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Previous Thread: >Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Farewell Launch Trailer

>Release Dates:
Episode 1 − ''Awake'' 31 August 2017 (Out Now)
Episode 2 − ''Brave New World'' 19 October 2017 (Out Now)
Episode 3 − ''Hell Is Empty'' 20 December 2017 (Out Now)
Bonus Episode: Farewell − 06 March 2018 (Out Now)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm features Chloe Price, a 16 year-old rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel’s world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes their newfound alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

Life is Strange is an episodic interactive drama from DONTNOD Entertainment. Set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Arcadia Bay, the player follows the story of Maxine Caulfield and her seemingly newfound ability to turn hella gay and rewind time. At the prestigious Blackwell Academy, Max must prepare with Chloe Price for the incoming storm of returning to her hometown after five years. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

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BAE > bay

BFFs, Pirates, Wonder Twins, Partners in Time & Crime & Love, Fellow Dorks, GFs, Wives.

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Lovely choice for an OP image.

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Chloe is #1

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My powers might not last, Chloe.
That's okay. We will, forever.

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We need more jeffongo art.

Jefferson x Bongo.

Always kiss the Price.

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ALWAYS kiss the Price.

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We /canon/ now!

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max x lisa best ship fite me bruh

always kiss the field

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Always was

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We've been /canon/ for two and a half years!

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Yeah but now we ultra double mega canon

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Before Episode 5's release:
>Lol Mari's theories're shitty.It's way more than shitty to become true
>Chloe has to die thing doesn't make sense.Don't worry they will come with unpredictable story
>We're gonna learn everything about Max's powers,Rachel and Prescotts even Nathan,spirit animals..
>Jefferson knows about Max's powers
>Nathan,Frank,David or Samuel's gonna save us
>Victoria's with Max,she'll save her
>(After seeing Cemetery scene from leaks) I'm sure it'll be Williams,Rachel's or Kate's grave.
>Rachel's the doe and Butterfly and probably we'll see her in Max's dream
>Blue Jay's Chloe

After Episode 5's release:
>Mari's shitty cliche theory became right
>We visited the SF art gallery for 3 seconds. FOR 3 DAMN SECONDS
>Jefferson became a silly bad guy from Disney
>David came to save us.He's a former-soldier but he can't even fight,just listens teenager's orders. Even he doesn't know she has some time travel powers.
>Victoria's with us in the dark room.Laying there and we can talk her or not.Just it.
>Nathan get killed,Victoria too
>Nathan knew something about the storm but they cut it.
>Warren explained Max's powers(!)(thanks warryn) We found out her power causes/related with Chaos Theory and storm.It's not like we didn't know or something.
>Storm is only coming for Bay because Chloe lives in there but Max's the one who keep changes the time
>Prescotts story erased.Nobody even mention their name.
>Rachel's story fucked too.She isn't or butterfly,bluejay just spiritualdoe
>Spirit animals thing died.Blue Butterfly's storm summoner just it.
>Chloe dies again in one of endings (unpredictable) It gives you a lesson: You shouldn't have used your power.And you shouldn't play this game.Now erase your choices and cry like a bitch.
>The other ending's short but it's less cliché than other.We saved Chloe,storm's hit the town and gone.That's it
>So, once again we got the fact that our ending always will be BAE>Bay

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Always was!


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Before BtS Episode 3's release:
>Devs: ''Intense episode is waiting for us.Be ready for it;);) There is a reason why we chose Tempest as major theme and you will find out;)''
>Don't worry, Deck9 won't disappoint us. They are better than Dontnod
>I love you Zak. Thank god, finally a developer who understands us!! What did we do to deserve him guyssss
>Sera is a witch. Ending is going to be awesome
>We will see how Damon got killed
>We will get our revenge from Skeevy guys too
>We will see Skip's concert too. Rachel and Chloe will go there yeeeyy
>All plot holes Dontnod left will all be answered.
>Beanie Queen Steph will get hug and also we will have advice scene ;);)
>They will not touch 3 years. They will keep their promises:) Unlimited happy endings are coming. 6 variations depending our choices with RACHEL HYPE CLOUD9

After BtS Episode 3's release:
>Deck9's worse than Dontnod
>Devs were bullshitting all along: Tempest? They forgot it. Poor Shakespeare is rolling in his grave right now
>Zak went full retard
>Nothing was cut:)
>Girls went full nun-mode and was giving each other cheek kiss and 0.1 sec cuddle scene in bed -even with cloud 9 intimacy
>Choices didn't matter
>Pedo Frank
>Frank pushes Damon out of screen. God knows how is he fucking dead
>Rachel spent almost the whole episode in that hospital bed
>Chloe was unconscious at the very intense moment
>Sera magically untied herself
>End choice didn't solve anything
>William went full Fast and Furious flashbacks.
>Even if Sera and Rachel reunite, Sera gtfos that town in one way or another
>They added credits scene out of nowhere - Rachel's ded - Chloe's still suffering. Technically, they were bullshitting about not touching 3 years either

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max invited her boyfriend to chloe's funeral

that's canon...

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This is a nice canon right here

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Always kiss the Price.

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Jefferson getting his cock sucked by Rachel is canon

As Max and Chloe are leaving the ruins of Arcadia Bay behind, there's one more tragic story unfolding
>Alice and Lisa stuck in Max's room, Alice hasn't eaten anything in days, the dorms are destroyed and no one comes looking for them
>"No one's gonna come save us, this is the end, we'll starve to death..."
>Alice...you can survive this and go back to your owner. All you have to do is... all you have to do is eat me."
>"What? No, fuck that. Lisa, you're my number one priority, I'm not eating you!"
>"Alice, think about it... how many times this week did you try to nibble my leafs? I'm a plant, Alice, you're a bunny, maybe it's time I accept my destiny... OUR destiny."
>"Lisa, I can't make this choice!"
>"No Alice, you're the only one who can"

>eat Lisa

>eat your own foot

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It's not MY canon.

and max has a side hoe called lisa

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I found more canon!

