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Pool Party Piltover! edition.

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Stop playing Diana jungle

Definitely Not Vel'Koz is just Vel'Koz after he settled down and found a wife with really hot elbows.

Feet time!

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CUTE time

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why tho

somebody post that webm of the singed trying to cs the canon and gets ass slapped by jayce

>tfw no Gun Goddess gf

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KIed? The best boy. There is absolutely no way another boy can compete with him. Not even girls can, that's just impossible. His ears? 100% pure yordle fluff.

tfw insomnia ;_;

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best smilefu


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>Give Blue Kayn a try
>He's just as fun as Red Kayn

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>ruined skins
you have some awful taste breh

>The chad lane bully vs the virgin proxy farmer

God, I wish i were that man

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>Give Kayn a try
>He's not fun at all

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The new rune seems fun, thanks hashinshin

This is Cassiopeia du Couteau!

Quick, tell her how CUTE she is!

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>utterly overbuff kai'sa
>now she's literally rek'sai+vayne

w e w

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How can I improve my consistency between games? I can do really well one game but the next I struggle in lane and end up being useless.

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wanna restart after 2 years or so
do i still have to buy 400 million runes for the price of 5 6300 champs? or have they changed that yet because i aint gonna play if i need to buy all these runes again

Runes are no more, we only have masteries now and they're completely free

Runes are gone now, it's just masteries (but they are called runes for some reason)

She plays nothing like Vayne
>Muh Stealth
There is more to Vayne than that fucking Stealth jesus christ. She has qualities of like 10 different champs.

>jgler feeds doubles to your lane opponent
>softly int the rest of the game
Feed doubles again you nigger

>8 minutes into lane as twitch
>beating a garbage kaisa and nami
>up like 20 CS and a lot of health
>autofill support doing nothing
>perma camped bot
>kaisa claiming she was solo killing me
>acts like her jungler and mid didnt win for her

Does Font of Life work with Revitalize?

thats motivating

well i just got flammed and called inbred for instalocking gonna have some fun boys

oh i see, i just forgot about the other 8 champions she is

nice job riot

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i really want to hold hands with her

Predator Karthus is the way to go skittlebois

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>8.6 is out
>one for all never ever

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Well in each game different champs are being played and difference players are playing them. So you can't expect to play exactly the same. Just watch your replays every single game or get a coach

Kai'Sa is a champ that will live and die by her numbers because honestly her kit is garbage.

is it worth buying the skin bro

>overbuff ornn
>hes now literally leesin+janna
wtf riot
thnx a lot

your csing is shit

>M7 on old Xin, at one point was my highest mastery
>Gave the new Xin a try
What the FUCK did they do to my Chinabro? Most of his damage is tied to his E now which means you have to blow it early if you want to actually do DPS, and if they have any kind of escape well you just blew your only gapcloser.

All for a shitty fucking Winter's Wrath clone that you have to stand still for which makes him EVEN LESS sticky.

>inb4 "but Xin is broken LOL"
I don't care if he's broken his playstyle is boring as fuck now, unless some retard walks into melee range your entire job is "try to snowball a lead early then AFK front line for rest of game".

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And remember to write "oh shit wrong runes" on allchat every game and claim outplays after every ult kill

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>heal now has a 90 second longer cd than barrier and mitigates between 25 to 110 less damage
Interesting decision riot

>thong showing from underneath jinx's shorts
This fetish doesn't get explored enough desu. I'm surprised but very happy pic related even exists.

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snakes aren't cute
women aren't cute

ye, i love when she deletes a squishie with an isolated Q

did they just smack vayne and khazix together?

That's what the fuck it should do. The shit is useless if it can't.

>idk what w does so i dont lvl it the post
Kill yourself

Find a flaw

Hint: you can't

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What's your
>Average reaction time
>Favorite role and/or champions

Use humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/ to test your reaction time.

What runes should I run on Veigar?

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My cum isn't inside her womb.

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stop posting this nobody cares

>Average 246
>Mundo (may he RIP in peace)

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>overbuff braum
>he's now literally taliyah + singed


and rek'sai and antoher 7 champions too

>make an abilitie that has to do all the damage
>it's op, anti fun and extremely cancer to play against

it looks like zoe over and over again

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146 ms
Middle Eastern but a bit too white desu my nibbers
ADC (Draven/Luc)

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>Champ has an ability that is more threatening against isolated (and therefore out of position) targets
>Said ability is countered by being near minions or allies
>Do not do this
>Wtf bros???
Again Kai'Sa is a badly designed champion. She either has the numbers to work or she doesn't. Right now she does. The slightest change to her kit and she won't.

