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hungry ahri!

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Aviator a cute! CUTE!

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I want to anally creampie this targonion aspect!

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jayce is ridiculous overpowered with conqueror

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Luchador champion when?

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>no cute shadow assassin loli that creates living shadows of other champions, copying their abilities
>evil ninja loli will never create a shadow clone of the enemy urgot as it pulls the real urgot into its meat grinder

KIed is pure and cute and fuzzy and fluffy and has the cutest ears!

I think I'm starting to warm up to Conqueror. It feels way better than PTA or Electrocute, but part of me still miss old Fervor.

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conqueror will make tryndamere pick or ban in solo queue

heard it here first boys

>I want to anally creampie this targonion aspect!
you mean chocolate creampie because her asshole is full of shit

I heard this last week already though

>tfw no Gun Goddess gf

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Which champ is better to main for becoming an asshole that either feeds hard or carries hard: Vayne, Draven, or Yasuo?

W-whos the father?

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What champion pisses you off the most?

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lucian the bbcifier

aspects don't have to poop

What champs have satisfying skills? I enjoy pulling off a good Fiora parry or knocking away a bunch of assholes with Poppy ult hammer or blowing someone the fuck up with a long-range Jinx/Lux ult, but most other champs just feel meh to play overall. Sell me on some other champs with skills or combos that will make my nutsack tingle with glee.

>ywn wrestle Sarah onto the bed and facecheck her bush

Bird is the word

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Wukong of course.

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user, it's very rude to assume someone's pregnant just because they're fat

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Will Irelia have a fuckin' bundle type deal to buy her and her skins for RP at a reduced price?
Is that a normal thing that happens with these fuckin' champ updates or what?
I wanna know if I should pre-emptively buy the bitch or what.

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>level 9
>level 11
>didn't even wait for his top laner to finish tping in

yeah probably

dyrus here how you guys doing

How is this champion pool for an autist like me that likes easy champs? dropped irelia because i wont play her anymore after rework

pls comment

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you realize literally everything new gets a cuck bundle specifically formulated for people like you
enjoy your exclusive loading screen border and summoner icon you faggot

ily man, go to fitness again

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Who the fuck is LS and why should I care about this whiny lesbian's opinion?

do you have a small dick?

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man i wish sivir's ricochet worked with rageblade or runaan's
imagine the bounces
imagine the fps hikes as your screen is filled with pizzas

he was so handsome on this pic


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>I like easy champs
>no Warwick
c'mon bro, he's good and easy to play.

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>falling for the bundle meme
Riot is kept in business by morons like you. Buying a whole bundle for like 1 legacy skin.

None of her skins are good now.

shit meant to respond to myself

/lolg/! Wish me luck pls. Absolutely no emotes!

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Evil champions who ACTUALLY did something wrong

Xerath- turned renekton insane and killed six billion people

Jhin- if I need to explain this then you're as ill as Jhin and probably sympathize with him

Elise- Hungry for power through sacrificing innocents

LeBlanc- Doesn't care for the people of Noxus one bit. Didn't betray Morde because of any moral reasons. Witch, deceiver, satanic occultist

Mordekaiser- Hungry children killing warlord who wants demon magic. Wants to take over all of Runeterra

Lissandra- screwed her descendants for generations.

Vladimir- If I need to explain this you're as ill as Vlad and probably sympathize with him.

Cassiopeia- betrayed sivir and almost left her to die for no good reason. Was awful even before her transformation

Gangplank- was doing Jhin things before Jhin. Probably rapist as well.

Thresh- sadist, sadist, and sadists. Like to torture people for eternity for no good reason.

Urgot- Enforced of the corrupted Darkwill and wants to turn Zaun into what Darkwill's Noxus was.

Hecarim- Killed Kalista for no good reason, sadist as well.

Zyra- Wants to eat the whole world

Singed- literally Hitler. Also has zero regards for human life.

Brand- wants to set the world on fire.

Malzahar- betrayed Kai'sa for no good reason. Takes this chosen one meme seriously.

All the void except for Kai’sa (Kass isn't Void)

All the darkin

All the demons

Pantheon- spirit of war bent on destruction

Zoe- killed six billion people

I want to change Zoe's diaper

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>mantastyle luna literally kills everyone on the enemy team if she just hits the tower
>cant do this with sivir
If runnas worked on sivirs w i would only play sivir

thought you were compensating, are you sure tho?

yep i still remember this stream

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>no evil yordle
what did riot means by this?

No space,i try limiting myself for 9

and you got no gapcloser beside your R


Vast improvement. Her best splash now.

Formerly best splash, now 3rd rate. Still good but a downgrade due to the ugly fuzzy linning on her coat. Points for actually adding an airplane though.

