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Hey fish friends! We're back!

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big gote

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Chara is precious.

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big lizard

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Its not a Dreemurr Picnic, retard

That's a nice Dreemurr family picture

>there are two types of people

This is the absolute sole truth.

Asgore and Toriel are not officially divorced around the time Frisk is adopted, so there's at least three Dreemurrs there.

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Someone who is correct and someone who is wrong. Asgore is the only Dreemurr and hes not in that photo.

what is he even licking

This picture makes me sad

That's a wolf he's licking.

but why

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Chara is dogshit

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Taking out your frustrations on random people online is pretty shitty tbqh

Another picture to filter, fucking charafags ruining everything.

People have strange fetishes

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Requesting this thread with everything removed and replaced with Underswap Sans.

Posting clear bait is also pretty shitty, but I suppose that's the Charafags bread and butter at this point.
Being assholes.

>He's attacking characterfags again to cause thread drama once more
Pretty weenie.

Are you legitimately deranged?

Where is the bait?

Toriel has the right idea.

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i like this goat

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>posting edited photos isn't bait
Don't pretend to be retarded

narrachara is life

Post the original

Are you the one who posted it? No? That's what I thought.
Go fuck yourself, shitter apologist

Never mind, I guess it's asshole hours now.

Narrachara is not my jam

The Charafag started it, blame them for being a shitter in the first place
>spend literally years trying to get this place killed
>but still retards jump to their defense
You're legit mentally retarded.

take your fucking meds

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Real funny coming from you, don't you have mods to go scream and cut yourself about?


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anyway i assume charafag is a scott/famon-type guy
this is all i have anyway

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It's fine to have differing opinions.

Now they can be together forever. As it was meant to be.

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>isn't titled Dreemurr family picnic
Called it, the poster is a shitter.
Do you need more proof?

It isn't an edited photo like you claimed.

Different person, the guy is clearly shit posting. Are you seriously defending a known asshole like this? How new are you?


respond to this

This is the same picture but in two different resolutions.

i wanna ____ this goat

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Different person :^)

>ever decent
They're assholes that get off on making other people mad, they've always been this way. Why do you dumbasses always defend them?

Do not engage in Characterfag drama. It is baby tier bait.

>characterfag drama

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Is this your new bogeyman? Why don't you go hug it out with him in the discord if you love him so much? :^)

It's a triple feature tonight boys and girls! Discord drama, falseflag puppeteering AND Characterfaggotry. What a horrible night to be on /utg/.

Nothing the report button won;t solve/

I blame Charafags desu

I blame your mother.

Asgore is best goat

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What do you think Gaster will be like if he ever makes a significant appearance?
Also, what's your favorite fan interpretation of Gaster? Either art-wise or personality-wise.

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If he's so good why wasn't he invited to this picnic?

He's taking the picture


Momfags (in the sense of general Toriel fans, not just Veeky Forums) are assholes, I've known this since late 2015. It's nothing new and getting upset about it only makes it worse and amuses them.
Just filter it if it makes you mad

I personally think he's an intact version of the mystery man, so my interpretation is pretty bog standard.

>tfw no Tori to fall asleep on me like this.

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See? Not worth getting mad at, it's what they want. Just ignore and move on.
You'll thank me later

I want the lizzur to fall asleep on me

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No one cares about your shit taste

The only non-mystery man based Gaster I've seen is the Charataker one. Though mystery man is almost certainly supposed to be Gaster so it's not surprising it's the most common design base for him.

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Why are you trying to stir shit by pretending to be me?

I don't like you, you're an asshole and yet you don't stop

hush hush, he's not worth replying to

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For the record everything after
Wasn't me

Stop trying to censor everything on here, lizardcuck

He's been a good boy

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tfw no goat husbando

>tfw no gote wife to bake pies for me every day

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>he likes Alphys, Asgore, Asriel, or Chara
Is there anything more sad? How broken do you have to be to relate to fuck ups of that scale? Do you have no sense of self respect?

Not releated but does anyone else find it a bit odd how /v/ apparently can't enjoy any character that tried to kill you?
It's their number one complaint about any non Papyrus character and it's just so odd to me that there are actually people out there that can't like a villian character or even just a character that was an antagonist at some point.

lewd spood

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Papyrus is a shit and boring character desu

Toriel's socks

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awful taste

>He likes the autstic retard
There's a reason people only care about him because he's releated to Sans

How scandalous.

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once again, awful taste

He's going full retard tonight.


He's always going full retard

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I censored this so I could post her glorious socks.

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Got a link to an uncensored version?

It's at the end of this doujin.


Oreos+Chocolate Milk is the bees knees, prove me wrong you can't, but you're entitled to having a different opinion

Is it wrong to marry a skeleton?

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Neat, thank you.

If it's a sapient monster skeleton that was never actually dead/has the ability to do things skeletons can't do? No, nothing wrong there unless it's not consensual

What a shame

I don't even give a shit, I'm enjoying Tori and her sexy socks.


>Go cut yourself Jelly, but this time don't stop until you stop breathing. Do the universe a favor.
Just FYI, he doesn't visit the thread anymore.
Vaguely curious which of the motley crew of psychotics from the /utg/ discord this is

Suicide baiting is shitty and it makes you a shitty person.

If you suicide bait people, don't kill yourself, but do get off the internet for a while and get some therapy.

post sad art

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wheres all the floweyfags