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Hardworking moon rabbit edition
Previous thread >What is this game?
Touhou is a bullet hell series made by ZUN where cute girls shoot other cute girls.

>I have questions!
pastebin.com/PMpRnhmb (Includes FAQ, netplay guide, 1cc charts and more)

>Where can I get the games?
moriyashrine.org/ (For separate game downloading)
nyaa.si/view/979648 (All in one pack)

>Touhou 16 and 15.5 on steam! Please support the official release.

>Introduction and tips for new players~

>Download and apply Vpatch for reduced lag, MoF MarisaB glitch fix, extremely high FPS fix and Windowed screen adjustment (Search ‘vpatch tutorial’ on youtube if you have problems installing it)

>Fangames pastebin (Contains a fixed version of FMW2 without the game-breaking bug)

>/2hug/ Highscore Spreadsheet! (If you want to submit a score, use the term 'score' somewhere in your post)

Hang in there Seiran!

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Let's move back to /jp/

Actually that raises a good question.

Would you fuck your 2hu is she had a feminine penis? I wouldn't.

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Second for where are the 1ccs /2hug/?

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5th for I'm working on a extra clear you goon.

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You mean the 1cc chart? It's in our FAQ pastebin.

S-still working on it. I still can't get passed the dancing sluts in 16.

I still want to see Seiran suffer. In fact, I'd love to see all the rabbits suffer.

where is canon proof of marisa having blue eyes

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cover of SSiB, volume 1.

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why is shanghai looking at that doll like that

Trust me, you don’t want to see this rabbit when she’s angry.

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L-leave me alone, I made it to Six Leagues in the Fog today.

>more people on 2hug think LoLK is a better cast than HSiFS
I'm glad you think that too /2hug/

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It doesn't matter. DDC was better than both.

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Touhou is the best indie games series in existence.

I give up on Hard UFO. Fuck that. I can’t keep my sanity from playing the same fucking game everytime. I’ll revisit it later.

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TH15 replay. Extra. Feel my suffering, tears of blood, and eventual secret aftermath

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Wake up /2hug/

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Wake up /2hug/

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Sorry but there's nothing else to post about me trying to beat Yukari. Please wait warmly.

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Hush, you'll wake her!

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Does Reimu really hate Aya, or is she just tsundere?

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Reimu doesn't like anyone, user.

Someones gonna get hurt if you keep this up

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>Does Reimu really hate Aya
Yes, a lot.

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I hope that "someone" is my balls.


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Greetings are a mental oasis

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Reimu has spellcards specially to deal with Aya, what do you think?

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Somehow the automatic castration machine image wasnt tagged wriggle. After sorting through some 40 odd pages I still didnt see it so heres some wholesom jhin

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There you go. He actually has some surprisingly cute wriggles.

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He also has a lot of good art with different moods and expressions but people usually only focus on the ballbusting for a reason.

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Why is Parsee always angry

shes jelos

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Do you hate Momiji? If so then why is it?
Hard mode: /pol/ and awoo memes are not an excuse

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No, because she has a really good design
With ears
Also not as good as Aya's, but still good

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No, because I’m not retarded enough to judge a 2hu based on her anons or fanbase. Honestly, if you hate Seija or Koishi because of their Anons, kill yourself.

What about Flandre?

Good night. /2hug/

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I'm indifferent to her. She's just a cool midboss to me.

Goddamn you reminded me of how good ISC was user, damn you, why did it have to end?

Reminds me of an user who put Seija dead last on his sort list and said it was because of her user, whew.

Like I said before, there's literally nothing wrong with liking any 2hu. I mean you can't chose your emotions, only your actions.

>Madman actually did it
Thank you based drawfriend, have a wonderful night of sleep. I can tell you're improving already. Keep it up!

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i doubt yuugi could hold that much load on one fingertip i mean regardless of how strong you are one fingertip is a very small area and pressure becomes more concentrated and heavier even if shes only like 30lbs thats still a large weight for such a small concentrated area to lift plus what if she slips and her fingers goes up her bum

Monks can break spears with their necks, for a creature on that is superhuman, I'd say its not impossible.

She’s meh to me

That's really nicely done musculature. I appreciate you.

But what if Sakuya's stopped time by moving really fast just so that she can pose for the photo?

