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>Where do I get games
>What is the best emulator for...

Check out the wiki for the emulator you're using if you run into trouble, there may be a solution there too, often including recommendations for optimal game settings.

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Have you tried the vertex rounding setting?

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This is what emulation feels like

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Why are redditors such complete fags?

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Has anyone ever set up gta2 (PC version) to run on Android? I set up Wine but it won't work, apparently not compatible with Oreo yet.

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Dude. Hitting women is not cool.

They're trannies, it's fine.

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Oh, alright. Hit them extra hard.

Is there any way to get Citra out of this full screen? I've gone full retard and can't find a way

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Why won't Mesen add more mappers?

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As a note, mashing escape doesn't work.

I'm sure there's a payment option in there somewhere.

Retard crisis adverted, carry on.

Be thankful It hasn't locked your computer and started asking for bitcoins yet.

Nintendofags are worse. They literally defend a corporation that constantly rips them off.

>not posting solution for future anons
We're not cavemen


N64 FPGA when?


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Huh,works fine if you open the image in another window.

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What discord is this?


It was posted in a heg thread a few weeks ago but just some screenshots i compiled into 1 and no link to that discord.All I know for sure is that ScrisM posts there.

Is it worth using a frontend or should i just not care?

When in the fuck is libretro gonna fix parallel?

Where the fuck has lardlad fucked off to in going to fix it? Eating too much poptarts?

>When in the fuck is libretro gonna fix parallel?
lord knows

>Where the fuck has lardlad fucked off to in going to fix it?
Didn't they kick him out?

Whats everyone emulating?

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>hrn.. never seen anything like this before, Gromit.

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Seems so, they couldn't tolerate the crazy so they kicked him out. Would help if he offs himself.

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That game has alot of issues,Dolphin devs should really comb them all out

Glavenus is one of my favorite monsters

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If only all texture packs were this good. I only have minor gripes with this one, it's basically perfect which is amazing considering Zelda nostalgia mustn't be tampered with and all that.

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Skies of Arcadia HD and Xenoblade HD are also nice I think.I really like that pack.

>want to emulate SSX Tricky but it runs like garbage on dolphin even though SSX3 runs great
>want to emulate Baldurs gate but it is a literal trash heap on dolphin
>want to emulate the original xbox but i can only dream
i guess i'll stick to pga tour 05 until i finish the career at least once for old times sake

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>Xenoblade HD
Wasn't a fan at all. The original textures weren't so bad and the updated ones(faces and UI) looked amateur to say the least.

Now if only they didn't require Rice or Glide, take several minutes to load, and the game didn't still run at

>in modern times
It was hard to tolerate back then too, actually. Especially with the Nshitty4 controllers degrading so easily, that strange input lag (blamed on DRAM I think?), and the vaseline VI filter. Nevermind the textures and framerate, just seeing and playing the game itself was hard.

Which hack is that? The sprites are nice.

>>want to emulate Baldurs gate
Fucking why? It's a PC game.

>>want to emulate the original xbox but i can only dream
What game though? Most have playable ports. Just wanting to emulate the XBOX for its own sake is gay.

is this the power of citra?

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I see no problem with warn/kick/banning those who use [verified as shit] dumps from a support forum or similar.
For piracy in general it would be pretty fuckin' gay. But for bad dumps whatever. If they don't learn to avoid bad dumps after their first (couple?) warnings then they're not going to be very useful to anyone else.


maybe i want to play the gamecube version, it's not like i'm already playing planescape torment or anything to get my fix

if i could find my old game collection i would tell you more but currently
Sega gt 02
Amped 1 / 2
Forza 1
MechAssault 1 / 2
Unreal Championship 1 / 2
i just want to beat games i never got to play much of as a kid

i wish my shit computer could run it this smooth, i literally have the game physically but goddamn that resolution makes it 10x more comfy on the eyes

Pokemon Deneb/Pyrocon
Its now 6 gym demo,japanese romhacks are always the best to me.And 2nd is actually spanish hacks.

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How stable are the dual/triple core recompilers for CEMU? Still shit?
What about having to manually bind cores to logical CPUs for hyper threading?

Aw heck, I don't speak moon.
I'm currently enjoying the English translation of Vega and, while I understand that story in a Pokemon game isn't particularly important, quite liked the provided synopsis of the game's prequel games and the unimportant dialog and flavor text adds quite a bit to the overall atmosphere.
I could get along without all of that, but I'd like to know whether an attack is effective, whether status moves either missed or are simply ineffective, the effects of any newly added items, and obviously where to go and what to do next.

Here's hoping for an English translation soon.

What are some good Jap romhacks?

Should Denuvo be put in emulators to prevent people using pirated games?

Yes. As you know, /emugen/ does not condone piracy.

Didn't stop Cemu.

Until lardcunt stopped cracking it.

Nah, just wait for 'mark of the beast' tier chips to implant into every single person individually.
Then we can lock people out of using software they haven't rented at the moment. Because you know, there's no point in selling a permanent license to accessing software when you can just make them pay constantly.
I mean it's not like they'll own it anyway. They're already just renting access, with digital distribution TOS.

