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Ok you tight pieces of shit tell me a good horror mod.


The mansion sequence in Vigilant.

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500 hours in ms paint

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I thought we told you gay-skins to stay in the gay quarter!

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>missed out on these
I'm still sad.

Nice job

How do I stop being a min maxing faggot and start roleplaying properly?

Good job

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Great work user-kun I cant believ you got my armro detail

10/10 user! Thank you for being here ;) we love you!

ty draw-user!


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Guys I made it worse

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Why are there no good quest mods for Skyrim?

unbind your sneak key.

Serious answer, I found it's not that hard to just stick to what you want to use. The character I'm playing right now is a 2H, HA, Alchemy and Smithing nord. I wanted to use the puddles from the alchemy tree in ordinator (before realizing you -need- to hit them with something other than a sword) and now mostly use it for stamina potions since I have Smilodon installed. I'm sticking with alchemy even if it seems like it's not turning out instead of dumping perks into something like enchanting.

Thank you so much for drawing my waifu. I wish I could repay you in some way.

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Why are you making such a low effort shitpost?


How can /tesg/ even compete?

oh shit wrong thing

Looks a bit awkward imo but I tried. I'ma try fixing up the arm a bit, along with the legs to match.(although it's hard to gauge where his legs are)

Still open for requests btw.

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I almost want to group them together by friend circles, if they have any.

big collage, very neat

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No, I think that explains it.

Weaponized HDT battle standards when.

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I get the feeling there would be a lot of characters on their own and just a few circles. Neat idea but seems meh in practice.

Remember to love thy booty

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I use Uncapper to reduce Sneak skill game to almost nothing. Also use SkyTweak to make sneaking harder and sneak attacks weaker.

Sneak is just so overpowered vanilla it's silly.

here's a fully transparent png, 6mb so i couldn't upload it here. imgur.com/dl0XpaG i'm not drawanon i just wanted to celebrate what he did for the thread and for me

i would be glad to pair everyone with who they're supposed to be with if i got names and relations for each of the characters.

For the male version, I guess you can spread the legs instead of having them close and crossed.

Please do not encourage circlejerking.

Dunno if it would translate very well for a male pose desu.

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Let's hope it was hector

>even included the edit
Notice, I wonder what everyone's stats would be

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Should I play a witch, a spellsword, or a hunter?

Natalia is definitely a better version of Kagero. Too bad that I can't play FEH anymore since it was taken down from QooApp.

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well thanks, have an old closeup. i dont know if her story is that interesting, but it's not very tragic, I can say that for sure

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very nice

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dios mio, la ogrilla de atrocidad...

Nice try, but she doesn't have the bust for that. I see her more as a Nina (Fates) or Cath (Binding Blade) but wearing all black instead. Her story just adds more into it

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>it's not very tragic
It doesn't need to be tragic to be interesting. If she has a story, feel free to post it.


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ay sweet, the weapons align themselves to hands easily.

I guess I can do weapon poses.

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Kickass, dude.


you guys look filthy rich

I was kept in a dungeon for 40 years and got raped daily by midgets, and only now have I managed to escape, and I wonder: what is the best tree mod around these days? I want my forests to actually look like it and not like a few twigs sticking out of the ground

You didn't have to take extra steps to get a weapon in the hand to equip in the correct direction?

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Well...I like pretty boys so no it's not Hector. It's Soren. He's a worse Nino but I like his voice, art, and he was my first 5*. I have only one male skyrim character because I don't like the default body type. I know I could just uunp bodyslide a boyish body but it feels weird.

You're absolutely correct. On the filthy part, which is an understatement. They can give you herpes just by looking at you.

Simply Bigger Trees

Good shit

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Nope. Apparently that's already been configured to do it automatically with the rig I'm using.

It's SUPER simple. Like "anyone with a brain can do it" simple. You pose up your character, run the script in blender, run a bat file to convert the file you generated with the script into 2 other files (which the 2nd file is the .hkx file) rename it, plop it in public poser.

