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First for unhappy gacha

Hi, how are you doing this evening?

I was expecting emperors Ssb for that +10 mag. At least isn't a dupe

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Don't ever talk to me again

>4 usbs, 1 osb, 1 good burst among the rest being lmrs/ssbs
all smiles here famalam

kill me

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*kills u*

1 is pretty good for Holy, but could be better.

3 is okay for wind.

7 is great for dark.

10 is okay for water(I use it to beat Maliris), but it's definitely outdated.

11 is fucking great for ice, only surpassed by Sora and Squall BSB2.

14 is also great for fire.

Rest is meh, so pick your choice from that.

>at least it isn't a dupe
>gets the best magic earth BSB so far
user, are you okay?

I want to impregnate Shantotto and see what creature is the result of our unholy union

See, this doesn't really help me much.

This is probably the best pull all night right here.
Jesus, FFII's pool is just like the game itself.

Just pick 11, all three relics are good.

cant be as disapointing as a 6 star dupe

I want to cuck

I really want to pick XI because I want Ayame's BSB and I'm an MMOshitter, but I already have the OSB and Prishe's ssb. I could go with Sephiroth for more dark but he's ugly.

I want to cuck this cuck

Those of us who pulled dupes, I think we should actually be grateful. FFII was a horrible FF game that no one even likes

>6 star dupe
>ends up being an amazing + or ++ stat stick

Hey now, I like Firion.

At least I liked how he played in Dissidia.

I'm still debating over V and X, nobody ever gave me a response. I'm leaning towards V though.

Threadly reminder that Vayne Solidor did nothing wrong.

I unironically like FFII, I played it last hear and the story being so dark was kinda enjoyable

I would've liked a non dupe, this was literally my only FFII relic

i'd say its more disappointing because you're like 'oh shit 6 star!' then the game shits on your face

See, I have a solid amount of ice, just lacking chain, so unless one of them is a better imperil than Laguna's ssb, I'm less inclined towards it.
That said, with Zell's USB and Thancred's imperil bsb, xiv is more enticing than I thought at first.

I actually know a guy who absolutely adores FFII and would defend it to the death.
I never argue with him about it because it's just talking to a brick wall.

Man I would have used Minwu.

Wanna change that top tier earth bsb for a shitty guy ssb?

>ace ssb
>alph bsb dupe
>sazh usb
>basch ssb
>shantotto ssb
>lulu ssb dupe
>zidane lmr
>irvine ssb
>sephiroth ssb
>setzer usb dupe
>bartz bsb3
>rydia ssb
>Ingus bsb2
>minwu usb
Is it good?
who /late bloomer/ in terms of happy gacha luck here?

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Its not that I don't like FF2, its that FF2 apparently doesn't like me. Other than Minwu at least.

I still really like my Leila BSB though, I use it on occasion even now. She is pretty, and I like poison stuff.

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Set up an internet cage match between him and Vaynefag.
5 gil on Vaynefag

Both have en-water relics, but Teedus's OSB is +water weapon, so eh.

Fair enough.

It's a 0 cast time heal, party stoneskin and last stand, it's the perfect "Oh Shit" button and probably one of the best things you could have pulled from II.

AoE isn't recommended for the Cosmos MP, right? I remember some nasty weak phase attacks if all of their HP gets low

arent you the faggot who complained every happy gacha before this

Did you pull in any of the happy gacha that aren't XII's Vaynefag?

He is.

played it more than a decade ago but I remember not completely hating it. the game is so forgettable, wouldn't have remembered a single character without all this gacha exposure

Yeah, my inner debate goes like this:
>FFV, I have Bartz USB and earth BSB plus he's fully dived. This would make him even better, my 5* water spellblade is already honed
>don't have a medica for V, this would fix that
>FFX, I'd love a +water sword, I don't have any +water weapons.
>enwater+water OSB might be better for magicite than water spellblade spam
>the X medica is useless for me, already have Yuna USB
Correct, especially Vaan, kill him last.

>Died to Apoc+ Barbariccia because I literally had to sit still and wait for her to deem herself worthy to shift forms before I could whack her with a 0CT jump
>and that never happened
Were it not for the crystals from mastery I would have slayed you

Yes the arbitrary jump medal was bullshit. I went in with a weaker setup and still had to wait until ~35% before i could get my medals

Attached: Screenshot_20180322-203055.png (720x1280, 800K)

>more story
>characters interact with each other more
>Empire's story and characters are fleshed out
>no forced encounter rooms
>encounter rate is customizable
>more spells
>abilities like Jump, Steal, etc are in
>Firion has Dissidia & RK skills
>Maria, possibly a ranged spellblade/mystic knight?
>Guy uses animals/Ranger/Animist/Geomancer
>more ways to increase stats and proficiencies
>revamped dungeon designs
There, I fixed II.

Attached: Final Fantasy 2 eldi13-d45pon1.png (3402x2297, 422K)

>this fight is always build around Kain
>I'm the only person on earth who still doesn't have Kain relics
Fuck tornado tits, at least Rosa USB tends to neuter the hell out of her.


Attached: Screenshot_2018-03-22-19-30-26.png (1080x1920, 2.17M)

Thank you, going to throw some rooms out for Stage I then II if anyone wants to tag along

Do you not know what a late bloomer is?

>Maria, possibly a ranged spellblade/mystic knight?
Make her an Arcane Archer, D&D style and we're good to go. Fund that remake.