We could probably do the same with images too, on a global scale. Connect all image files to the identity chip and make people pay the original owner to decode them all. That way even posting them on sites like Veeky Forums can be profitable.
We could have free DRM infested data scoured across the internet easily accessible that requires identity chips to use.
This is truly the way forward for preservation and copyright!

>We could have free DRM infested data scoured across the internet easily accessible that requires identity chips to use.
*Purchasing access with the identity chips to use.

Is there a way to mod in the JP voices for Smash on Cemu?


How? I want to change the voice files for Smash 4 but I can't find them anywhere in the Smash folder. Also can't find a single guide on how to do this online.

I dunno.

Vesperia perfect emulation when

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how the fuck did you get mh xx translated to work on citra, I have tried for days and can't find a way to do it

Altair(Complete,English patch exists,prequel to Vega)
Vega(Complete,English patch exists)
Pyrocon/Deneb(6 gyms,Japanese only)
Shadow Specter(complete,chinese only)

Others(not sure if completed)


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>Not deinterlaced

So where's Dolphin's big surprise?

PM'ed you the link ;)

Are we expecting it?

Going by the punctuality of their progress reports, no.

The big thing that's gonna be in the next regression report is the async shader compilation they're letting their boy stenzek push through.

didn't they have some huge press release how they solved shader stuttering with ubershaders? What happened to that?

pauls-gh is on the case.

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Why are these still unmerged?
Is it really entirely up to that one Mayiley whatever bitch that's deadly afraid of users choosing THE (obviously) WRONG options?


>chinese only

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Looks like there's a civil war going on. With that delusional tranny leading the charge against more options.

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But why is there a civil war AGAINST options? I don't get it.

>why are betas sucking up to the closest thing to a woman that will even talk to them

I can't imagine.

async shaders are bad and have no reason to exist in mainline dolphin. If people want that disgusting shit they should use ishiiruka. But of course some dolphin devs hate ishiiruka so much that they're willing to destroy dolphin to lure a couple users away from it.

I blame Apple

It's a completely valid choice to opt for missing graphics, over complete momentary lockup on the first load of shaders, or drastically increased performance requirements with exclusive ubershaders. Until hybrid is fixed to actually work right on all drivers anyway.
Especially with a shader cache to start with, which would guarantee almost all relevant graphics already load fine, so you could guarantee zero lockup/stutter for the rest.

But that's beside the point.
Adding options does not ``destroy'' programs in any way.
Just because you disagree with their usefulness does not mean they are immediately invalid. Otherwise you'd have things like increased internal resolution removed because it's inaccurate to real hardware, and there is no shortage of people who agree with that.

If Dolphin were good, people wouldn't be desperate for an alternative. You don't see emulators like PPSSPP, Mesen, mGBA, getting forked. Because there's no need.

I haven't paid much attention to the people running Dolphin, but recently they've gotten really bad about removing features rather than improving much of anything. To the point where monthly progress reports have seemingly become biannual in order to accumulate meaningful additions and fixes.

I have to ask, why is everyone looking for this literally-who-tier "MayImilae" person's permission before doing anything? Did they bring Dolphin's progress to a screeching halt? Who are they? Why are they now suddenly in charge? Aside from demanding features be removed and denying commits from being merged, what do they really bring to the development of the emulator? Why am I supposed to care if you "really don't like" a feature that people have not only requested and have chosen to use an outdated fork just because it has said feature, but that someone re-wrote and properly implemented for you?
Surely they've not been given a position of power simply because they think they may or may not want to have a vagina but not really just keep paying attention to me, right?

It's funny. Ishiiruka also solves
through texture scaling. It's more costly with resources, sure. But less so than ubershaders, and doesn't cause false positives like the damn heuristic they went with. WITHOUT any option to disable it, might I add.

fuck off, stenzek.

I guarantee there's something going on behind the scenes. The tranny is probably dating one of the devs.

Henrik needs to kick every one of those incompetent tools off his project. They've had 13 years and done fuck all.

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I really don't see much. 41 contributions in the past year, half of which are reviewing and denying others' options, most of the rest just Qt related.
>Implying I would be bitching here and not on github if I had an account there

Hey Dolphin devs reading this: since you're adding Ishiiruka's hacks to mainline now, add in the option to force off texture filtering.

It's probably IRC circlejerking.
Where they'd echo chamber for hours on end how they want things and kick people who disagree, then go "-one hour of IRC debate later-"
like it actually means anything.
Pretty sure most people use Discord or whatever for that nowadays. But it seems they're still using good old IRC to fuck shit up.

CXBX Reloaded just needs to make Battle for Bikini bottom work and then I'm never touching Dolphin again. Once they get Burnout Takedown working I'm never touching PCSX2 again either.

Wow.. that's.. amazing, in a way.


>Altair(Complete,English patch exists,prequel to Vega)
>Vega(Complete,English patch exists)
^ Actual translation unlike Vega which was ported from BPRJ to BPRE and then translated.