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The Witch is Path of Exile's pure intelligence class

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>Patch 3.2 League: Bestiary
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fuck anime

leagues over guys its time to play something else


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Vaultists or circle retards?
Which are worse?

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poetards are the worst of all

DP Totems with only1 kikezaru and soul mantle, will it be gud or do i need second?


Why do you partake in it?

the entire point of soul mantle is to stack damage with self flagellation so you don't actually want warding flasks and in turn it means you kinda need double kikazaru to not get blown up

or just run scion-guardian for total curse immunity but less damage, depends on how brave you feel in hc


What type of PoE player sells alchemy and vaal orbs? Considering those are two necessary ingredients to map with, what type of players are actively fucking themselves by giving those up? The Vaal Orb recipe is impossible to make good use of and the cards/orbs don't drop nearly enough to keep up with your map numbers.

I send my condolences. That is legitimately retarded. And all they had to do was set it so that Elder always spawns on the highest-influenced Map available.

why is red beast health pool so retarded

so wtf is wrong with circles now? what are you not going to be happy until people are running nothing but torture chamber?

My build is progressing well, but I'm still sad.

I am 53/150 elder endgame grind and I am still stuck on this garbage as well

autistic lab runners and quad boobers probably stock them up as they go unused

it's supposed to be a rewarding experience. lol.

>commit fully to circle strats
>run one map non stop like a proper autist
Why do people think these are the only choices?

So you don't instagib them.
And this, technically.
>Oh hey, red Beast, maybe it's finally a Portal beast so I can get a microcosm closer to actually finishing this Bestiary
>Lolnope, just another shitty one that isn't used in any good recipes
At least give me a catch-all recipe that spawns a Safari zone portal with 1 Guaranteed Red, but costs 1 Red as well of the same major family.

>try hc to get some achievements
>die to hailrake
god this is garbage why would you ever played this
>b-but yours supposed to avoid bosses
yeah might as well avoid the game

>tfw sustaining t15s and almost sustaining t16s
>casually doing shaper and uber elder whenever the opportunity presents itself
>no atlas autism, no reddit strats
>just endgame all game

is reddit really so shit that they can't do guardians and have to stick to yellow maps or what?

>cheap/ssf friendly
>good map clear + good single target
>can run any map mod
a build that hits all of these 4 doesn't exist
not even totems or summoners apply

what are the best gems to level in off-hand for money?


kill me

Theorycrafting a Lightning Tendril Scion (Assassin/Elementalist). Go for life/dodge or go for ES?

>Theorycrafting a Lightning Tendril
stopped reading there

Only go ES if you're Occultist.

what's a FUN hc build :3

cast on death

it's been nerfed that hard, huh?

This game needs a serious overhaul. pruning or renovating of all the useles skills, throwing out of all the shitty league mechanics that have accrued, then re-introduction as combined mechanics

It's not that ES is that bad, it's that ES without extremely costly gear is only good as an Occultist.

There are so many bad maps. And elder is like twice as good as shaper? its probably like 50% better to 100% better. So, I dont know. If you want to get to level 100, if you can play even 20% more efficiently, and it takes you like a month to get to 100, just doing a little math here, that can amount to something like a week's worth of difference in how long it takes. So, there you go.

Oh and by the way, there is this thing that really hurts your chances of hitting 100 and its called dying. And dying happens when you do things you're not used to, or you dont see often. File doing different maps with different with bosses with difference mechanics and damage thresholds all the time under that concept ok? Fuck the bullshit atlas. You have no idea. Fuck the bullshit atlas. Everytime ggg gives you a workaround, you take that shit. You don't fucking sit there and twiddle around in torture chamber, ever. You never do that and if never doing it is an option then you never do it you understand? And if ggg's bright idea to keep me playing is to force me into doing elder clears in softcore they have another goddamn thing coming, and if its to have me doing elder in hardcore well there isn't even very many people that can do i mean considering its only worth if you're killing uber elder to so, fuck that stupid bullshit noise about your atlas ok? you can fuck off with that vaultist shit too. its the only thing to do in softcore, that will actually keep people playing beyond the novelty, 'hey i killed this stupid boss by using 5 portals to it cool'

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Whatever gem isn't on the market. Empowers are retarded because you can level another set or two before that empower levels and you'll ultimately brick it anyway, with a vaal orb.

Meanwhile if no one has lvl 21 dmg at full life gems on the market, for example, you get to set your own price should you hit 21/20.

Hell some gems you're better off leaving 20/20 uncorrupted. Just sift through poe-trade and see what's on and offline.

What build don't say rf or I'll delete your char

>>tfw sustaining t15s and almost sustaining t16s
Then you are very, very lucky. Cause even when I run really hard T13+ maps, I regularly get nothing above a T8.

saboteur ice trap with max aoe

What is even your point?

what should i price this at for shitcrow bestiary?

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>+3 Cold Gems no Spellcrit Chance
Couple Ex.

Annul that +3Life gained, mongolito.

thanks, i usually never get anything good and theres nothing like that on poe.trade to use as reference.
i dont have the balls for that. im broke af

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>you are lucky because i am doing worse
i run REALLY hard ones too!

