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DLC + Big update launches March 28th
Broly trailer youtube.com/watch?v=6YtBve_4ZBM
Bardock trailer youtube.com/watch?v=74lI_ck-GIc
Sonifox vs Goichi runback March 22
Bardock and Broly live stream demo March 23

MUST READ Reasources pastebin.com/Q9eDXF2j

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females monkey as DLC

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Why is this allowed??

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>crossup super dash

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>more saiyan filth in this game

Anyone have this image from last thread? I couldn't download it for some raisin.

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You're a voraephile

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It's still there

I just fought a Yamchad, I was TeenChadHan, which one of you fuckers was it?

there is so much bullshit ass stuff you have to hold in this game ahhhh

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we need push block in this game and super armor from 16 moves removed
shut up fag

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the vegeta runbacks are the most hype moments to watch for me

what is push block?

When you block and attack, you and push a button to push the enemy back a bit. Marvel had it, so it's kinda dumb this game doesn't

we do my guy

Reflect isn't pushblock, get that shit outta here

Use Reflect.

this isnt marvel

it's genuinely insane they actually sell fighting games on the xbone, that dpad is literally unusable if you don't have baby hands

advancing guard/push block is when you under bullshit pressure and blocking you press the the attack buttons push your oponent away from you while blocking
reflect is not push block, retard
watch this


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Dear God thank you
It's broken for me

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>3v3 with real time tag and assists
>assist with multi hit projectile is top tier
>character with insane pressure is top tier and makes you block for 10+ seconds
>character that does damage out of the ass for free is top tier
>most of the cast is turning into useless piece of shit in high rank because of the broken 6
>ginyu has a move that ignores the combo break rule just like how some characters break the combo rules of the game like Doom after using TAC
>this isn't marvel
marvel is the father of air dashers and anime. you liking it or not

I'm glad you saw it, I tidied it up a bit and made it more focused on the game than the anime (while leaving in juicy bits).

>reflect is not push block, retard
Nobody cares. Use Reflect you bitch.

not even pros use that shit because it always gets punished. no point in using a useless mechanic

>Super Armor is 16's problem
Thank fuck you're not in charge of balancing. Just make him unable to get a Hard Knockdown with 236L/M in a combo and he's suddenly fine because his oki options become a lot less frequently used.

ok different user here, it's not useless as a defensive mechanic but it leaves a lot to be desired since many pressure strings even if you reflect in the gaps they can just continue the string and be right back in your face forcing you to block again OR if you mashed reflect too many times you get punished. stagger strings really fuck with reflect too. some setups on wakeup though are completely nullified by teching in the right direct and reflecting immediately though. also you cant reflect in blockstun.

i would much rather have pushblock honestly. im still a shitter though so anyone can chime in correct me.

>that insanely autistic rant from ChrisG just now


>marvel is the father of air dashers and anime.
wouldnt that be darkstalkers

link me a clip


Technically Marvel came first because X-Men vs Street Fighter was Capcom wanting to test the waters for a lot of the mechanics in Darkstalkers. I honestly don't remember if X-Men vs Street Fighter had airdashing. I just wanted to be a pretentious faggot.

Nigga, don't leave me hanging like that, what did he said?

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Was it as good as the one after a Haggar bodied him online in Marvel Infinite during the couple months that game wasn't 100% dead?

>every match is taking forever now

Why is the """"neutral""""" in this game so wack?

SonicFurry Vs GoItchy exhibition match when?

XvsSF had Air dash, yes. magneto has a loop using it

no one wats to be trapped into 20 seconds of blockstrings that leads into death, user

source us up senpai

someone called me an idiot for liking the cutscenes in story mode and i think they are really funny and demand an apology



It's just some autist who keeps posting really edgy shit in this general for whatever reason, just ignore him.

He's right though. cutscenes are cringey af

In one hour.

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is sonicfox still going to run that team?

Who knows. Maybe he's been hyperbolically training with Kid Buu and Beerus for the past few days.

another ft10? not wasting time watching it

first to 5 this time

I really like the neutral coming from street fighter and MK/Injustice. Shit is crazy.

shit fox has a chance

Sonic basically said he wants to lab out an A.Gohan/Kid Buu/Beerus team, but I doubt that he's had enough time to figure that team out to the point where he's confident against GO1 with it. Maybe he opens with that team and tries to get the surprise factor, switching off once he takes his first loss.

Reminder that GO1 was ready for SF's team since Koji KOG plays it.

Yeah, the additions are great. I swear to god making that meme cursed me because now I see Bluegeta every other game and they all do the exact same shit.

You can't block forever

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grab into yamcha for more kicks?

One day you're gonna get nerfed. And when that happens, I'm gonna be stronger than you.

