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I love Alisa!

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play jin

Once you hit the 100 hour mark of the EWGF vortex your neurons have subtly begun to change. By hour 200 you know nothing but EWGF.

Other players simply cannot comprehend the enlightenment that comes with mastering a Mishima. It is a state of pure zen that is akin to speaking with God. Playing another character is dirtying yourself and must be cleansed by performing a ritual in involving hundreds of CH DF2 PEWGF loops.

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Why would you play Jin when you could play Noctis instead.

Why would you play kekken when you could play a fun game instead

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I’ve seen people lately have Tekken god prime as their online rank on ps4? How do people hack it?

tfw people are always mashing and getting blown up by KNK2 and i cant do my sick KNK roll dash baits

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Looking to buy my first fight stick anons.

In between TE2+ and the Razer Panthera anons.
TE2+ supposebly breaks down and isn't as solid but the Panthera cost more and I cant change the artwork. Any advice /tekgen/?

>play jin

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if there is a problem with sticks at a tournament you just know it's one of these

no, it's just the ps4

TE2+ stock might have a higher chance of breaking down but you get to customize every aspect of it while the Panthera you can do the same under the hood but not its exterior. If you plan on using it stock only, I'd go with the Panthera. If you are going to mod the dick out of it to hell and back might as well go TE2+

Huh first time hearing thats
I dont think I'll mod much, probably change artwork and buttons down the line. I appreciate the advice user

I can't get past the title screen since the Noctis patch, it's just a black screen.
I just want to play Tekken

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But Lowhigh has been playing for years. He's one of the best players but when the pressure is on he tends to crumble.

That’s what I’m hoping for

well he's quite a bit younger than the other top players, and some people are worse under pressure, Anakin always chockes vs Koreans

update your drivers. Had same problem, and this fixed it.

Update your drivers

New tekken player here, and sorta new at fighting games so i'm completely shit at the game.

How the fuck do you punish noctis' move where he throws a blade that goes into an attack grab? Seems safe on block and can't seem to hit on sidestep since he rolls afterwards.

Low rank is 99% of these faggots turtling and spamming this.

F2? you can sidestep it, parry it if you are jin, df1 or backdash after it

who do you play


do throw or low after blocking it. Also do sidesteps when you are at range where you expect Noctis to throw it. If it whifs you can launch him.

hey thanks a lot ill learn that, but what string do i do when im not at the wall then? my gameplay consists of me turtling like a retard and trying to whiff punish because i dont know how to actually go offensive with hwo properly

I guess not everyone can be like Doujin: Boy Genius. Honestly Doujin is stupidly good considering how young he is and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes it to global finals this year.

yeah i've been trying to launch with d/f2 or f2 but everytime i whif. what's worse is that i can't even try in practice since i don't own the dlc

reminder that shadow"saintkiller"20 will be season 2 twt champion

Get a hitbox

db4,3 picks him up everytime
im not an asuka player so I don't know the off axis combo but yeah try that

I am not Asuka player but try different launchers as whiff punisher. Maybe her cancans would hiot better? And if you still have no luck, just go for some faster move. Once you are more familiar with timing you can try launchers again.

That Hei was coming off his big nerfs from DR but he got direct and indirect upgrades in BR, hence why he's the 2nd worst Hei. He did not have a regular hopkick. You probably saw a guy launching with CH neutral hopkick.

Big DR nerfs:
No more b2, that meaty + on block tracking mid is now gone.
No more TP. The new df12 is now just a good 13f punish and bounding move from the best 13f punish by a mile and what allowed Hei to launch crouchers too. Also hurts his low parry because 6 was the last game low parry was a stagger instead of an auto bound like now
Still no meaty low like db2. Old db2 was just a lame ass poke like db3. FC df4 doesn't do the job being crappy in the open and you have to crouch in their face with Hei's WS and CD game not being that good.

But 6BR is when he got that dumbass f3 that I love to use

It worked.
How could I ever repay you?

Try u4 and/or cancans (d3+4)

Considering the likes of JDCR, Jimmy, and other world caliber players picked him apart like he was a fly I don't see that happening. He's definitely got a bright future, though.

why do you keep shilling him

thanks anons. will try

What's wrong with Heihachi's hellsweep in t7?

