PlayStation Vita General 3201 - Still (Not) Homo Edition

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>Atelier Lydie & Suelle DLC character ‘Ilmeria Von Leinweber’ trailer

>Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, 7’scarlet, and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk launch in April, May, and June in North America

>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night third trailer; DLC characters announced

>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night add Elizabeth, Caroline and Justine

>Fate/Extella Link adds Arjuna and Darius III

>World End Syndrome delayed to summer in Japan

>Zanki Zero launches this summer in Japan

>Dragon’s Crown Receiving a Patch in Preparation for Dragon’s Crown Pro



>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Updates

>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List

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I'll play with you later tonight cf so cheer up.

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Thanks again

You're so sweet

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I like her gun_

Did you download the DC patch yet?

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I did on my PS3.

Thanks. Hopefully the offer still stands after I wake up from this nap. I'm barely awake right now.

Also, does everyone but me have decent connection? I usually see 0's or 1's for everyone except bast or Janitor. Hell, I didn't even know 4 existed in the game until a while ago.

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Heck no


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Thanks nepgear


It don't matter because it has cross-play.

Also you including an image with every post you make except for like one in the last thread is a big part of why we hit image limit early last thread. Cool it a little.

At first I kinda did not like Vanillaware going into mecha + school stuff, since I've always thought of them as one of the final standing bastions of good ol' classical high fantasy. Like, too many devs and publishers these days want to put their own modern "innovations" and "twist" in fantasy games, and Vanillaware was really great for standing their ground. But I guess I should be open to their new ventures. I mean, that latest trailer that dropped last TGS was really great and impressive. I'll give it a chance.

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I'm in the same timezone as you so no worries there. Either reply to me here or shoot me a message or something when you're ready.

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I honestly think what happens is George Kamitani says "I want to draw this stuff now" and Vanillaware says "ok I guess we're making a game about that stuff".

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The only unfun person to play against is someone who gives up in the middle of the match.

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I didn't notice the hand bottom middle before.

>Also you including an image with every post you make except for like one in the last thread is a big part of why we hit image limit early last thread. Cool it a little.

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>Always want the PS3 version but only find the Vita version
>Now that I want the vita version can only find the PS3 version

I want to grope those plump thighs

Does it matter? Cross-play across all three systems.

I want to suck on that flat chest

But i want to play on vita now

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molest sleeping vitagen

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What are you looking forward to Vitagen?

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and the sauce on your pic

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Good night.
Sleep tight.

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It's not gonna happen user
Give up

Never give up. Even when things look their bleakest.

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The new shovel knight update


It's the sad true user

Are there true anons of other emotions, or just sadness?

There is about 50 minutes left for the sweepstake quest.

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I can't think of anything I desperately want to buy.

Well, I'm going to be hosting an UNIEL lobby for a little while now if you're still interested in playing. Or really if anyone else wants to play for a bit.

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>Remember that DC update removes last few skeletons
Do they remove the entire list of bones in at the Church resurrection guy?

The sweepstake is some random physical prize.


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Oh, there's a lot of promotions going on right now including a 20% off code.

I'll be there in a bit

Try to prove me wrong user

I'm having some retarded zoning fun with Chaos today. I hope you guys don't mind the bullshit.

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>didn't get a round for too long and vita went to sleep right as the match was ending

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Marika is also voiced by Yu Kobayashi, kinda similar deal as she did with Viola in VD. She always does a solid job.

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Are you autopassing on purpose cf?

Currently busy doing something, I'll be right back. Sorry.

cf's room died but I made a new one if you two still want to play.

I have to get back to wageslavery, thanks for the games

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>Amaduyu Tatsuki artworks has shipped
Oh yeah.

Fucking hell these guys. They were supposed to get the Vita version out with English text but never managed to do that.

Yup it's Prototype. Maybe they thought it made more sense to do it on PS4 since there was already a Vita version of Clannad out in Japanese. Those Asian English releases have slowed down compared to years ago.
It's not too uncommon when you license a game for the parent company to have the rights to the translation so they probably threw in the Sekai Project English on it because the work was already done and it was free so why not.
They did have all the work done for the Vita version so I wonder why that never materialized. Even a super small print run would have sold like hotcakes on Playasia. Oh well.