Definitely not frostbutt. Underwhelming/10, meme btfo.

Actually looks cute now, hands down the greatest improvement in terms of source material vs end result. What was a her shittest splash is now sharing top place with nightblade.

Hands down the worst, it was so defaced by pointless change that it's now barelly recognizable. 0/10.

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>no evil demacian
what did Riot mean by this

What's your
>Average reaction time
>Favorite role and/or champions

Use humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/ to test your reaction time.

cute feet!

master race cant be evil

these 2
irony being that especially lulu

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>you realize literally everything new gets a cuck bundle specifically formulated for people like you
>Riot is kept in business by morons like you. Buying a whole bundle for like 1 legacy skin.
Your words wound me. Truly.
I haven't bought anything from Riot in over 3 years, so I highly doubt they're kept afloat by 'people like me'.

>Not making a brand new Irelia themed account to 1 trick her with
You don't know what fun is fellas.

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On all planes including physical kill yourself.

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Only 4 more hours and I'm unbanned yay

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>changing Frostbutt at all
whoever did this needs to be fired ASAP.

>go from gold 2 20lp to plat promos today
>have had even games so far where both teams were competent, its just we were more competent
>finally in plat 5 promos
>que up
>get a team
>they feed their asses off like its there job
>jg comes to gank my lane
>dives and feeds doubles to malzahar
>we lost by 20minutes
>op.gg all of them
>all of them are plat 4 50+ lp
God fucking damnit

>Average reaction time
>Favorite role and/or champions
Riven, Darius, Zoe, and nu-relia

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Do you max Q or E first on illaoi?

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Just went 16/5 as Quinn on a team with 4 marksmen and a sona
She's pretty fucking good now


>GGMF greatly increases the fluidity of all her spells and autoattacks

This is how they get you.

Best girl.
Best friend.
Best wife.

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I wish I could give my money to riot more directly without anything in return

I want to give them 50 just for being bros!

dyrus aren't you supposed to be paying attention to your vrchat podcast guest right now

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t. Ahri the SLUT

post sauce u fuckign fgt

some guy just called me a faggot and told me to kill myself in chat, should i get him banned?

>LeBlanc- Doesn't care for the people of Noxus one bit. Didn't betray Morde because of any moral reasons
It wasn't the same LeBlanc as the champion, LeBlanc is the name passed down by the leaders of the Black Rose.

>Cassiopeia- betrayed sivir and almost left her to die for no good reason
She did have a good reason to betray Sivir, to skip out on her fee. Still evil tho.

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I want to be a gangsta with Lulu an Veigar!

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E. Spirit lets you beat on it longer and transfers more damage to the target. In lane post 4 if you hit someone with E they either have to all-in you or take half their life in unstoppable poke.

I want to creampie Lulu on pi day

I want to go swimming in Lulu.

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do it or you're a pussy

is that sans undertale?

Please tell me he uses that skin ironically.

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What champion fits the most with this image?

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Post good feels:
>enemy laners shit talks us all game
>they have gold/kill advantage
>I don't sweat it, tell my team to play safe and scale up
>enemy is still cocky with their kill lead, start to get caught out
>our team slowly takes over map with vision, objective control
>we win in the end
>they blame each other and our OP picks

>More people watching some random streamer than a tournament stream
What the fuck happened


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Yes please

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it's the only avatar he uses

Glancing at LoL again after going on break at the end of 2016, right around the time flex was introduced.

What's the news on Sona Mid? Does she still work? Has Riot finally forced everyone into a single meta role? Looks like everything that made her work has been shat on.

Has the gibsmedats bad boy bribing system done its job and made the playerbase mellow out?

Is it, in your opinion, worth getting back into this game after such a long hiatus? Are there more fun competing alternatives on the market?

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>Best theme
>Best base skin
>Best thighs
>Best moveset

So this....is the power....of Ionia....


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>random streamer
>academy tournaments

Here is a (You)

Me too!

Didnt some little girl got to challenger using mid sona? with 4 people boosting her


I specifically said no emotes...

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>NA Academy
absolutely no one care

>having to hear that awful sfx for her auto attacks
No thanks.

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Sivir deserved it tho. she's a bitch

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What's wrong with Undertale niggy

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Who is your favorite champion and what do they smell like?

Well, carrying on. Wish me luck, /lolg/! Emotes shoo pls.

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i want to fuck xayah while rakan watches

Honestly, I have fun with the game. I'd say get back in. Dota 2 has its own problems, and HotS is shit.
Sona Mid is probably as much of an off-meta pick as it was back then. I mean, Lich Bane is still in the game, so you can do whatever.