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last thread

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first for delete the irc server

second for delete shitposters

Let's just delete these threads and go to Discord. The other posters don't deserve us.

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They'll never find the secret AOL chatroom.

this is more fun than it should be

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>tfw faggots leaking my MSN Messenger conversations on the thread and making up stories about the existence of our chatroom

Block these people.

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please help

>if it's exclusionary it's not fair
>if it is inclusive it will kill the cancerous thread

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>so desperate to shitpost he resorts to drawing a random marker on the image so he can shitpost the same picture at a rapid speed.

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Don't worry! It's ironic! We're just pretending to be an inner circle.

>it's exclusionary
>and killing the thread

>Red is part of the inner circle
I knew they couldn't be trusted, fucking Red(dit)

You asked for this.

Try to place your real feet in the same place as the model's feet, and your waist tracker above the legs. You might need this to adjust your height from the floor:

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The discord doesn't even contain most of who I consider to be the inner circle, so I'm not butthurt about it.

I haven't seen a single link to it and the thread is just as active and cancerous as it always was

Notice the increase in drama?

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Those are actually the most chill people in VRG, it’s no surprise they would form their own group. There’s some others too that aren’t on that list. Also, it’s been around since January I think, ever since the inner circle meme started. Or that was a different one.

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>It's another shitposters fool gullible people into fighting eachother episode
I'll be in my room. Evidently the triangle/circle comic has not been posted enough.

Bote is a stupid tranny no need to be mad friend.
No place that accepts Bote is worth being part of.

You know, I honestly don't care much about what people do in their free time, but seeing so many names of what I considered "friends" in this circlejerk discord still makes me sad.

no, it's been about the same.
it's just that discord brings a unusual knee jerk reaction.

That was so boss, drank so much, saw so much green.
>Easter and April Fools crossover special can live up to it
Yes. Prepare your avatars, ladies and gentlemen. Surely April Fools alone makes for some interesting ideas.

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By the way, Spheri created the t((inner)) circle.
Cept they caused drama anyway, chill is a facade do not trust.
It's been noticeably worse.

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Shut the fuck up you piece of shit don't you ever talk about my friend Bote like that again

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Is there a way to make this not just mirror half the texture?

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>tfw no VR to play vivecraft

having freinds be mean to you and then justifying it made me sad, more so when i was openly mocked about it

I take it you didn't make the discord cut either, huh?

>3 separate discord channels
Who needs the thread when you can just hang out with the cool kids

go away Bote

Honestly, I don't know what constitutes a friend to most people here.

Tupper’s discord leak drama was funnier 2bh.

How dare a group of people that like to hang out together get a discord to talk outside of VRC and play other games reeeeeeeeee

Inner circle was a meme, these discords popped up in this month.

Man, what attention whores....

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>get bullied early on for being "inner circle"
>not even remotely close to the real inner circle
I wanna box all of your ears.

You have a discord to complain about this in, come on.

To get lists like this you have to be part of the server, right? Are you removing your own name from them or are you calling for yourself to be blocked? If you remove your own name from them, doesn't that make it obvious who you are to everyone else on the server?

>being so autistic you can't fathom the idea of having friends you might want to talk to

Im not even in these and I still don't get what you guys are crying about

Yeah because no drama ever was caused by the discords
They never kill threads either


Ok, I'm slightly butthurt now.

Is it atlased at least?

Given the mental stability of most of the people here, does this really come as a surprise?

>removing your own name
Pleb tier shit even if I only joined to not be left out i've still sinned
>ignoring the circle jerk exclusionary tactics and bullying
Good goy, now join our vivecraft server TM

huh out of a normal 120ish posters per thread and at most 30 are in a discord
wow really killed it alright a fuckin' ghost town in here
also I had no idea when I joined this thread I was under some weird obligation to protect it

>checking the thread to see if drama is over yet
Nope. Back to having fun.

