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Moldy bread: Guess who's back edition.

New Armored Core is officially confirmed. dualshockers.com/armored-core-from-software-continue/

For all newcomers, Armored Core and all JP mecha discussion here. You are welcome to shill western stuff with JP influence.
We can talk about Ace combat as well and puchi posting is fine too.

If you're curious about playing the Armored Core series then please watch this video which has fantastic highlights of the series.


AC pastebin: pastebin.com/eXbPt1yd
Read that if you have any questions. If the pastebin doesn't answer whatever question you may have feel free to ask us in the thread.

/acg/'s partially complete recommendation pastebin:

Steam: steamcommunity.com/groups/armoredcorevg

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Official Strategy guide PDFs for 2, 3, and Nexus :

AC related cover music: ripped from niconico by risto

Understanding Last Raven technical stuff.

AC Webm and Music collection download.
dropbox.com/s/eh12d8bhn4o5t3p/AC Webm.rar?dl=0#
dropbox.com/s/e43xmgrl76l9bpo/AC Music.rar?dl=0

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I was wondering if we'd ever be back

Really wondering what kind of direction they'll go with AC6

Is armored core anime?

I don't think so personally.

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It almost was

What niche are quad legs supposed to fill compared to other leg types? I've never really understood how to use them effectively in any of the games (aside from building floaters in VD).

Lets you use heavy back weapons while the legs are on the ground. 4th gen has a ton of stability which is good for back snipers.

So I basically want to use them on missions where I need a lot of firepower, but I also want more mobility than a tank?

Is that image guide for newcomers to the series in the OP? I couldn't find it there. It's a good image/guide

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Alright I have a handful of problems with this, but the most important one being
>Graphical error would occur for PS2 ones for emulation. Except for Armored Core 3 which has no problem.
Like AC2/2AA worked perfectly fine for me, but with AC3, something with the water is just fucked up.

Also, when was this made?

Maybe three years ago? You'll have to ask KZM.

Stay alive, I'm going to get groceries and something to eat.

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I have returned.

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I dont know how to react to this question

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Where are you taking aaliyah-chan?

To the place where Aaliyah babies are made

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Rayleonard facilities?

Is that today's slang for it?

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Do you guys think Ravens sleep

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Just imagine how exhausted the player character is by the end of Last Raven. You're fighting for 24 hours almost nonstop with maybe 30 minute breaks at best during the most intense parts of it, not to mention all the enemies you face are superhuman freaks of nature high out of their minds on OP-I enhancements. You're probably the only one there who even does need to sleep. The Last Raven protag really is a motherfucker.

They're a god walking amongst mere mortals.

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don't die

Garrison Archangel is coming out on steam early access today it seems

Last bump for tonight

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Last one, good luck.

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