Yuugi's power is being so strong that it's unexplainable

But how can she take the photo if time is stopped?

stop being impure

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Was Yorihime the one that married the son of Torihime? Or was it backwards?
degenerate lunarians

>kyouko with long hair

Gotta admit, thats pretty cute.

Toyohime married Eirin's grandnephew, Yorihime married Toyohime's son. Toyohime is a canon momhu along with Suwako and Junko

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By unstopping time for a single franme

You can take a photo in a single frame?

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Eirin never had a son or got married on the original myth?

Go to sleep /2hug/

>I wouldn't.
What a fag

Seiga is technically married, but I can’t remember whether she had a child or not.

I don't think so. I remember someone posting a chart of touhou descendants and blood-relation a while ago but I didn't save it
She was married, but it's never stated if she had a kid or not.

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If you're fast...

any one got one of these for wakasagi, yuugi, shion, suika etc

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Emotional Skyscraper>Border of Life>Venerable Ancient Battlefield>Judgement of Sixty Years>Nuclear Fusion>Lunatic Princess>History of the Moon>Septette for the Dead Princess>The Concealed Four Seasons>Pure Furies>True Administrator>Kobito of the Shining Needle

Swap pure furies and lunatic princess, and True Administrator and Kobito and this list is perfect.

I refuse.



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Okina think of me when she’s alone

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Goodnight, /2hug/. Please don't die!

Yay! It’s Australian time!

infinite being>strawberry crisis>inanimate dream>we shall die together>now, until the moment you die>swordsman of a distant star>complete darkness>>winfins

Reviving this thread, with no casualties.

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Reimu has made a list of Youkai she's definitely going to exterminate if hse ever goes rogue.

Aya is VERY high on that list.

Score, pretty fun times!

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Is it true? Playing in the original japanese version is less buggy and less laggy than the English one?

We mentioned early though how it's possible that Sakuya was pretty much raised by the SDM. If she's been killing people since a little kid, is it really that different from a Youkai following its nature?

>Soldiers kill in BATTLE, that's what you said, that's a completely justifiable legal term called Self Defense, nobody would fault anyone for acting on self defense
Soldiers don't always kill in self defense though. What if you shoot at somebody that, for whatever reason, can't fight back at that moment? And can you really call it self defense when you sign up for a job you know involves killing?

I'm not trying to argue working as a soldier is a sin btw. I'm just trying to explain that, for the same reasons why it isn't sinful for a soldier or a Youkai to kill, Eiki thinks its okay for Sakuya to kill people. And that's why she doesn't tell her "Hey, maido. Could you please stop killing people?".

Not sure about less laggy, but but if you start in the actual version the replays won't get crippled as much.

Do all Youkai deserve death? Or should we set up trials, and only execute the actually dangerous ones?

That's only because she's planning on brainwashing you.

Aunn doesn't.

Aunn is okay. She would be spared. Then placed in a zoo, or something.

No, why do you pity the humans in Gensokyo? They live a pretty comfy life if you ask me. They’re as dumb as animals. They deserve to be where they are right now for how fucking dumb they are. Why do you think youkai’s lives worth less than human’s lives?

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I pity the humans of Gensokyo for the same reason why i pity people in third world countries. Because the mess their in isn't their fault. Like, you're not wrong that the human villagers are stupid. But that's only because their Youkai overlords has been keeping them stupid. And because anybody smart is either quitely disposed of before they can become a problem. Or kills themself once they realize the terrible truth of the towns existence.

Also, it's a comfy life by the standards of people from a hundred years ago. By modern standards, it's only slightly preferable to a third world country.

>Why do you think youkai’s lives worth less than human’s lives?
Because most Youkai are selfish murderous assholes. You could argue the same thing about humans, but at least most people aren't murderers. Nor is their existence parasitic in nature.

Does the human village just not have male prostitutes?

>le first world meme

I thought you're gapped for a second, is your net that bad?

>because their Youkai overlords has been keeping them stupid
They have a brain. The problem is they don’t use them for shit.

>Because most Youkai are selfish murderous assholes.
If they did murder a human, then Reimu would take care of it.

Humans suk t. Not a youkai

>Nor is their existence parasitic in nature.

Youkai dindu nuffin