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im gonna grind the ginyu infinite just so i can use it to kill agohans. then im gonna ragequit. fuck this character.

how do i make the most of my lab time?

think outside the box

Don't just practice your most optimized combos, record the computer doing something and practice how to counter it

>Vegeta is the Goku of this game

Well I just got to Supreme Kai yesterday and most of the Bluegetas didn't even have Yamcha. I think it was just me getting tired of seeing the exact same
triple kick -> vanish -> ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN -> Niagara Pummel at the end of every single basic combo. I think he's probably the character I've fought the most if not Hit, who at lower ranks always leads with a 5M or 5H because "hurr durr it teleports me to them" like I've never seen that shit before.

Anyone excited for the Sonicfox vs GO1 runback in 20 min? Yipes and Matrix are commentating. I havent been hearing much about this.

I'm excited to see how they adapt to one another after playing 22 games in the space of a weekend (even if the record is currently GO1 16-6 SF).

Practice blockstrings and confirms out of those blockstrings with random block with the cpu

>yipes and matrix
Who is even streaming it? Any idea?

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I guess the stream in this image


Ah didn't notice. Thanks.

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It's the grand opening of the esports arena. Idk how big of a deal this is.

I'm a blugeta main and it is situational when you do that but I doubt people that play him notice that.

If you have your back to the corner it is better to do the combo you said, but if you have them with their back to the corner, I normally just do EX grab into assist combo. Then I set up oki or if they up tech, I medium grab.

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As a guy who plays Bluegeta while cool looking Niagara Pummel does nothing for me so I call Yamcha/either Gohans for assist for kicks into Final Flash

Snatching niggas at the start of the match is great isn't it?

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Holy shit this matchamaking is awful today. Anyone else having issues on PS4?

DBZ starts at 830pst now? wtf.

>Snatching niggas at the start of the match is great isn't it?
It always puts a smile on my face.

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when the fuck is this match i gotta go to work in the morning

8:30 pst it got pushed back for some reason

Got delayed for another hour and a half

>stream delayed
>some faggot playing Normienite

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well fuck that i'm going to bed


please get some rest and wake up early to watch openrec.tv/user/dbfzkoushiki

FUCK the frieza force

he played kid buu + beerus for a long time before slowly shifting into his Hit-led team. I doubt he'll pull out Gohan but he's definitely confident enough with Kid Buu to pull him out if he thinks it'll surprise him.

Nerf majin buu

Right, I forgot that he had Kid Buu on that 18 team he was using at first. Black/Hit/16 just became synonymous with him.

>it's a everyone in matchmaking is afk day
Holy fuck, give me the option to avoid matchmaking with people that aren't auto accept.

On that esports stream while they were showing a player for whatever the fuck they're playing now you can see somebody labbing out a Kid Buu/Frieza team in the background.

Kid Buu/Frieza/18

Piccolo wishes his SBC could warp around like Hit's warping.

Seriously, what's that short hop good for?

>frieza clan rank
>blue color
I need help, it is my favorite color but I'd rather at least be dark green, team is piccolo/vegeta/tien

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>be me
>go to ring party match
>red is dominating the king of the hill
>patiently queue up and wait for my chance to fight him
>finally get my fight
>having a really good match against him
>beat his first two and he's left with Vegeta
>actually almost manages to get a comeback on me but I end up winning it out
>was a really fun match
>hit rematch
>match starts
>basically even, I have more meter to work with and he has more life
>we both have 2 characters left
>see a chance and do a super dash with assist covering me
>gonna try a crossup after the superdash ends
>host shut down the lobby
>"damn, that was a good fight"
>say "Nice!" with the stamp thing
>no reply
>see someone else made a lobby
>try to join it in the hopes that my opponent joins me for a rematch
>stuck on the "connecting..." screen for several minutes
>while I'm waiting to connect I see that he makes his own 2 man ring match
>quit out of my ring match after waiting forever to join and try to join his 1v1 ring match
>by the time I quit out he exits his ring match and queues up to the ring match I had just left
>rejoin ring match
>end up getting him 1v1 anyway
>say "nice!" again but tell him "let's make this the last one!"
>match starts up and I start off pretty strong, but he starts making rounds
>his Cell keeps shredding my point and mid but he's down to 1 and a half life bars altogether
>nail him with a Beerus combo that kills
>very close and fun match
>as soon as I move in for some heavy damage...
>DBFZ has crashed! PSN would like to send an error report to sony!
>mfw don't even remember that guys name to message him or send him a rematch request
Man this sucks. They were such good fights, too.

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Jiren DLC when?

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You mean Broly? 28th this month.

krillin's projectiles need a buff

I hope tragicbackstoryman never gets into this game

But Trunks is already in the game.

this shit still not up yet?

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they're having ANOTHER match?

no but thanks for the reply

tl;dr - had a good match but couldn't finish it because the host quit out and then the program crashed.