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Ashley Burch channeled her performance as Chloe Price from her brother Anthony Burch.
Life is Cuck.

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This is some nice canon

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Hella cute, anons.

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Kate a shit, btw

>Kate going to her first concert with Max and Chloe

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Chloe is incredibly pleased with herself that Kate liked the shirt that she bought for her.
Victoria almost passed out when she saw Kate walking to Max's dorm room with such a short skirt.

>Kate going to her first concert with Victoria

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>mfw reading this thread

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Why so angry at canon, user?

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Get this crackship garbage out of my face

user, even if it's a crackship, Chasemarsh is second only to pic related. Kindly fuck off.

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Who made you mod of this general? Go back to tumblr

>Shove this beautiful canon in my face
You got it

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This. ChaseMarsh is CUTE!

reminder to protecc this kutie from meanies

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Chasemarsh is LEWD

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Cutest girl in Arcadia Bay.

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ALSO cutest girl in Arcadia Bay.

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But that's not Dana's boobs!

Protect Kate at all kost.

Oh my goodness.


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gnight lisg
have a chloe

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Rachel pls

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Have a nice night, user!

Cutest girl with cutest girlfriend.

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night user!

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Good night.

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Another shot fired from the canon

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Not sure I've ever felt that gif as much as I do now.

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What's the matter user? Can't handle the canon?

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> You wake up in a jolt. The sun has already risen. Fantastic, another day late for work. Why didn't your alarm go off?
> Scrubbing your eyes with the heels of your hand, you notice something odd; a tattoo covering the entire lenght of your right arm.
> At closer inspection, it wasn't any ordinary tattoo. No, it was none other than Chloe Price's tattoo. The skull, the thorns, the butterflies... A perfect recreation of it.
> Your heart speeds up. You certainly don't remember drinking or anything last night. In fact, you remember clearly binge reading Life is Strange fanfics before going to bed. How in the world did this happen?
> You look around and finally realizes this place isn't your room. Although it's a place that, at this point, is almost as familiar to you as your own room: Chloe's room.
> What the fuck. This is gotta be one of those lucid dreams people talk about, right?
> Before you can climb out of bed to try and make sense of what's going on, you feel an arm wrapping around your waist.
> "It's too early, Chloe," the voice mumbles. It's a voice you would recognize anywhere, anytime. "Come back to bed."
> This can't be a dream. Her arm feels real, her voice feels real, the kiss she left on your back feels more real than anything.
> "You're right, Max." you say, feeling yourself starting to tear up. Hearing Chloe's voice coming out of your mouth makes your heart flutter. "You're a such a bad influence on me. It's hard being the responsible one in this relationship." she punches you lightly in the shoulder. You laugh in her hair.
> You barely spent a minute with her and this girl already made you laugh and smile like you haven't done in years.
> Perhaps this is a dream. Your biggest fantasy come true.
> It doesn't take long for you to go back to sleep, thinking about the adventures Arcadia Bay has in store for you and Max.

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I think that user had the right idea, probably best to just go to sleep until the amberprice and chasemarsh dykespammer gets bored

What is wrong with you? Don't equate the two omnipresent Rachel spammers with the Chasemarshers.

>amberspammer and Chasemarsh posters are the same
This general would be 10000000x better if you left and never came back.

Have a good night!

>he thinks there's a difference
Showing your bias

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There is a difference; the Chasemarshers don't constantly attempt to antagonize everyone else.

I love this greentext.

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>he doesn't get it
Oh user

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Oh, I get it, my friend.

Do you?

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The comfiest bun family.

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I saw it!

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Not Safe For Kate.

Maybe now I can do it right.

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I Don't Know What You're Talking About.

Do you?

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You finally did it, user, I am proud of you.

>being an antagonizing spammer
user pls

> "Hello." you clear your throat. "I am Max Caulfield." you can barely contain your excitement. It finally fucking happened.
> You didn't care how, or when, or why. All that mattered is that you're now in the body of Max Caulfield.
> You take Max's - rather, yours - camera and take a selfie. It's important to stay in character, after all.
> As the camera's shutter snaps, the door of your room flies open. The culprit's face and blue hair caught in polaroid. Always the photohog.
> "Wow," she says. "Did I just fucking photobomb your morning selfie? That's hilarious." not an ounce of guilty in her voice.
> Fuck. You're already shaking, you don't think you're prepared to interact with her already.
> "Good morning, by the way," she wraps her left arm around you. "I brought you goodies, courtesy of Chef Joyce," she shows you a bag she's been carrying with her other hand. It smells delicious.
> "What? Cat got your tongue?" she asks. You still feel unable to do anything. "Shame. I really liked that tongue of yours." she smirks, before landing for a kiss.
> Holy fuck. If you were nervous before, now you just feel like passing out. Chloe notices and pulls off.
> "Max, I'm starting to get worried here," you can't do this to her. "Talk to me," no, it's time to be everyday hero, Max. "Are you sick or-" you crash your lips into hers.
> You kiss her and kiss her and kiss her. And you don't forget to use that tongue she likes so much.
> Eventually, both of you are on the couch. You on top of her.
> You kiss her lips, her jaw, her ear, her neck, her beautiful neck. She tastes better than you ever imagined.
> You make a mental note to thank Joyce for the lovely breakfast.

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>things that will never happen

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I love you.

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Do you?

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Funniest post in this thread so far

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Do you?

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Oh! Interesting.

A bigger Beauty yet to come.

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