I honestly think it's the character. He's obviously really good with Claudio, but he has to work extremely hard just to get some offense going due to Claudio's meme tier lows.

By giving me 100 internets

>Maybe her cancans
Terrible option as a whiff punish because they're super linear and have a long whiff animation. Even if they hit he'll be floated in an awkward way that won't allow for any kind of follow up.

Well from Twitter when he was talking to to KoDee he seemed like he might give Kazuya another try since that was his old main. But I think it's not as simple as the character, Jimmy and JDCR both seemed to just completely see through his gameplan and tore him apart.

The second hit is not a natural combo on normal hit but the first hit is still a staggerable low. You can land the first hit and still get fucked, unlike any other hellsweep.

Lil Majin will breakout this year

Don't forget BKC also bodied him at strong style. It seems like his issue is just dealing with players with extreme veteran knowledge. It's kinda like how a talented NBA rookie can get locked down by an average veteran. They've seen enough to know how to get inside the young guys head and neutralize their talent.

Cause he saw someone young beat Saint, but like Doujin did it twice last year and he's younger.

Got the game a while ago but started it for the first time yesterday. Have an Xbox one pad and it's alright but the dpad is kind of awkwardly placed. Plugged in my fightstick but it feels totally different.

Any layout tips or just tips to get used to it?

Everyone is starting to beat Saint at this point. Talk to me when he beats JimmyJ or Knee

Find a flaw.
Protip: You can't

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she isn't real and she's a robot

her combos aren't as flexible as i'd like


she isn't on my cock

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There is literally nothing wrong with being a robot.

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She's no KOS-MOS

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name 3 good things about being a robot

live longer than humans
have chainsaws in your arms
can fly

It just takes time to get used to stick. Took me about 2 weeks when I made the switch a few months into T7 and I was breaking a life time of pad play.

Was totally worth it though, feel way more comfortable and it's more fun to use.

Does /tekgen/ use pad or stick? If stick, which stick?

PS3 pad or go home



I use pad because I have a bad habit of holding db if I use stick, and I can't do IWR moves

Qanba Obsidian

You know thinking about it any fictional girl that's a robot has a higher chance of becoming real than non-robot girls.

Don't have to sleep/get tired, Can upgrade yourself, Don't have to smell things if you don't want to.

I can't wait for my Alisa sexbot!

Stick for online

Pad for casual

>promote off a lesser Noctis
Well I'm off to go hook me a whopper, later kid

TE2 with battop

Qanba crystal

Honest pad player.

My stick is currently in the mail, I bought a entry level one because I have no idea if I'll like stick play or not

Post godlike tracks from the T7 OST


Get out of here Steve.

>finally fight my first Asuka as Noctis
>it goes exactly as I thought it would, he kept trying to parry shit and eating attacks
>didnt land a parry once
I love it, fuck these shitters

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are they trying to parry your weapons?

yeah, 80% of what Noctis does can't be parried unless it's Jin
actually, I don't know if Geese can parry noctis weapons, maybe he can

>asuka is the parry character
>isn't even given a useful parry
what did they mean by this

>He will never return in t7

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I'm glad him and Wang are finally gone


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I for one use an Etokki Omni
korean stick of course

Give me Armor King instead.

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Quanba Obsidian with a Crown 309 I just installed today.

I actually ran into a GM Asuka that only used their parry once in 5 games, and it was more of a panic one than something they naturally do cause I use laying on the pressure. Made me proud as an Asuka main that rarely uses parries.


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best track don't even debate me

good taste

The next Asuka I fought, the first round he mashed parry a few times and obviously it didn't work. The next two rounds he just kept holding forward, giving up.
I have no words for these shitters. He had like 900 games at brawler. Usually I don't make fun of ranks or anything cause you know, everyone is trying to do better at their own pace, But something about Asuka players causes them to be the worst of the bunch.
The funny thing was he had the Noctis dlc. He was using the hit effect. So it's like he didn't even bother to lab him.

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what rank is harada san?

Jug Asuka I played knew his connection was shit, couldn't for the life of him stop doing launch punishable shit and going high risk 24/7
1k wins at Jug, and he only won when I got tilted by his kfc internet.

green rank at most

Give me Jin art

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I'm going to win evo!

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>Look at me mom I play Jin because I want to be as cool as he when I grow up