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So is Raul dead or just on the boat?

Kill yourself.

Morgan's mom looks like THAAAAAT?!

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Post your bunnies from last year and this year.

Are you content with them? I certainly am.

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>Remove Robin
>Replace him with Celica
>Make Lucina a Marth skin
>Add just one more character from Heroes/Switch
There's literally nothing wrong with this.

posting better moms

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report and ignore discord shitters trying to keep the shitposter relevant.

Hold up. Morgan is the LITTLE sister. When bringing up someone's mom you should use the eldest. Therefore...
>Severa's mom looks like that

I read somewhere that he got banned

>Got Sharena in 15 orbs
>Spend another $120 trying for Titty Ninja
>Didn't even get her

Fuck this game. After the colorless dragon I'm unlinking my credit card.

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Dumb Redditor. It'd be unironically better if they just cut Robin and waited for DLC season to introduce FE16's lord. Celica a shit.

what makes you say cordelia is morgan's mom?

Powercreeps Robin

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Why does she lack her belly button?

Felicia is the cutest! Holding her in my arms! Giving her little kisses on her cheek! Whispering sweet things to her! Holding her soft hand and going everywhere together! Falling asleep while cuddling her! I love Felicia!

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I want to be Morgan and Severa dad

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Cumming in boots

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>Thracia banner
We're getting the second most boring Lord as what will probably be an Infantry Sword, his boring girlfriend as a Staff Horse that won't be as good as Elise, and a Brave Lance Cav that will be worse than Oscar. It's not looking good.


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Did you get what you wanted?

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Who can use water sweep?

Killed by the cartels trying to roll his wife.

got this in my reroll, should i keep?
Bunny catria +res -hp
karel +atk -res
lissa +hp -def

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It’s there. Just that the 3D model isn’t high-def enough to make it stand out

When going through colorless hell I got a +Atk/-HP Felicia. Are those IVs good or does she want +Spd?

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Legendary heroes have never been super minmaxed but they have been above average to extremely solid.
I doubt she'll be as incredible as Grima but she'll be good for certain.

Celica a BEST!

Man I used up 430 (f2p) orbs getting Sharena
I'm just happy I got her

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>Ploys: Works if the opponent has less Res, if they have more Res, they likely don't have much Def and thus, easier prey for physical foes
>Chilling Seal: Works on whichever opponent has the lowest Def, which are usually mages, cripples their Atk and Spd to make them less threatening, has no range requirement
>Chills: No range requirement, weakens the respective stats, so whoever is the tankiest gets a blow to their tanking ability, whoever's the strongest will do less damage, and so on
>Huginn's Egg: No range requirement, works on whichever opponent has the lowest Res, if they have low Res then they likely have good stats elsewhere, the -Atk and Def debuff will cripple their offense and tanking ability
>Muninn's Egg: No range requirement, works on whichever opponent is the slowest, if they're slow then they likely have good stats elsewhere, the -Atk and Res debuff will cripple their offense and will make them more susceptible to mages

Did I get this right?

What if Legendary Robin isn't as good as Legendary Grima?

On-time thread right here, lads, don't bother with autistic Kempfagnigger

he's just lurking in /v/ and making Tharja threads to sustain himself

How much money?

Wow. He's kind underwhelming.

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He's banned for a month but has conceded on /v/ threads to be posting here on user. Hear that mods? POSTING ILLEGALLY AND BAN EVADING.

He's pretty easy to suss out. Just look for literally any cipher image with its original twitter filename. Avoid /v/ FE threads and refrain from making them to deprive him of wasting time on Veeky Forums period.

I'm hoping for Finn to have a powercreep Brave Lance but with the name "Finn's Lance." His brave lance was a bit different after all, it gave him +10 Lck in FE5


>+Spd -HP Buninja

This is a solid enough spread, right? A little fragile but it should be better than +Atk given her stats, isn't it?