Add Hilda and Paul as playable characters and let the player choose who they want to use for the endgame.

You wouldn't fuck your grandma

FWIW, Teedus OSB can help you beat Maliris, but if you can already do that without it, Butz en-water is pretty good.

The way I see it:

>+ Teedus is a better water attacker
>+ +element weapons, specially if 6*, can withstand powercreep more easily than soul breaks
>+ like I said, that combo can let you use him as solo DPS for Maliris t(hough a half-dive at least might be needed)
>+ Let's be honest, there's only so much an SSB medica can do if that character isn't named Arc

>- Teedus benefits more from balls than swords
>- If you can already beat Maliris, Butz might do a better job if you don''t have Teedus USB and/or chain

I don't think I helped a bit, sorry.

it's actually hp stock not last stand

You're right, my mistake. Still it's really damn good.

Heh, see why I've been going round and round?
I've actually yet to give it a try, I think I'll see how a test run goes on Saturday and make my choice based off that. Thanks, you did indeed help.

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Fucking dupes
On the bright side I have literally nothing on FF1 so a dupe is impossible, I will for sure get shit like Echo or Wol SSB though

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thats not the point faggot, why complain when all the pulls arent done with?

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Everytime I see ring ring I think of that britney spears and kevin federline gif

I've got Sarah BSB and Garland BSB, I don't like my odds. Enjoy your new relic tomorrow though.

If she looked cute, I would

>Wakka is featured in the Ramza banner.

For what purpose is he there?

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hi im your grandma

to piss you off

Fuck off, Jake

Fucking kek, that takes me back.
Somebody come join this RK raid.
To spread the word of Yevon, brudda

Speaking of....

I'm going to get WoL's SSB or Garland's chain and there's nothing you can do about it.

Also, what's up with them giving Garland Caius's sword.

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2 chains out of 23 relics
We gonna get lucky bois

Nah that's Nichol, Jake wants to sex the cat

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Attached: IMG_20180323_124642.jpg (654x638, 69K)

1 more for this raid

7 here.
>Garland's BSB1 is trash but will never show up again so the collector in me clamors for it
>all that WoL stuff
>and then there's Wol with his one relic
Someone here is gonna get Mobius'd and I will legitimately feel bad for them.

Attached: IMG_20180323_124629.jpg (760x612, 74K)

>No Thief (I) because of DeNa faggotry schedule switching
it hurts

I got a dupe in a realm I had 2 relics for an hour ago. I have zero hope for this one because I have one dupe on it and I'm going to get it.

Bring it on dena, dupe me over again and take my luck right now so that I have it back when the fest banners drop.

You should really play and enjoy the romhack of Seiken Densentsu 3: Secret of Mana 2 Sins of Mana ( all romhacks need a cheesy subtitle afterall)

They took a game where you mash auto attack and unlock your final set of spells only at the final dungeon (without tons of grinding) and fixed the leveling curve, split your auto into weak attack and strong attack, added a death penalty ( removed at inns but not heal/save points) improved enemy AI and variety, improved loot. All items are side grades now that offer really interesting passives, especially on weapons and relics. Accessory slot items are now relics, each character gets two slots and they are no longer character restricted (Durans shields are rolled into the relic slot but remain unique to him) and these offer big important passives like lifesteal, spell upgrades (dark spells curse and light spells set opponets up for counter hit, or you can equip to multitarget your spells early) and other similarly weird abilities.

Furthermore, the 3 player patch is included in the base game, and a patch to skip spell animations has been recently added as well ( This really helps speed up the potion spam. Bigly.) These things along with a fixed level curve (Class changing at the wind crystal is a given instead of a grind now and second class change by fire/water crystal is common) means the game gets good so much sooner. And this is a massive game. Every square of the world map is explorable on foot

6 stories that branch into 3 major plots, the best job system ever, and a beautiful world that has given us some final fantasy series staples ( The white monk class, female dragoons, the aura spell) You owe it to yourself to play this incredible game.
all this aside has anyone played the game and can u tell me where the secret shop is?

or you're retarded

It wasn't going to be in anyway since the event was originally after OK USBs, the cut-off point for them.

>wanting Thief shit
Unless you wanted Garland USB/BSB2, which is okay.

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nigga i aint reading all that lmao

>tfw STILL saving for Garland USB/BSB2
One day, my friend.

calm down kid

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1/23, fitting as it is FF I after all

luna's lunies!!

>Edea's Gravigas are actually lethal.

Well then

pic related is my party.

Hawk as Wanderer
Lise as Vandise
and Carlie as Necromancer

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Attached: IMG_20180323_124658.jpg (687x613, 76K)

Seems legit.

Attached: S8LfyJO.png (1920x1200, 2.9M)

2/23 but honestly the only thing that'd help me out of this whole selection is WoL's CSB and hard maybe Garland's

The absolute state of powercreep

>flat araara
Trash artist

Have fun with your mobages, faker. You'll never be a real gamer boy

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Sarah's BSB is nice, unless you're already loaded on healer relics.

no u

Superior taste

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Sarah's BSB is exactly one of the things I already have

Nope, I haven't pulled on any yet. I may pull on a few, but the True Hero does have another relic coming soon ish so I need to be as prepared for that as I can be.

calm down kid

>Echo has 4 (FOUR) relics while Wol has one
This isn’t right