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One of these is better than the other edition.

Previous thread: >What is this game?
Touhou is a bullet hell series made by ZUN where cute girls shoot other cute girls.

>I have questions!
(Includes FAQ, netplay guide, 1cc charts, training tools and more)

>Where can I get the games?
moriyashrine.org/ (For separate game downloading)
nyaa.si/view/979648 (All in one pack)

>Touhou 16 and 15.5 on steam! Please support the official release.

>Introduction and tips for new players~

>Download and apply Vpatch for reduced lag, MoF MarisaB glitch fix, extremely high FPS fix and Windowed screen adjustment (Search ‘vpatch tutorial’ on youtube if you have problems installing it)

>Fangames pastebin (Contains a fixed version of FMW2 without the game-breaking bug)

>/2hug/ Highscore Spreadsheet! (If you want to submit a score, use the term 'score' somewhere in your post)

Touhou was not a mistake but people do get hurt along the way.

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First for Seija a shit.

Second for Seija's game is really good.

Third for Alice's eyes being blue like the ocean

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It really isn't. Its down there with td in terms of boringness.

Fifth for Seija is the cutest girl in all of Gensokyo

Sixth for you have poor taste.

Seventh for does anyone want to play some soku?

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Eight for anti Youkai posting.

Ninth for you didn't actually post a Youkai

10th for I love my wife

11th for maybe the real Touhou Project was the friends we made along the way.

11th for the only friends you'll ever need are your Lunatic 1ccs.

13th for I don't have any friends then

Why does Marisa only have two bombs in PCB?

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Because she's a shit character to play and always has been

because she isn't a unibomber


Your opinion on Mami

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Cute but evil

Not my type but she's not as bad as people make her out to be.

After the dust has settled, I have to admit her battle in TD was pretty good. She should have stayed in that game, though.


Forgettable in TD. Great in FS.

Ruined FS, shit personality, dirty and smelly. A good for nothing piece of shit.

Yes. Obviously, that's why its anti Youkai posting.

Good evening 2hug, Continuing from where I left off a few months ago with CoLA and oh boy

>You will never drink tea and relax with Reimu and Marisa
Maybe this is why I refused to read the printworks, it just reminds me of things I can't have.

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shanari shanari ojousama~

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Ojousama is for lewd.

But on another note the cover art is fantastic, also I found this gem while reading chapter 10

>It is an effect of the present balance between youkai and humans. There are no more humans that exterminate youkai completely, and there are hardly any more youkai that attack humans. It would be a problem if the number of either youkai or humans were to increase, and it would be a problem as well if it decreases.

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Chihaya>Takane>Makoto>Yukiho>everyone else

But then Reimu makes things a little confusing shortly aftewards

>But as there are some people from outside that escape from being youkai food, yet lose their way here, there are always some dead in Muenzuka.
So according to the same source, Youkai rarely attack humans but there's also enough humans that are attacked by youkais and end up dead in Muenzuka.

Is this a translation error or am I missing something here?

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Muenzuka is the wild west of gensokyo, pretty much anything goes there since no one really goes there

>Yukari is a ha-


Is that so? That clears it up then. I thnk.

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Around that time youkai stopped attacking villagers but nobody cares about outsiders.

>Rinnosuke explaining how sex works with to Reimu and Marisa with the bone he found
God damn does CoLA have it's moments.

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It's cool and all you're reading the print works but you don't have to post every single time you find something interesting.

I never liked the art in CoLA

T-tell me more

Outsiders aren't really viewed as "humans", i guess. Would explain a lot about why Reimu doesn't seem to mind so much that they're dying.

Would be better without a head.

Are you just interested in her body?

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Well what's wrong with it? Is is that they're all drawn like lolis?

You think I'm making it up bro? Pic fucking related, caught me by surprise for sure.

Maybe human has a double meaning in Gensokyo like exterminate does.

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NO! WHAT!? Which chapter?

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Chapter 10, enjoy!


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Is this a bamboozle? I can't find it

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no shit sherlock, look at the picture sakuyafag posted, the japanese is clearly photoshopped with some of the text being darker and clearer then the others.

god fucking dammit

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I didn't photoshop the japanese letters, I simply moved a smallar jap text passage and erased the bigger one that was already there to move it. Whole thing took about 2 minutes

I apologize user my leaf blood gets the best of me. It was in good fun I'm sure you understand.

user, you might be a bit retarded.

... I feel stupid

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What if Reimu was a youkai???????!?????

No worries, im cracking my shit up here
Not gonna deny that, but that was convincing edit

>shitposter is a leaf
wow, who could have ever guessed.

Don't worry, HTML tools make it so that there's literally no difference from the source work

Glad you're enjoying it, you anons made my fucking day I'll tell you that.

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The deceaving parts were the capitalized "THAT" and some minor typos like "enchaned" and the lack of capital letters and full stop (which makes me feel worse for falling to it). Other than that it was really convincing as if it were real. ebin shitpost.

One look at this face and you know it's not trustworthy

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Yeah, I kept those in because I had a feeling it would make them more authentic, especially the lack of full stop/periods.

Well she is called the Dangerous Illusionist in StB.
Also fucking saved, thanks user.

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>Yeah, I kept those in because I had a feeling it would make them more authentic, especially the lack of full stop/periods.
I was going to comment that. The fact that it had shitty typos actually made it more realistic.


2hug is dying
Threads have been getting slower

136 threads is far enough, don’t you think? This should be our last thread.

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But I like this place

It doesn’t matter because we have /jp/

But we're better than /jp/, we have meaningful discussion!

How does this even happen? Poor Youmu.

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Even ZUN acknowledges her as a dork

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Oh no I now have a sudden, undesirable control to hug Youmu!

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You can't deny it

Woud you let your 2hu eat you?

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Of course

I can because shitposts as degenerate as this often been posted here.

You are just jealouse because your 2hu is probably a boring human girl

/jp/ has futa, gay shota and gay cosplay threads

It's a good post, much better than yours. You're probably just jealous

Your opinion on lasers

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t. Parsee

Not that bad compared to curved lasers.


*fast bullets

Just dodge

I rather press x

I rather get good

Can you name them all?

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i like freedom of movement, so i generally loathe lasers (and dense lines of bullets).
if they're sparse and disappear quickly then they can be ok.
speed thrills.

>Unnamed Characters
But that's cheating.

I vow to always love this bird

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Not the worst thing about this game

I thought you loved Murasa

fuck off murasafag.

murasafag go away, stop trying to pretend your a different user to safe face


Murasa also have a special place in my heart. Also, can’t you just treat me anonymously? I don’t even avatarfag that hard for fuck sake.

no. This is a general on Veeky Forums where discussion goes to die. The only thing allowed here is shitposting and discord drama.

I guess we’re not better than /jp/ after all

Discord when? I foolishly made a discord account because I thought there’s a secret /2hug/ discord out there.