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>BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Releasing on May 31 in Japan, June 5 in North America: personacentral.com/blazblue-cross-tag-battle-releasing-may-31-japan-june-5-north-america-new-trailer/
>Persona 5 anime to start airing April 7th 2018: p5a.jp
>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night confirmed for release on May 24th 2018:

>Groojos are fucking gay
>And that's okay!

>Atlus' online shop is now open: shop.atlus.com/
>Persona Q2 revealed: pq2.jp

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I think it was Ren Amamiya - the famous social reformer - who first pointed out how lovely I was. Before that time, I think it is safe to say I had never really been aware of my own timeless brand of loveliness, but his words smote me. For you see I am lovely in a fluffy, moist kind of a way. I walk - let's be splendid about this - in a lightly scented cloud of gorgeousness that isn't far short of being quite simply terrific. The secret to smooth, almost shiny loveliness in the order of which we're discussing in this simple, frank, creamy soft way doesn't reside in oils, balms, ointments, creams, milks, moisturizers, lubricants, or balsams if I may be rather divine for just one noble moment. It resides in - and I mean in this in a pink, slightly special kind of way - in one's attitude of mind. To be gorgeous and high and true and fine and fluffy and moist and sticky and lovely, one must simply believe that one is gorgeous and high and true and fine and fluffy and moist and sticky and lovely. I believe it of myself - tremulously at first - and then with mounting heat and passion because - stopping off for a moment to be super again - I am so often told it. That's the secret really.

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Missonary with Makoto!

Wow what a shit OP. At least make it Persona related instead of trying to make people notice your OC.

You hear that sis?! You're gonna pay!

She's a molester!

She's a CHIIIIIIILDDDD molester!


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Ren is from Sumaru City!

pls no shitposting

Reraksu reraksu!

I love Anne now!

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Just got done rewatching the P4 anime. What should I rewatch next? The P3 movies or P4GA?

>Yusuke warps time to defeat ritualposter

why not both?

Velvet trailer soon

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yeah but in what order

is there anything worse than a P5onli?

You of course

I want to replay P5 as the anime runs, matching playthrough progress to the episodes.

Jump for joy!

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I wonder who's behind this post

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i mean you already rewatched P4A. do P4GA then P3 Movies

Looks like Yukari from Girls und Panzer. What a weird crossover haha

>Fuuka wearing platforms to hide her smolness

>watch P4GA
Why would you ever suggest someone do such a thing?

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Thanks, personabab.
I would send an Anne picture but I'm phoneposting.


I love Anne!

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She's mine /pg/

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because its good
no problem


because it's dumb fun
and the Adachi episodes are great

Don't watch P4GA he is trolling you

She's mine /pg/

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fuck off avatarfag


Her name is Ann.

>vocabulary only consists of "I love Anne!"
>normalfag tier
>reddit's favorite girl
>pedophiles and lolicons mostly like her

You're ugly

seething p5onli

>because its good
You think fawning over a shit character and turning Yu into an unlikeable jackass because of her is good?

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Who is that bottom option? The Devil summoner chick? Yeah I guess they are snowflakes.

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Neck yourself

I want all the girls to sexualize me.

Do you have a shitpost like this for P3 and 4?

Are you a teenager?

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It’s not though

No because he's a p5onli

no. P3 and P4 girls are good

Naotofags need to kill themselves for stealing Kanji's girl and breaking the bro code

My cognitive version is.

This but unironically

I wanna bully groo for his childish taste in guns!

Kawawriter here.

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How do I find my ideal pursowner girl?


to P5onlis:
why won't you play other Persona games?

>stealing Kanji's girl
we didn't steal rise

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Watch all social links on Youtube.

Fuck if Ginji.

they look gay lol

God, I wish that were me.

It’s fine, he has Rise now

they look like shit

I hate Chiefags


P5 is the only good Persona.

To be honest they really don’t have any reason to

You realize that P5 is a ps3 game right? no excuses emulate them at 1080p or higher

So does P5, what's your point?

Me too, but only if the girls were all replaced with clones of Goro

I love my Queen

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Are there any guys here who accidentally romanced Anne and stuck with her?

Yes, I know.

Now this is some spicy bait.

No Goro.

no. we're not retards like you

I did this but with Makoto

Her name is Ann.

50% of Annefags

Their name is Annfags.

Not saying I did but I knew a few guys who actually did it it's really weird desu

>I did this but with Makoto
Nice try, but no one on earth can make a mistake with "I'll be your study partner" and " you'll find some one"

Release Strange Journey Redux already ffs

I actually fucking love this idea.

Are you autistic?

There's an artist who though saying "You have me" is the nicest answer and he ended up romancing her.

Robots may not post on /pg/.

How the fuck do you even accidentally romance someone when it warns you beforehand? This isn't like P3 where you get railroaded into it.

Anyone that chooses the main girl are boring shits.

seething. at least the main girls are in the spin offs

I like vanilla though

An artist you say?

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It was my first time playing this series desu I didn't know being nice to a girl meant I wanted to fuck her

Being a side-characterfag must be true suffereing. Some of them don't even have more than 1 outfit in the game.

I love Yukari!

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>tumblr gif

No one on earth is this dumb, not even P5onlis. So I won't believe you.