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Previous thread: >Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is out on PC and PS4

>Zwei 1 and 2 is out on PC, Steam, GoG and humble bundle

>Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 PC is out on Steam, GoG and humble bundle

Don't forget to support the games and spoiler the spoilers!

>Latest news

-Ys: Memories of Celceta coming to PC this summer

-Ao fan translation currently at 42% edited, release date still uncertain. The Geofront patch currently sits around 60% complete, and someone is working on patches for the leak on the Zero PC version.

-Ys 8 PC delayed once more, and patch fix released for consoles. Switch port also announced, and being worked on by Nis.

-Sen no kiseki 4 website revealed, release date to be around the end of September. Fair warning, it contains spoilers

-PS4 remasters of Sen 1 and 2 to release in March and April 2018, respectively

Pastebin (aka music): pastebin.com/G2mswYCt
Extra Stuff (Guides, downloads, undub patches): pastebin.com/n2G4xL5s

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Imagine being this salty.

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Brighten up!

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All those shitters could generate enough salt to get rid of every trails antagonist.

We're here to save Cold Steel from being a haremshitter series.

J-Just kidding.

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Is Hatsuu gonna leave Xseed now? :(

This has literally nothing to do with falcom you shitposting fucking retard

I wasn't expecting Fujiwara as Nial, but his voice fits him like a glove.

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Calvard when?

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Why is she called Estelle Bright if she's the least bright person in kiseki?

Umm... no sweetie, she's very bright.

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Silly Jusis, this is what you get for trying to seduce one of Rean's groupies.

The wrath of god will come down upon you for your heresy.

Oh, I know! What if it's just a brand name!? I can see it now... He is secretly the owner of McBurn's -- a fast food chain that serves official McBurn styled food!

And on the (Main) Menu:
Incandescent Hellfired Eggs -- 200 Mira

McBurned McNuggets --10 Mira (each)

McBurning spicy FishBurgers -- 400 Mira

McBurn deep fried Pom-on-a-stick -- 100 Mira

Zeram Capsule Pack (If you ever try to steal from our chain, and have to face off against the owner in a death match, you'll need this to survive against his Flames of Judgment!) -- $2.99

For dessert:
Cotton Candy (McBurn-ing hair-style) -- 300 Mira

Melted Ice Cream (was within 50 Arge of the Owner) -- 350 Mira

For Beverages:
Hot Lava (a refreshingly simple drink, guaranteed to light up your day!) -- 150 Mira

(Very) Hot Chocolate -- 250 Mira

Water -- Not for sale

And for the special:
Not-Crow Armbrust Meat Legs -- 50 Mira

And with any purchase of the above, you can have a side of:
Roasted Grianos -- for just two halves of a single Mira coin!

Note: And as always, we have the all-you-can-eat deal:
Here at McBurn's, you can eat as much as you like of all of our menu options -- for the low, low cost of 1 lengthy duel with McBurn!

Please enjoy your meal!

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I will sprout grey hairs by the time Ao comes out.

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56% right now, just be a little patient, it's moving along quickly enough.

>playing as shitty nuRean

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Model looks rough as hell.

Japanese corporate culture is so fucked

I wonder how many Falcom employees have been worked to death

>shit animation
>game takes a long time to release unless its reused asset episodes
Nah Falcom employees are casual and slackers

Death to haremshitters.

Twintails Alisa > normal Alisa.
Tempted to try to mod her in to replace Rean for a whole playthrough.

It was never meant to be outside of testing phase, so that's probably why.

But who would you romance?

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>that chuuni description

Alisa, of course. Selfcest is best.

How involved is the modding for the games? Still the same as it was, even for simple character swaps?

I have no idea. Just found someone posting shit on steam forums

Millium best girl.



Dead OP for a dead general

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Give me Ao or give me death.

Just go play Persona 3 if you want death so much, bakadomo

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La creatura...

Jusis putting his 401K into the Millium stock after the events of CS2.