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Overcome the urge to sleep, vitagen!

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Winning over hardships
The paragon of peace and forgiveness
Heil Ion

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Turn off power saving features when you're playing online! It's the polite thing to do!

I think he keeps passing so he'll only fight me.

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My vita actually died when my lobby closed. I went to get my charger after I noticed that.

I was worried he keeps passing because he doesn't like being bullied by bastadon or me.

I'd also like to point out I have no idea how to play mika. I'm just imitating the stuff you repetitively do to me.

It's sad. But at least I can remoteplay it if I want to. Clannad would be a great read, I've only seen the anime.

I'm going to let everyone get one more fight in then close the room after that. Thanks for the games everyone.

It's understandable. Not everyone has fun being bullied.

>I'd also like to point out I have no idea how to play mika. I'm just imitating the stuff you repetitively do to me.
Yeah I noticed that. It's pretty easy to deal with so I'm back to wondering about those who dodged me in rank. Still fun though as I've yet to see any other Mika at all

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Hey bastadon, if you want to continue our mika v mika messing around after the lobby closes, I'll be happy to play some more if you make another lobby.

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Mika's flatness turns me into a beast

I'm so fucking pissed right now. They even made the showcase version for it, and then it's the fucking PS4 port that gets released? Fucking why? Why would you buy a VN on a console if you have it on PC, what's the benefit? With handhelds it's definitely the ability to read it like a book pretty much anywhere, with PC and console you're always locked in one place.

Seeing shit like this is infuriating, especially after Aksys announces THREE freaking otomes for English market for Vita in 2018.

I'm probably going to remoteplay it, would be great native but it is what it is.

>wake up in the middle of the night
>check online on a whim
>there's a lobby open still
Such rampant destructive energy, vitagen. I won't barge in though so you guys can finish up when you want, rather than anyone feeling obliged to go on longer I should force myself back to sleep anyways

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You can join in if you'd like

I'm going as far as 20 rounds as Mika or until my rank drops before I pick another character.

The maiden of slumber's siren call beckons me, so it'll need to be tomorrow

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I'm so happy to see you alive today as well!

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Doesn't the patch make everything worse?

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Odds - Buy OLZ

Evens - Buy gym pass


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Not too often I play a game and actually like all of the cast.
Are her glasses from a class change?

Get the gym pass anyway.
A year from now you won't regret picking up OLZ a little late but you will regret not getting a gym pass sooner.

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>>Are her glasses from a class change?
Yeah, it's the last class there.

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Kiwami 2

Those mirror Mika matches were fun but I feel as though she may be more difficult to get a handle of than previously thought. At least that's what the impression I got from you felt like.
From what you've been doing, I don't really see the problem with how she is though -- due to her extremely short range she has to be up close to do literally anything and is considered low-tier afaik.
Still fun though.
I still don't really consider any of the other characters a secondary 'main'. Wald, Linne, and Phonon are just people I like to use at times but I've yet to play them outside of vitagen lobbies and don't know any combos with them like I do Mika.

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This looks suspiciously like Kuon.

>Tfw you would have to buy a PS4 and use Remote Play to play games that were meant to be played on Vita

I know in some ways we're living in a great timeline, but this thing is the one that would justify a hefty divergence.

Will you be getting Bunny Must Die's physical release from SLG?

>>This looks suspiciously like Kuon.

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I'm not sure I really portrayed mika in any decent light. I was bullshitting half or more of the time with chains and moves I'm not familiar with at all. She has the playstyle I'm least fond of: lots of dashing. Her main strength is playing keep-away to stay safe using her rocket thing, but I can't do it well enough like you do. It also might be because it's a mirror match, but her moves have like priority over everything that's not a reversal, and sometimes they even beat out reversals.

I mean just being good at using them isn't the only criteria you can say someone's your main. Just play them a lot or be known for playing them for some other reason are some other things for instance.

So if I get zoned and won't struggle, I'm unfun?

Goodnight, vitagen.

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That's a good one user

Why is kuon mad?