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top pantyhose sniff

i wanna sniff lightnings pits so bad bros

Could you at least picked a picture with better art?

Play Marvel

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Bleach fighting game when?

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FGG facts:
Raida is a command grab
DHCs are tag cancels

This is the perfect waifu. You may not like it, but this is what perfection looks like.

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There's like 5 of them

What fighting game do I show my 5-year old niece?

Remember when Morrigan was gonna sexually assault Ghostrider but Dr. Strange showed up and called her a thot?



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is not a fighting game

They're all shit. Fits the source material.

Nah I was too busy staring at her ass

Was Brick EVER wrong about fighting games

How do you feel about this roster?

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Remember when Broski and Brick tried shilling for MvCI?

Most probably.

I don't know or care about a single one of those fucks

I just want Yuzu

>mfw I have a thing for women with abnormal faces, and fat asses.

Broski was only in it for the esports but quit when the HSD glitch got removed and he realized his Arthur/Iron Man was ass without gimmicks
Brick actually wrote a really nice analysis as to why MvCI is better than DBFZ

mitsuru made it? based

I don't care or even hate 3 of the franchises in the game.

But morrigan's face isn't abnormal.

Virtua Fighter 3.

*doobs gracefully*

Based Chadcom appealing to the most precise of minority fetishes
and I'm one of them. Black Widow's body is like tailor made for me


They are really milking this ""rivalry""

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where ARE u LOOKING!?

Thoughts on Yipes?

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actually embarrassing

Why do we care about either of them?

Play Weiss

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>a beanie over a do-rag
That's the most New York thing I've ever seen

That's not abnormal, that's cute af.

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makes me want to lose more weight but pasta is delicious

Man discussing MvCI Morrigan's face feels like the fucking twitter dress from a few years ago. You either like it or you don't, there's no real defining it outside of "it's bad" or "it's good", and the difference seems to only be in people's own eyes/heads

Seems like a good guy who lost the love of his life after dealing with DevilCom, good side of it is he got so depressed he stopped eating and now he's skinny fat. Kind of wish he'd stop trying to force that POC Presents on Christmas line.

weird faces
big ass and thighs
bee stings up top

10/10 woman right there

>tfw down to 230 in half a year down from almost 300

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Would fighting games be more popular if there were commentators that could actually commentate? Instead of hours of yelling about stained glass

Dude is going to the gym 5 days a week. His weight loss is all dedication not laying around depressed

Which is literally abnormal because it falls out of the norm. He's right.

more like a do-rag over a beaner ROFL

my brother. She's abnormally cute.

UltraChen, Ryan Hunter, and Sajam already do that

*anime games

Hes been looking and sounding way better lately. Good on him
>Infiltration got divorced
>looks happier, playing at the top of his game, won 2 tournaments already, picked up by monster and PG for an easy $10,000 a month
>Yipes and Persia split
>Yipes is looking younger, more energetic and more fit. Hes commentating like he's in his prime meanwhile Persia got chubbier

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Made me cackle like a fucking retard

>go to char discord to find out some stuff
>all the resources are shitty time consuming videos and no evernotes or gdocs

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Do I pick up DBFZ or GG? It's PC so it's not as if there's a large community for either game.


wish i was booki's bf

how many times have they rematched now?

>Goobers has more depth and complexity
>Dooberz is more alive
Depends on which you find to be more important

You seem like a sexist incel. Persia can fuck off and dive under a tractor though.
Never know about Infiltration being married.

>get destroyed for an hour by some fucker in battle lounge
>i say ok last one for me with the chat thing
>i actually win the last set then fuck off

heh, see ya

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Hard to say. GG is a more respectable game but I like Fighter Z a lot more.

Goober Gear is objectively better in nearly every way. The draw back is small community and youre gonna get your ass handed to you because the game takes a lot of learning.
If youre willing to seek discords and make a commitment, GG.
If you intend to swap to a different game in 6 months, then dooberz

Fitting that you posted a cute cat because you are a massive pussy.

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SFV is that insecure 7/10 girl who has to always hop on that new trend because she really doesn't have much of her own personality
DBFZ is that really kinky 8/10 who fucks like a damn champion but has no personality and is totally worthless outside of the bedroom
Tekken 7 is that 9/10 who's really boring and stupid but you keep around anyway because DAMN that body
MvCI is that 6/10 with a great personality and really good head on her shoulders, go-to wife material
Injustice is that 7/10 nerdcore girl who's really obnoxious to listen to but looks good and fucks well
All the animes are trannies to varying degrees of hotness

I wish Homura was in a fighting game bros..

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I said last one tho, it would have taken an hour to even the score and it's late here

Can someone explain the Michael Jordan meme to me

Which one
"Stop it, get some help"?


Year of the dog!

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it's spanish for michael jordan

Really makes you think

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only incels make comments like this

>training has plateaued
>get discouraged
>get into anime and fighting games as an escape
>the god tier music and bullshit about determination actually motivates the fuck out of me
>hitting new PRs nearly every week now, finally have a six pack

Anime is like a drug. In small doses it's amazing, but if you let it consume you it'll ruin your life.

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Sonic Fox must have beat Go1 convincingly for Marn to bet on SF over Go1 this time around.


Kolin's boss

Whenever people talk about dooberz there's almost always someone who posts "MICHAEL JORDAN", usually accompanied by a soyboy pic


oh, isnt it that fucking actor named Michael Jordan who says he likes anime? I saw it on the news a few weeks ago. He's black too so it makes sense that he'd be associated with DBZ.

my friend listens to dbz stuff when working out and watch selected moments of the anime before exams

I think only dumdums do that kinda stuff

It's because Android 16 has a command grab that everyone calls "the dunk" but it's been memed to death and now anyone that jokes about it is most likely a bandwagoning soyboy

Micheal Jordan is a famous baseball player and they say it every time a character gets an H hit because it's a home run

When will there be a 4v4 tag fighter?

*uses sub character*

heh...your victory didn't count because I wasn't using my main

>want to buy a fight stick
>also want to suck a traps dick3

guys help me out

I also wish Homura was in a fighting game

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which game is the 5/10 mediocre looking girl that will love me and keep faith forever?

ask gllty

I'll put on a wig and call you senpai if you swallow

PC player, what are my options for game to buy that wont die anytime soon?

I have
Is that it? Thinking of picking up DBZ