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I like Rean!

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I like bullying Rean.

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I don't get your retardation. Ao is currently around that percentage in editing.

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Agate is still going to fucking jail.

Lolis are free game in Erebonia

Thank Aidios

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He's coming back to Liberl to pay for his crimes.

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Queen Klaudia will lower the age of consent.
She will arrange a marriage with a cute young shota, too.

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Finally someone updated it.

Crow should switch places with Fie though.

We need a Skies version. Estelle would probably be right in the center.

who the fuck is that supposed to be next to sara. that ain't fie

It's Fie in the opening movie for CS2.

Can anyone explain this meme to me
I am not american

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He's on Geocuck's shit list for making the PC version 100% playable and enjoyable before their patch in 2027.

anchor post

Ries needs to be in more games

The children are those demanding fast food of the popular worldwide brand "McDonalds," and yelling their demand at the parents. The responses are given based on characters' personalities if they were the parents in such a situation, either saying that they will not stop for fast food because they have food at home, joining in with the children yelling and affirming they're getting McDonalds, or trolling the children by stopping there but not getting them anything.

There's not enough food to fill her

Kevin's already going broke, don't make him suffer more.

>not full on mcdonalds

I know they need someone for the meme but Jusis would never troll children like that.

Who is good with children in crossbell?

But she'd also be mildly offended that they don't want to try her cooking instead. And she may retaliate by punishing the brats.

Renne would be in the middle between Coffee and McDonalds.

What if the child were Millium?

Ellie. Maybe Randy, maybe Lloydo

She's a girl of taste.

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Why is Rixia so boring

He'd get his coffee and drive away. 15' he'd drive back and get her everything she wanted.

Elie and Cecil are the obvious choices but most of them should do well.

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>Ao editing is faster than Zero
Really makes me think. Just fucking release the game if all you do is "edit"

Maybe you should think cause zero and ao's editing is not the same thing.

Reminder of who are the best girls in the Kiseki series

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The Ao editers don't spend all their time shitposting in Discord and translating interviews then a few months later realise they need to pretend they've actually been editing so release a fake update, which takes longer and longer as they get closer to 100% with nothing to show for it.

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Whos the actual people translating for Zero/Ao? I only know Zerker

I'm thinking of putting together a list of why Geofront are terrible people with evidence.
So far I'm thinking
>ambiguity about crediting the guy who actually translated the damn thing
>general discord antagonism towards criticism
>attention whoring
>refusal to collaborate with others and release information on how to hack 60 fps to the guy that is currently working on making a functioning Zero PC patch
What else?

Hi Guren

As far as I'm concerned they're both shitty people. But there's a difference between just editing into english and editing something into xseed flair. Of course one would take more than the other so it's a useless comparison and complaint.

Guren's like the only person in this mess who was chill even though he had the most reason to be a drama queen.

Not an argument.

A man of integrity, I see.

This but unironically.

Unironically, Valimar is my husbando.

t. Laurakek

Guren actually doesn't give a damn. He's chill as hell.

Hello Geocucks, you can stop trying to false flag so you can cap screenshots to virtue signal over.

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Translation never.

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What, did machine translation finally fail you?

I'm not the guy who keep parroting about how great machine TL is though. I do use it to check for context in case the phrasing is simple, but i don't use it for complex stuff.

one day

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Give it to me straight: is the translation for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ good enough to be worth buying?

Buy it when its on sales

>shitty translation
>no dub
pirate it

The translation is fine, but the game is shit.

This. Shitty cold steel ripoff deserved no money

If you can bear with the *chortle*'s

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>shitty cold steel ripoff
>shitty shit ripoff
Redundant desu.

I'd wait for sales too. The translation is typical aksys but the game is fun.

No, it's not that great. Aside from memes, Cthulu references, and *chortle*, characters' unique personalities are inadequately conveyed by the text. Hopefully your years of listening to nip will help you in that aspect.

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