I was thinking of giving him Reposition, Moonbow, Fury, Vantage, and Drive Spe. Does that sound good?

I-is that a bulge?

Yes. Valflame needs a refine.


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>make Lucina a Marth skin
You do know that it basically takes no time to make a clone, right?

>All of the above: don't matter

>that penis
That’s a father

>Legendary Ike is a powercreeped Ike
>Legendary Ephraim is a powercreeped Ephraim
>Legendary Grima is a powercreeped Grima

hump sharena endlessly

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So he'll get -1 cool down?

Smashfags care more about slots than actual movesets

What's wrong with him?

What would they even give it?

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+def -speed Snacko or +speed -def snacko?

Like 2 dollars to finish my 8th roll

Your ninjabbit is optimal if it is +spd and -anything that isn't attack.
Go wild.

Forgot about Valflame, same with Weirding Tome, though they both fit under the Ploy description

The Chills feel like Ploys but better, even if you can't always control how and when it activates, it's always gonna be active on someone.

They'll in FEH before Marth gets an alt

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I love this bunny!

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I want Male Robin to strip

Not him
But extra bonus damage like Gunnthra tome would be nice

Damn my super bunbun pal looks like that?

I rather have benchfonso and my best friend.

Chrom pls


When should we get another Feh Channel? By the end of this month?

How about something like +5Def/+5Res or +4Res/+4Spd or +5HP/+5Res?

I did it bros

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If your waifu had a penis, would you still love her?
Camillafags don't reply, we already know what your answer is.

Compared to Nino and other bladetome users, he's an underwhelming. He's still good for a red mage though.


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Vantage Wary Fighter (for opponent only) at all levels of HP so Arvis can canonically always ambush you.

>Chill Res adds 28 damage on Olsen's initiation

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Which FE girls do you think are hairless downstairs? Which ones do you think have a landing strip or a full on bush?

Asking for a friend, of course

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>powercreeping an Armor Dragon with 175 BST

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I'd rather every homo from smtxfe make it in first, and I hate that idolshit.

Haven't they always used Feh Channel to unveil Hero Fests? If so, Golden Week is coming up so maybe there will be one in a few weeks.

If one of them wields a staff I honestly wouldn't be too bothered
I'm just desperate for a new staff unit

Being a red mage make you instantly underwhelming though

0x4 is still 0x4 in the end.

full ploy 3 effect for starters and hopefully either more res so he can proc it more or something to boost his damage

But on the other hand, the lack of control is a weakness of Chill.

I still run Atk Ploy on Soren because Chill Atk is situational at times, and it's pretty much guaranteed to hit a fag like Grima or Effie if your opponent has them on a team when you'd rather have them hit another unit, especially a unit with actual movement.

That wouldn't mesh well with a Brave Lance I think.

>Sharena used to be my wife
>That voice acting on her Seasonal Alt

Killed my boner. Laejgarn is my new wife.

So who is the cutest Horse/Pegasus/Wivern

I know Fire Emblem Warriors is a hot topic here, but when Darios "died" he fell into an outrealm portal.

Do you think we'll see him in Fire Emblem Switch, or is he dead forever RIP RIP.

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I'm thinking it's gonna be less powercreep and more the other side of the coin. While Grima is a Def tank Robin will be the Res tank instead.

I just want L'arachel or Fae to get my Renewal 3

What's wrong user? You don't like your super bun-bun pal Sharena anymore?

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-1 cooldown and no Spd penalties?


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Please help me decide. Do I go Swift Sparrow or Fury? I also have a Sothe but LaD seems like it makes her too squishy to when she has no color advantage to cushion a return hit against anything.

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I would fucking love that, but wouldn't that be too good?

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I would have married Gandolf if I were Aideen. He seems like a good guy.

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I hate how a decently cool character has to be attached to Warriors, he didn't deserve this.

Yeah, that's true. Man, red mages suck.

Where are the Warriors... ahem... custom animations? Link pls