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First for reminder to bump the thread

The virgin vscaper
The chad ironman

took me long enough

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>the chad vscaper, can run forever
>the virgin ironman, can run for 30 seconds
>the chad vscaper, acquires his 99s in record time thanks to slaves acquiring his mats for him
>the virgin ironman chopping 96k oaks for thousands of hours with an iron axe
>the chad vscaper, slaying thousands of demons and spiritual mages supplying his inferiors with free gear
>the virgin ironman, grinds to 85 slayer to kill a few hundred demons and mages to not look like a mega plebeian
>the chad vscaper, has been wearing barrows items since since he acquired 70 defence
>the virgin ironman, grinded thousands of barrows chests and the only full sets he got were karil's and torag's
>the chad vscaper, grinds in silence, is self aware and satisfied by his numerous accomplishments
>the virgin ironman, feels the need to shit up yell constantly and have an icon next to his name to validate his accomplishments to others

Make the right choice when you leave tutorial island.


how many times did you die

once, this was my second attempt because i got cocky with my flicks first attempt

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whoops! thread already ran out of things to talk aboot

gratz raltz

did an image search, this is one of my favorite images in the book, I like the architecture more than the rest though


for oven

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>that slayer at that combat level
pcfags are disgusting

Remove pc when

is multiboxing two ironmen allowed

Remove slayer rerolls when

no because that would be fun and fun is against the rules

Ask latent :^)

>remembering latent
hi latent

Shit toast



hi faggot

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slylar is mine

your what?

Used to play back when Veeky Forumsscape was only a couple of weeks old, coming back because I miss play it, but would my account still exist or nah?

if you can't remember credentials message one of the admins in the steam group

Guess my accounts got reset, that's fine. I wanted to re-do the tutorial anyways, I fucking miss seeing it.

See you on the other side friend

I should have warned you - a very long time ago, perhaps mid-2015, an ex-admin, Mr Foxter, hijacked a multitude of very old accounts. Our current admin team revoked him of his privileges and had to reset each account created in 2014's password. The reason it was only these accounts was because they were passwords stored whilst the server was in the possession of Mr Telescope. However, later our current host, Odel, took his place. Foxter took the passwords stored while under Telescope's care and that's how he hijacked them.

Foxter was always an asshat, but to that extent is amazing. What a cockhead.


haha yeah same

How many people play this game? Is it a huge botfest?


I remember when I joined in early 2015 he was still ddosing the server and we'd have major downtime

>latest OSRS poll
>should we add an attachment item as loot to raids 2 to make the dragon defender (already best in slot) a stronger best in slot item
>should we add a scythe that's significantly better than dhally to begin with that hits 100% 50% and 25% on 3 squares or 3 times on large enemies with regular attacks rather than spec
>should we add a 94 stab attack bonus sword with whip attack speed and 2 higher melee strength (but no spec)
>should we add a mage staff with a 1/6 chance to heal from NPCs and BIS stats

>all passing a 75% threshold vote
fucking power creep
this shit is making me wanna return to vscapes ded content

dont start shit with OSG btw, just posting this here so all of you can be disgusted at the absolute state of jamflex and the reddit OSRS playerbase as well

>osrsfags seriously beleive they aren't RS3 2.0

Fucking the game up horribly with each new update is actually an effort by Jagex to be accurate to the period oldschool is based on.

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At least they fuck up the game less just trying to milk people who buy bonds to sell for gp than they did when actually trying to improve things.

also you know 1/3rd of all of Jagex' income is just RS3 microtransactions despite RS3 having 1/3rd of the playerbase of OSRS? This is how OSRS justifies not having microtransactions, adding new 50-100m items for idiots who will never max a single skill to spend $100+ of real cash to buy (pic related)

the absolute state of runescape

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Its quested actually :^)
except for range from camping tokkul niggers

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contact a mod, they can recover your account for you

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pm me in game

hi raltz
why is this for me

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