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based edition

WoW Token Price:

Blood of Sargeras to gold:

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Unless shit changes, Shaman, Disc and Paladin will be the only healers worth a damn.

why the fuck do they whiny so much about fuckin socializing in this game? its hard enough in real life why do i need a fuckin friend or relationships in game also?

>people who procrastinated grinding out the racial kills in WoD or just doing Ashran achievements in general
as if they'd become any easier with time

gz pezado

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Because it's an MMO you faggot.

Is it me or do mages suck in Legion?


am i cute anons?

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fuck you and your mmo, you cant tell the difference betwenn a player and a bot anyway thats why the AH is inflated with herbs

it takes a special kind of autism to call yourself based and then congratulate yourself

>I am your favorite Windrunner sister, right?

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no youre undead

What's wrong with MW? Disc will be mandatory because Blizzard only has two settings for absorbs, useless or broken OP.

Need a name for a worgen warrior

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Illidan or Tich?
Want to look into flipping the AH.

thank you

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That would explain why ignore pain made warriors OP at the start of legion and after the nerfs they're one of the worst tanks

thanks you so much i got it last year

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Post >yfw playable ally sneks never ever

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epic dragon cock in my tight female panda ass


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It's really a shame in Disciplines case cause Legion Disc is stupid enjoyable but the outcry from people used to being a mandatory raid spot and just afk spamming PW:S is obviously too strong.

at least this will keep me entertained for the next month
if i don't kill myself first that is

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which one is that

Check your emails, bros.

Looks like they sent another batch of alpha invites.

redpill me on the warlords of dranor race kill titles

This is an item from the new raid right?

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>farms useless shit
>wants to kill himself
just stop


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>jaina fucked a death knight and a dragon
>wouldnt fuck a blood elf
What the fuck is this bitches problem??

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lol i got an invite

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>make level 100 class trial
>take character on the quest plus main to the same graveyard
>log on class trial, alt-f4
>log on main, kill class trial alt
>repeat 4 or so times until you start getting really log rez timers on the alts
>take a 10 minute break so the rez timer fades away
>rinse and repeat
no i want that fucking title for my mag'har real bad

Playing Pandaren isnt so bad

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list of awful characters NO ONE likes

>huln highmountain

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ready to jump ship off moon guard and go to a server with a remotely decent normal/heroic raid scene
pill me on your favorite server, /wowg/
NA, Alliance, Warlock

being a degenerate whore indeed

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What 1-60 zones for Alliance are the absolute fastest to level with? I've had my fun, now I just want to get to Outland and be done with this shit.

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first time tanking lfr pantheon


>create a perfectly normal human mouth
>add tusks that serve no purpose and makes them unable to close their mouth
Forsaken will forever be the best race

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Good taste.

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the blue one

I like Broxigar

Can't find a class that doesn't make me wanna die.

>just kill your alt 500 times 4 times at a time every 10 minutes
user, i mean this in the most unironic way possible: please seek help

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the dead one? ewwww

There is nothing wrong with dragon/human relations, it is the purest form of love.

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can you do this quest in bgs? or only dranor outdoor

>tusks that serve no purpose
This is why I can't play a Troll that isn't a druid or wearing a full helmet. The tusks are just hanging there, like someone put a plastic toy over some of their teeth. They're not connected to the skull in a way that would actually work, nor do they look sturdy enough to be useful for anything. Vol'jin falling and snapping one so easily is proof of how badly designed they are.

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>something that never happened is the purest form of love

only outdoor draenor and ashran, and nobody does ashran anymore; i was in the ashran queue last week for 6 hours and it didn't pop
which means if you're on a pvp server you can still gank people (good luck finding non-allied races these days though, nevermind rarer races like pandaren, gnomes and goblins) and if you're on a pve server you have no option but to kill trade

I’ve liked Kalecgos since the manga.

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mferaldragon x fhumanoidrace = otp

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>search /wowg/
>4 threads

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>shamans have to follow a code of honor to be able to use the elementals to fight
>mages can summon them without any effort

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>Find the right one anyways
good post

Really dislike how some classes don't even use their weapons.

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>your taste is wrong!!!

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really dislike how i dont even see my weapons as fuckin ww

Don't hit on me silly boys~

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>tfw your favorite race can't be your favorite class


because /wowg/ eats bait like a femkul'tiran eats mage food

post mounts pezado will NEVER EVER HAVE

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someone post a girl geting fucked doggystyle

What class should my new forsaken be?

>tfw had a buyer get four runs across his alts because he wanted all the colors

but why do you do this to me?

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West fall at 15 -red ridge - both stranglethorns - lochmodan - burning steppes with as much dungeons as possible


>pretends he's hot shit
>can't handle getting out-mounted
someone's gotta remind you of your place, mountlet

It's bugged.
The elite orcs will ignore your camouflage and rape your ass unless you bring a 110 to oneshot them.

>leave the avatarfag thread up
the state of these janitors

Were you just not playing at the time?

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Don't worry Pezado. They say those mounts you'll never ever get, but even if they have them, I bet you still have more mounts than the fags in this general.

>male human warrior

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I don't like pezado.

Jaina only ever fucked Arthas you retarded NTRfags.
My waifu is pure.

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Strong and thick Dragon dick.

Shit still makes me mad. Fucking Arthfag didn't deserve her.

>This guy
You must have been corpse camped by one if you're this crazy to keep mentioning them.

why didnt she get preggor?

Now that the dust has settled, what were the best Legion bosses?

Etraeus and Maiden of Vigilance will forever have a place in my heart.

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Arthas has a needle dick and could barely get it up in the first place.

am i wasting my time with a prot warrior? Tanking is kinda fun but stressful

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can anyone verify this

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she did
read chronicles 3

>some guy is trying to reset crit gem market
>i literally have 1000s in the bank
>I just keep relisting at a decent price for over 300 crit gems til he stops
>hes probably now sitting on 800 crit gems and will be forced to sell them at a loss
God this feels amazing.

i cant read please help

>he doesnt know

you can play Cataclysm m8