Thanks, but all I'm doing is matching a pose and recreating it in blender.

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This is neat.

I do wonder if draw-user's wrists are okay.

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Soren's way better nowadays with that Wind Brand. I never expected him of all peope to get a weapon refinement.

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it's fairly concerning; 6 rows of 14 characters. also what's your character's name? someone's working on naming everyone

give this boy more solo screens

Don't like seeing him with his goatgirl?

Maybe when I get back into Skyrim, i'm really burnt out on it and have no motivation or ideas for screenshots. Maybe CTs poser pack will get me to take a few.

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No worry, my wrists are fine. Paced myself this time. Thanks for the concern though.
I think it's because he placed pretty well in the legend popularity poll? But yeah, I'm enjoying it.

>It's in the rig
That's really awesome. If I had more time for making more poses I would probably look into KW's tutorial. Does he explain object poses?

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Cumtears is making a poser pack?

Can the CK make a race/npc totally immune to a specific type of damage, say, fire? Or am I limited to the 80~% cap no matter what I do?

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I like her as well, it's just usually he's not by himself

Figured I'd take a lot at Beyond Bruma and holy shit, this place has me swimming in feels and I haven't even left the game.

I miss the Talos statue.

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Soren that's literately himYes if they are a custom race, You can add the effect as a racial trait. It should only take like 4 mintues

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You don't know me!

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Not yet, he didn't say anything about it iirc. He did said something about importing custom skeletons and also doing paired poses.

Gonna compile all of the poses I got in photoshop to see what you guys think

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C-can I request some poses?

Attached: enb 2018_03_22 16_56_48_76.jpg (1920x1080, 1.15M)

Aaand here's what I got so far. Not much but a good start.

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Oh, these look good!

These look really great so far!

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>tfw not even new poses by new posers account for armor in any shape or form

feels bad

Redheads are actual garbage

Oh, I do. I do...

ywn get more Woe booty forever and ever


Now to try to make them standalone, Try asking Halo or Yuhi

Thanks. I'll keep an update of what else I make as I go along.

As long as it's male related. That's all I'm doing.

I can't really gauge how heavy armor will behave unless I import it in while posing, which idk how to so or if it's even possible to do.

Plus posing with armor is already a pain with regular poses and there's tons of different armorsets that have different shapes.

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False, remember when people would praise Kaarina like it's the second coming of christ?

Noice thus far, keep'em coming.

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How about a brunette?
Yep, It's male related.
Mostly standing poses with the right hand and index finger raised and the left hand holding a weapon.

Attached: enb 2018_03_18 22_35_09_31.jpg (1920x1080, 779K)

That's what the NiOverride Custom Poser is for.
>I don't like how the sword clips through the shoulder/sticks out of frame, let's rotate the lower right arm so it doesn't clip awkwardly
>I don't like how bunched together the character's shoulders are in this armour, let's move the left/right shoulder nodes outwards
>the hands are supposed to be touching the breastplate, not clipping into it, let's move them outwards

Attached: TESV 2017-12-17 04-40-02-18.jpg (2560x1440, 1.12M)

I can try halo. Not sure if Yuih would help me since I haven't talked to them at all before.

I'm going to need to see a reference if you got one.

I still haven't forgotten your pose request. Gonna try to work on it now if I can finish it.

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roman salute

Perhaps like this, but with the arm a bit lower

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I like his looks here. I hate Bruma passionately though. But his look is great for it.

Looking good so far.

Attached: enb 2018_03_15 19_59_07_54.jpg (1920x1080, 1.55M)

I expected a very different effect from that name.

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>Belethor's face

So does he.

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what waifus has the stinkiest braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps?

redpill me on music mods merged



Is Natalia into NTR? This is a very important question.


oops am i in trouble for trying to fap?

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SE Waifu? What happened to you?

too many vaccines

Follower when

you should fix her eyes, she is crosseyed

I hope not, she's one of the best we got