>>you are lucky because i am doing worse
Yes, that's actually how luck works. In games of random chance (Map drops are random chance), doing better than someone else makes you luckier than them.

That a normal, casual approach to the atlas and mapping is just incompatible with certain goals people have or hope to achieve in a league and that doesnt make them a 'vaultist' or anything like that its just a thing that people do like lab. You have bossing. You have lab, or you map. And yeah maybe there is some niche fringe stuff too, but for the most part, you're doing mainly one of those things. 'Vaultist' is just mapping. Thats all it is. You're dumping on people for mapping. Thats pretty much the extent of what Im trying to say.

how do you see the max roll of an prefixes/sufixes?

And then you have those people like Mathil that just make new builds all the time under some delusion that this game is even remotely balanced. As if his champion character wasn't miles better than that shield throw abortion of a character he just got done playing. And if thats what people want to DO, then godspeed and god bless but its no less or more autistic than vaultist and neither prohibits the other in any for or function so there.

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advanced tooltip in options. Then hold alt.

What is even your point?

Wrath, doesnt even have to be 20%

Oh god, Ive been bamboozled

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why does GGG insist on draining this game of fun
the've nerfed all the good mechanics into oblivion
maybe if they allowed us to tweek some of the values I'd get back into it
I'd pay extra money for a fully moddable version where i can lightning-warp-elementalist super-fast

The game keeps mocking me with those 70 life 70 mana 40 mana regen rings I find even though I'm not a MoM build

How have you been bamboozled?
sucks to get bamboozled

imagine actually getting flim-flammed

KB mines

Will single target be dogshit forever? Should I just go GC instead? Help



You rascals

Did you think that there was any chance that GGG would let Mathil play this league without all the new mtx? I mean did you honestly? If you honestly thought that they would let him walk around without 500$ worth of mystery boxes on his character then you don't know the first thing about pee oh ee.

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not gonna lie i would love to have any HoI mtx

>haven't played in like a week
>run dunes map
>1 red beast and 3 yellows
>find this
did they change something or did i just get lucky?

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Know what they should do?
Skill Effect MTX as Challenge rewards.

Pure luck. Good job!
Also, Red Beasts aren't that rare. Getting one you actually wanna see is rare.

How does % increase melee damage mod on elder rings work ? it's a whooping 30%, is that global damage? Isn't that a bit too much?

It applies to all Melee attacks, yes. And no, not really. The rolls cap at 35% on the top-end. It's also only 35% Increased. Which is nothing. Now if it was 35% MORE, then it'd be insane.

>Isn't that a bit too much?
Consider the following.

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I see, thanks.

GGG should import Poe to mobile. Even pubg is available to mobile.

my pc shits itself when everything starts to explode i dont think mobiles could survive that

since when does completing zana maps not count towards map completion

Unironically, Juggernaut with this and Indigon is insane.
>500 average added PHYS damage to spells at top-end
>Literally thousands of bonus % Increased Damage
>Phys degen of only 300 which can be mitigated by Endurance Charges
Even with just 2 Endurance from tree plus Jugg, you're looking at a mitigation of 72 of that 300 damage. More with a Basalt. More with more Endurance Charges. Juggernaut also gets plenty of Regen, so unless a map has No Regen, you won't even feel the degen.

Since the beginning. But additionally, Map Drops in Zana ignore your Atlas as well and can drop any map whether you've completed it or not.

Does this phys degen contribute towards Unbreakable?

not a hit

>upper submerged passage is no longer a thing

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Unbreakable only applies to hits, not Degens.
Around 2.4 or so. They changed several zones this way. Lunaris is 2 instead of 3 now. Sceptre of god has 2 or 3 less floors now.

wew lad i could swear it did complete the map if you killed the boss

What do you think it is like inside Kitava?

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what's the consensus on skeletons now
melee or mage?


you think you're funny, but you dont

chris wheres my anime mtx

name a funny and relatively viable build for me to try
I'm out of ideas and I know you guys have a lot

I wanna fuck the shit out of the witch and play grim dawn with her


>tfw no clean low resolution and good performance mod with anime girls for poe
why are there no anime arpgs even

>monsters have 100% inc aoe
>boss has 70% inc aoe
>it's a dominus map
should I?

but they actually are
gmp + faster attacks + maybe chain = gg
blows tfo warriors

If hard core skip boss unless you're jugg if softcore who cares

>As an example, Ice Spear performs somewhat adequately in crit-based builds against stationary mid-range bosses, but the large number of support gems required to let it hit multiple targets make it underwhelming against groups of enemies
A thousand fucking hours and they can't realize its the exact opposite of that. Its fine for trash and dogshit for single target.

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I haven't done fairgraves quest for 3 leagues because I thought it gave a trash rare

l m a o @ u

you know when people talk about not sustaining they're not talking about you autists who play 12 hours a day from league launch right?

Will my skillfu get some love?

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there's tree of saviour, but it's pretty shitty