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>thought I was decent friends with a number of these anons
>no t(((inner circle))) invite
Thanks for doing gods work user and showing proof discord faggotry exists even if I'm in two of those.

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>pretty much everyone on my friends list is in a discord together

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I dont know how Im consistently surprised how bad most Veeky Forumsers are at social skills. You'd think I'd learn by now

Stop adding every person you see.

there are no text channels, minecraft has no damned voice chat, you just send a message to the server owner from reading the pastebin and you get invited, what the fuck is your problem?

When they're actively shitposting it together, it makes being in the threads pretty awful. What's worse is that the usual excuse is "THREADS ARE MEANT TO BE SHITPOSTED XD". If you honestly think this way, go fuck yourself.

This. I was in one of them and started thinking about how bad it actually was so thanks to the person who started posting these.

I was wondering why nobody had been shitting on Discord in-game anymore.

it's a really rough feeling

I usually atlas all my stuff nowadays, but I don't think that one was.

I'm here for you, user.

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>they fell for the VRsocks meme
>they fell for the VRfu meme
>they fell for the discord meme
This thread has the combined IQ of a shovel. Next week one of the shitposters will start talking about jumping off a bridge, and some people will actually do it, and other people will be upset that they were left out on the "exclusionary" real life suicide pact.

>want to play vr chat
>too tired to stand up
>sitting mode looks stupid

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and why a certain few people started feeling more distant and self-involved lately. I'm disappointed but not surprised to find those exact people in the member lists.

Atlas it now and I'll pat you extra.

even well before their discords the thread was already a steaming pile of shit
as everyone evidently has the mindset of threads are for shitposting otherwise the threads wouldn't have been shit before hand
valentines day ruined this board, don't blame it on the discord this time

The poly count was actually particles. The model is under 20k.

It was much more tolerable for the first few weeks, but very, very quickly, people started spouting the retarded idea that the threads were perfectly fine for shitting up. I blame discord because it expedites this bullshit, and if you honestly think it doesn't do damage to generals, then you're new as fuck.

Why does this always happen?

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Do those servers give everyone invite privileges? Maybe most of those people would invite you if they could.

Compromise. I spend half the meetups on the floor because I'm too tired to stand and like you said chair-mode is dumb. If you've got a tall avatar it's not too bad.

Nah the irony here is exquisite. "The only moral discord is my discord."


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>haha if I drop an invite and they join they can't complain!
You're missing the point entirely you tard

Hey gamer, I'm not forcing people to use vr if they really don't want to.

Everything's gonna be fine.
One day we'll cherish these moments.

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>the virgin outer circle discord
>vs the CHAD t(inner) circle discord

I liked you. You were the Hero, but now you're just a discord shitter. This doesn't absolve you.

Which one is this for?

Cat's doesn't. I think the lewd DM does but it's tight knit. No clue on the t(((inner circle))) but none of those people expressly have ever said they have a problem with me.

Neat now go jump in the new one that you made that's extra secret.

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They added me. I haven't sent a single friend request.

Scum remover?

My avatar is 161cm and my trackers don't reach the floor because my desk is in the way, so I can't sit down. Guess I'll just play tomorrow

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; )

Their's also an actual suicide pact in game, I'm number 5

Don't blame the discord for that, even people who are not in that discord list have said the threads mostly for shitposting. There's twice as many ips in these threads than the number of people who have ever been to the meetups or in the photos. Those non-vrchat posters aren't here for Sprint Vector.

I don't want to seems like an intruder because I don't have VR

discords are made because constant off topic nonsense, drama, and shitposting which includes your ususal tfw no ***fu and vague/sad posting etc.

Valentines day was really where it all fucking took off and I don't blame them for leaving this heap of cancer, they are not actively "plotting against the thread" but rather the ones who were at the very least not shit posters, generally speaking that is

pls don't post using my husbando, it gets me antsy in the pants.

>No Yuru.

How mean


haha it's gone
rip tinner circle

>invite expired
>got kicked
Is it gone?

I warned you.

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