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Either Comet or Spellbook, depending if you'll need dmg or utlity.
Tree 1: Manaflow, Nullfying Orb vs heavy AP
Tree 2: Celerity, movespeed is amazing
Tree 3: Scorch is shit now, gathering storm
Inspiration: Stopwatch vs assassin or boots if you need to dodge. Minion dem. If you're running Inspiration primaery then grab cosmic insight last. hope this helps

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What could Udyr have done here?

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kha'zix single ability isolated burst
vayne's stealth abuse
Rek'sai engage
lee sin crowd
miss fortunes ass
zed level of healthiness
what are the other 4

kept autoing with q and not run like a FUCKING PUSSY

I only play HotS

actually attacked the enemy

press w, not walk up (run straight to tower), smite beforehand. honestly just him not using shield at all is the big issue

What do you think about ultimate hat vs manaflow band?
I was thinking about this since you usually go tear anyway

build botrk if he wanted to 1v1 shyvana, run or ff

Cede and go push top.


>lee sin crowd

Fuck off FBI shill you wont get my information from me

I want to hug this cutie

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>Make a post mocking assassin fags when somebody mentions riot being decent at balance sometimes
>Janny makes a ban request thinking I was Ahri-fag because I posted an Ahri gif along with it
We need some new janitors, these ones obviously have PTSD from having to deal with this bullshit all day every day and file false reports

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human isn't a race, cuck

>Tiger Stance babs
Honestly disgusting

Lulu is for abuse its just RIGHT

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dfrwglijkdsfg I fucking can't hold onto masters, d1 police just keep catching me. I fucking hate this game

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What champion pisses you off the most?

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very low elo:
d2-d1 (up till d1 50lp)
low elo:
d1 (50lp+) up till 50 lp masters
medium elo:
50 lp masters up till 600 lp
high elo:
600lp +
very okay high elo:
1klp +

>all in like a retard from 1/3 hp

how's bronze

>barrier veigar support sees that camille is losing to renekton
>I'm gonna go help top she is behind on cs
>goes top and together they feed the renekton 9 kills
>I can't farm and lose tower bot because now solo lane as twitch
>entire team starts blaming me on losing the game

You'll get there one day Red :^)

with a burning pure white hatred that dwarfs the sun and blinds even gods

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Bring the greatest ADC back you cucks

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>being so much of a brainlet you think the HP was the issue

>actually original kit with original mechanics
>bawww make him an adc again

The sign says she gives free hugs so I guess not.

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i average around 8 cs per minute a game am i trash

I got a triple penta with old graves way back in the day.

New graves just makes me sad. Fuck lucian, i cant believe they made a new champ forgot that graves already had that niche and then reworked him to spare their latest pet project

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mfw i carried 15/3 and the jax still flammed me because i only had 90 farm after 20 minutes
m8 i farmed enemys

Does Renekton's empowered W still get all three hits in when he ults? Because it doesn't look like it did and he basically fucked himself for that reason.

Has Riot ever outright called or hinted at another champion they created being a mistake?

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>muh faggot cuck mechanics
>You will never be able to moon walk with mafia graves again

If your team does not following the standard meta and starts doing weird/questionable shit immediately /fullmute all

These players are shitters, tilted as fuck and the only thing stopping them running it down is getting banned again.
they will try to command people with their 0.1 KDA, 2 vision score at 30 minute, armchair general ego and be unironically confused you're not sucking their e-peen.

You will get memeing fucks that go teleport ignite singed middle that are actually trying but that is so rare you could screen each end lobby screen and frame it ingold.

vladimir and every monster champ


Lucian was just an excuse they pulled out of their ass to take apart a completely fine champion. The only thing similar those 2 had was that they had a dash and they were adc

it's not bad, but since you're going to have 40%-45% cdr anyways the cd is pretty short in the first place. so more mana to stay in lane can help you out. It all comes down to personal preference in the end.

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Build a bunch of move speed items, burst, predator and celerity and laugh at how fast you kill people.