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/sthg/ #1268 - Maniacs Edition

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Best ship coming through.

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Don't fuck this thread up like the last one.

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no girls allowed!


Put some clothes on you fucking slut.

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/sthg/ in a nutshell

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So who actually cares about Mighty and Ray anyway?

Tyson Hesse memefaces

Me. I'm pretty excited.


classic sonic

Mina Milestone Maybe?

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classic fags

signs of autism include:
>Repeats words or phrases over and over

>Gets upset by minor changes in routine or surroundings
classic fags dont want any changes to the classic formula

>Has highly restricted interests
doesnt like anything but classic sonic

>Performs repetitive behaviors
wants to play the same damn game they played from 1991

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>"Way past cool!"
>"Ah yeah!"
>"Gotta go fast!"
>"this is happenin'!"
>"Let's do-it-to-it!"
>"Lets blast through with Sawnic speed!"
>"Hey Sonic, Enjoy your future, it's going to be shit!"
>"Time to crack that eggman wide open!"
>"You're too slow!"
>"Let's get 'em!"
>"Hey Hey Hey!"
>"I'll play with you some other time!"
>"Amy sure can suck a dick like a pro!"
>"Ay Caramba!"
>"Look, it's a giant talking egg."
>"Zip Zap Doodily bap!"
>"I like running better."
>"Let's rock 'n roll!"
>"I don't chew gum."
>"Talk about being stubborn and full of surprises."
>"That's NO good."
>"Generic random Sonic catchphrase garbage!"
>"I found you, faker!"
>"Way to go, Knucklehead!"
>"Watch out, you're gonna crash! AHH!"
>"Shoot, I've lost Amy!"
>"This game of tag is boring."
>"Sonic's my name, Speeds my game!"
>"What can I say? I die hard."
>"I'll nail that eggman!"
>"Something buggin' you?"
>"I'm Batman."
>"No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!"
>"Best boss beating ever!"
>"Long time no see!"
>"C'mon, step it up!"
>"I'll use you-chaos control!"
>"Strange, isn't it?"
>"Goddamn you, why can everybody fly in this game but me?!"
>"Juice time."
>"It's spin and win time!"
>"What a nice view!"


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I care about Mighty. Ray's whatever, but Mighty's cool


With that out of the way is there anyone who honestly gives a shit about IDW Sonic and is looking forward to a fresh new comic?

I am.

Where were you when Tails died?

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Jesus christ, this was a blast from the past.


I miss some of those copypastas though, they don't make em like that anymore.

one of the best Sally art ive seen here

M8 you could do that for everything posted so far ITT.

I was playing Sonic Forces, watching that cutscene where he cries out like a little bitch instead of stomping Chaoses watery-guts out

About to play the first night stage in Unleashed.

Boostfags literally ruin everything and they continue giving Sega money and allow Sonic Forces to "perform strongly" alongside Mania.

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I do. I could get upset about losing the Post-SGW characters I've come to enjoy, but Sonic comics have been needing a new start for ages & from what we've seen so far, I think it's gonna be a fun comic. Besides, IDW may just get the rights for Archie shit in a separate line.

Yeah, that video brings back some pretty fun & not so fun memories. I also had some of my posts in it, so that's nice

>no racing game news

So are we gonna have to wait until E3?

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Love that british simulated voice.


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define going "troo far"

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I want another one of these so bad. They wouldn't have any trouble getting content now.

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I love when Aaron has to dispel Veeky Forums rumors on his Twitter because he’s butthurt about Sonic Forces sales.

We need more writers.

I miss hub worlds.


I am. I've been counting down the days since the initial announcement 165 days ago.

Sonic Forces sold well because of the character creator, accept it

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I just want more Chaotix and Team Dark stories, so yes.

Sonic Mania sold on hype like many games nowadays do.

They might be able to squeeze another game or two before they run out of ideas. Franchises need to grow and do different things otherwise they have no staying power.

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please don't respond to people spamming the same bait every thread

>/sthg/ is nothing but reposts now.

Reminder that you can and should filter posts based on text content


Just like Sonic games.

We're worse than Reddit now.

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What would be a good story that Flynn should have started off with?

AAR is a great writer and artist!

>Sonic IDW Issue 1: "Who impregnated Sonic?"

I did, thread looks much better now.


What about a plot about Eggman taking over the film industry and using it to mind control people?

Deep Lore

It turns out it was Eggman

Metal Sonic leading a robot uprising.

Look what you did /sthg/, you made Sonic cry!

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Do you like Maria?
Hard mode: no bullet or dead body jokes

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Sonic gets sent through history after Eggman starts trying to mess with it to rule the world.

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can I make a space aids joke?

She's a generic nice girl. She's basically Cream but a human and also dead. I don't hate her but I don't care about her either

Wait so does this mean you guys filter good day posts? :c

I like good day posts, so nah.

Sonic has to finish High School.


>IDW Sonic Issue 1: Sonic enters Green Hill Academy!

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No. The good day posts aren't annoying bait that attract shitpost responses

I like her.

make better games you little shit

I can make you feel better, Sonic!

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The majority of /sthg/ is /co/ pretending to have played the games.

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Sonic and Tails have to rescue Amy from a witchdoctor while they are vacationing in New Orleans.

i was at home eating ogorki when knuckles ring

'tails is die'


and you???????

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>boohoo Nathalie cover art
>boohoo Yardley
Literally you

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Good, fat little shit baby.

>define going "troo far"


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Yeah. Anything I see reposted more than 4 times gets filtered.

Sonic gameplay hasn't been critically acclaimed in decades. We like it as Sonic fans, but even then there is a huge group of people that hate boost/adventure/classic gameplay.

I honestly think Sonic has survived his long solely because of his design, his furry friends and the world design, or lack thereof.

Whoops meant for

>Amy will never realize that Sonic doesn't like her back
>Amy will never strive to grow stronger for herself
>Amy will never desire to be anything but the main character's girlfriend
>Amy will never become consistently useful to the group
>Amy will never have her own game where she works to invert all of the above
Actually mad and sad.

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>For sale

I ain't buyin' shit.

>there is a huge group of people that hate boost/adventure gameplay.

I assume everyone expected this.

You'll buy your niche clone characters and you'll like it.

Even if it's really funny and/or clever?

That would have been a good way to introduce Studiopolis

Wasn’t there supposed to be something new about the racing game shown today?

I'm sure there are some out there that resent classic gameplay because it predicates no Shadow, no voice acting, no real story and no real worldbuilding

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Change it to 'Modern Sonic Team's Classic Gameplay'.