery so he could at least use Shield Throw on the parts. You should only set up Burst Cannon when the Union Gauge is close to max and use it after Full Burst. It's a waste of time to use it on parts due to the turns you need to setup. Is Bunny Rover a Hawk Rover? Try to pick off one of the blades and leave the other one incapacitated. Hard part here is staying alive during stalling so good luck.

Just started EOV, don't know anything at all about this series but I'm enjoying it so far.
Any tips/tricks for a beginner?

Color under doors.

new eo game when?

Always two Ariadne threads

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Plan ahead but don't be afraid to experiment, the only penalty for respecing is a modest 2 levels.

That works in EO2U (and EOIII) but unless I'm forgetting something there are no endure effects in EOII. And curse does not deal damage to monsters if you die...


Don't be afraid to use skills since going back to town is part of the game.
In EOV the Mana Heal Union skill can help prolong your exploration early on. Only the one starting a Union skill needs a full Union gauge, the helpers just need to be alive.


ded already?

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Is there a resistance chare for EOU1?
I want to instant kill or petrify the shitty turtle FOE in stratum 6, does it even work?


Do you become a shark if she bites you?

I want Bandana to bite me, even if I turn into a cute bandana

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Found it
The only FOE immune to instant death is the lizards in stratum 6, none are immune to petrify
However they all have 10% resistance so you're very unlikely to land it

i want bandanna to bite me especially if ill turn into a cute bandanna

then ill take my bandanna off

Why are you misspelling bandana?

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Arianna with a bandana?

Thanks bro. Amazing chart.

I liked im@s better before it went full AKB48

I want to bap teachkong

delet this

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You can not silence the truth.

Can someone tell to me about EO's popularity when it first release?

Low, probably. Crawlers are niche.


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It wasn't very popular but the dev team was like 12 people so they made bank.

Are there any other crawlers even vaguely like EO out there?
It seems like everything else is a painfully unfriendly blobber or another uninteresting rehash by Experience.

Worst selling EO.

Persona Q

Nope. Most crawlers stay closer to Wizardry which makes them hard to get into.

If there were then we would have dungeon crawler general
But most crawlers are straight garbage


Dungeon Travelers, I guess? It has skill trees and lolis, at least.

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Didn't they censore the chick giving head to a mushroom or something in the west?

>there will never be a vita emulator

Found it

I am loathe to touch Dungeon Travellers knowing that it was the beginning of the end for a company that should by all rights be making much, much more interesting games but is now stuck with Idea Fuck.

R.I.P Sting.

My wife

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Next episode never.

They made two games for them and that was years ago.
I'm afraid you must die.

>I'm afraid you must die.
I wish. Just let me die before EO does...

Girls play EO??

Accurate depiction of EO's playerbase.

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Me under the table

Me falling on your head

Me in the next, much superior, game.

The one that doesn't exist yet?

>superior to EO3
But there aren't games like that in this franchise.

>Star Devourer "weak" to stun
>Can't get it stunned even after wilting miasma

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Weak in this case means less resistant compared to everything else
The main body is actually more resistant compared to everything else

I'm trying to stun the energy tube/agile sword since if the wiki doesn't lie they should be the ones weaker to stun, unless there's a part weaker to ailments in general even though the table says it's neutral to stun

Maybe wilting miasma doesn't increase your chance to stun?

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>Increases all enemies' chance of being inflicted with ailments and binds for a set amount of turns.
Stun is usually considered separate from ailments
You might outta luck

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What's the best way to farm money on EOU?
The best equipment costs a ton and I can't afford it. Item dupe doesn't work on EU version.
I already have the scavenger skill and the one that automatically sells items to shop. Can't do autofarming on stratum 6 because blindside wipes me.

Any tips?

>playing the EU version
why do you hate yourself so much

Gathering points with 3 survivalists and their skills maxed
FOE conditionals might be good too
>the one that automatically sells items to shop

It's not like there is any difference between them, apart from the fixed glitch.

Gathering would work I guess but I wanted to prevent resting. The skill Alchemy sells discarded items to shop. Which means you could farm money afk. But it's hard to find a spot with good yield.

If you just want to afk money farm then you might as well turn the difficulty down to picnic while doing it, that should make it possible on the upper floors of stratum 6

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Teach's map is the best.

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>auto route

So many cuties!