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nice OP!

>when you're in a lull with your daily dev and then Spotify puts on the Barden Bellas

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>dull and boring "nice"


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Your game needs waifus, user.

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Accepting all nice posts here

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I can't draw that good yet

This looks fun, a little screenshake could help make it even funner.


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>mfw there's overlap between agdg and sthg

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who's your favorite aggydag?
what game are you most excited for?

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How do I create good puzzles?

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a puzzle is like a maze. the more wrong turns there are the harder it is.

in gms how do i only get the very last frame
i've tried using shit like floor(image_index) but it didn't work and i don't feel like writing my own animation code so i can make things happen on certain frames

Got any 3D assets lying around from a project you want to see used for some dumb fun? The /agdg/ virtual divegrass (soccer [football {soccer}]) team will be having a match or two during early April so this is just a casual call for input if you've got any hot takes/makes.

Models can be dumped here if so desired: drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwIVW_906HZLeWVGR1FqMEpzUzA?usp=sharing

If you've got opinions on players feel free to tell me why the fuck gogem is still on the team when we don't have a rep for [x] yet:

This'll be the only post about this for at least a month. It's been dumb fun but it's given me a good excuse to learn more about 3D modeling so it's still been it's own weird brand of progress

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Hard =/= good

game maker's toolkit has a new video on this

>tfw your barely-a-prototype game is included
now that its come to this i have no choice but to finish this game

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stop I can't control it

Is my exhaust kino?

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I think it might benefit from not showing damage below a certain threshold. There's alot of shit on the screen.

Could be like, dont post the damage if it is min damage + x.

depends on the perspective you'll actually see it from.

orbit cam in a strategy game

kinda jittery. That ship seems too high tech to have a jittery exhaust like that. If you've got a way to make it pulse quickly but smoothly, do that.

What ever happened to the sonic game with a realistic looking hedgehog

it was finished and got a good review by dopefish or whatever his name was

it was a meme stunt for a demoday, it was never supposed to be finished any further than it was

>tfw made a downscaled sprite
>lookat the source image
>its fucking hideous, wonder how i ever let it through
>redo her face
>give it the fap test
>passed with flying colors (mainly white)

I think I did decent today. Ill start animating soon


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>every demoday I don't submit to gets fan art
This is what I get for skipping them.

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not him, but I think it'd simply be best to have an option to turn off either the numbers, the health bars or both. That way if the numbers are too annoying, you can simply rely on the health bars.

at least you aren't me and don't get fan art regardless lmao

what's your game

Is this better?

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post game and I'll give you fanart right now

mature waifus only

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nice try faggots
im not giving away who i am
and how hurt i actually was

Added a hit flash and knockback effect when enemies are hit. How does it look?

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alright round 2

these are basic buildings can you tell what they are suppose to be and can you read the letters clearly?

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nice doom 3 clone

C Polariod
B House
V Baby bottle?
G Pick Axe
F Regular Axe (This is unclear)
X Big read x

holy fuck that does look like a polariod lmao
yeah f is a regular axe thats the one im uncertain about also

wheres your game?

What's the big difference between a beat'em up and a side scroller? Are any of you working on these types of games? Any recommendations of games to play to get a good feel?

dark as fuck

I thought F was a hoe.
These are very poor.

Ill draw you fan art right now if you tell me your game

pack of seeds
water pail

My status system is feeling fairly robust, all I might need to do it is give priorities so you don't move away and then attack if both are up. Though I have absolutely no idea why the UI is doing that, its all just rigged together and I can't figure out why sometimes it misalignes.
I also need to decide at some point if I want to properly make the cards world objects or change them to being UI.

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beat 'em up stops scrolling to beat up enemies
sidescroller is about jumping

Reminder: Use version control software. It helped me solve a really dumb fucking bug.

River City Ransom: Sidescroller or beat-em-up.

its a sidescrolling beat em up, not even memeing

>have bug
>roll back project to the state of 1 month ago
>fixed :^)

can someone buy this and share it with me?

Looking for games were there's an audience congratulating/booing the player like on Taiko no Tatsujin.

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>asset store begging

Fuck that's not the imagine, I meant more like here were they overlap. Surprised sports game didn't use this...

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>Have bug
>Figure out what commit it appeared in
>Examine added code
>Find chunk of code caused it
>Fix it

Looks interesting, but damn is that some programmer art.

How much will it cost for 1,318 Chibi images for portraits to my game? They are portraits that go on top of cards.

OK I studied a lot more missile related gifs. How's this look now?

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yeah i can see it being a hoe
fuck ill try and change it

i like it

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It works well in rhythm games in general.
Guitar hero does it. Rockband does it.
I'd like to see it more in other games though.
Madworld kind of does it, this their announcers.

Which is better for waving at an enemy, getting flustered and dropping their weapon, dropping their weapon because they wave back, getting shy and walking away quickly

Isn't that what the gamedev channel was for?
>gamedev for game progress posting
>artdev for art progress posting
>audiodev for audio progress posting
>misc for general discussion
>autism for containment of idiots

looks way better

now crash it into something and make it explode

>spend a lot of time fixing blueprint spaghet
>decide to change blueprint
>it turns to spaghet again
it's the circle of life

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progress is a channel where bot automatically puts in your tagged progress posts

Thank you kind strangers.


i think it needs some random noise either in the movement of the missile or in the particle trail


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progress is a bot that collects the progress from all and displays in an easy to read format

>what is navmesh?

what is a good rune or sign i can use for "occult/ dark magic"

a waving hand

those are all ok for run of the mill enemies

>get to final boss
>epic cutscene plays
>wave at them
>they get flustered and look around
>wave even harder
>they get even more embarrassed and drop their armaments
>waving intensifies
>they barely manage to raise their hand above the waist in a valiant effort to wave back before running away

with a eye in the palm
.....maybe lol

Great, thanks user for the advice.

I'll try some noise if it looks like shit when it's tracking a target.

Complete noob to ue4 here, I'm looking to learn more about world position offset in materials

I used compound sine curves technique to create the rising and falling of the waves here in this webm. And I'm offsetting the wave to stop it going over the white square

How would I do this in ue4 with a material and player character?

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a black man with a hat

an upright wand, with two apples beside it

data oriented database

forgot to mention
I’m calculating the surface height for each point along the curve, and then subtracting the surface height at the squares location, this shifts the entire curve up and down.

navmesh doesnt work with 2d
you're not as smart as you think

it works with topdown...

i don't like it
hahaha ill give this one a go

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A* pathfinding is fucking garbage my dude. Use a flow field like not a complete retard.

not quite as funny as i thought it would be

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no you have to create 3d objects which defeats the point
2d cant interact with the nav mesh

lol now this is fucking funny


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