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>Zwei 1 and 2 is out on PC, Steam, GoG and humble bundle

>Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 PC is out on Steam, GoG and humble bundle

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>Latest news

-Ys: Memories of Celceta coming to PC this summer

-Ao fan translation currently 67% edited, release date still uncertain. The Geofront patch currently sits around 60% complete, and someone is working on patches for the leak on the Zero PC version.

-Ys 8 PC delayed once more, and patch fix released for consoles. Switch port also announced, and being worked on by Nis.

-Sen no kiseki 4 website revealed, release date to be around the end of September. Fair warning, it contains spoilers

-PS4 remasters of Sen 1 and 2 to release in March and April 2018, respectively

Pastebin (aka music): pastebin.com/G2mswYCt
Extra Stuff (Guides, downloads, undub patches): pastebin.com/n2G4xL5s

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Love and peace baby!

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I hope these two get an official entry on the OTP list of the Kiseki universe.

Go away, Rean.

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best girl is back

oops you mistyped III instead of IV
oh again Winter instead of Fall
hahah silly you
Oh once more lol! Silly boy!
NISA instead of Falcom haha

Enough shitposting, let's talk about the superior Falcom series.

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Guys, how do I import my CS1 savegames to CS2? Do I need to have both games installed on my PC, with the save-files of the completed game in my CS1 folder?

Where does it check for these?

Haha no problem! Mistakes happen!

Punished Altina.

Put your Cs 1 save on your Ed8 Falcom folder, you don't need the actual game installed. When you start Cs 2, it should ask if you want to import the save before the game starts. You can load a NG+ save on the pastebin for Cs 2, and then it will ask about it.

I want to plow Josette in her tomboy ass

But also fujoshit.

Neat, thanks man. Thought this Easter-week would be a good time to play it. Gonna' jump ship before I get spoiled though. You my nigga' user.

Chances are, you'll end up hating Sen about halfway through. :(

Yes, just the way Olivier likes it :3

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Thanks i guess? I barely did much though.

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Fuck off

Perturbed much? :3

>What originally started as two titles has turned into four. [This appears to be gratitude for the users who have come along with them.]
>All factors with the Empire that have been run from Sora/Sky to Sen/Cold Steel will be concluded. There will be other issues that will not be resolved and continue on through the rest of the Kiseki series.
>If we fail here then the 5 years of Sen will become a waste so we want to properly end it.

What do you think /fg/, will Falcom deliver?

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As long Jusis gets his happy end, and Randy fugs Mireille, then yes.

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All ties to Sky/Crossbell/Sen will be severed beyond the greater picture after Sen IV. About fucking time. Sen has been a waste of 5 years, though.

Oh no, what would I do if suddenly Cold Steel was a waste

They might show up in Calvard, who knows.

Yeah, what if the riveting tales of Rean Coldsteel saving his highschool with the power of friendship ends up not mattering in the long run and at least 80% of Sen was a complete and total waste of time from the get-go? :S

I still had fun playing through them, and i am optimistic for how it's gonna turn out. The lore of part of it is still fun to explore, and it's still a fun experience either way so far, at least for me, surely not my favorite, but not bad either.

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Brandish right? I'll get around to playing them once I'm done with Zewi.

I just hope that it won't disappoint too much.

I remember seeing that woman in a more modern looking game style compared to that one. I assume Brandish also has a port for PSP or something like that? Or am i confusing things and they're all old style games like that one?

I just hope that it gets localized.

>had fun playing through them, and i am optimistic for how it's gonna turn out


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Sen is definitely my least favorite arc, but
it still retains the things I do love about kiseki so it wasn't all too bad, plus
it's been pretty fun to play and seeing how it ends should be interesting.

... Osborne is gonna go out like a complete bitch isn't he?

It's ok, i'll have Altina use Sammy to protect me.

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>ys 8 inferno mode
>just nightmare but with potion progression system removed
Literally what is the point? At leat they didn't tie any achievements to it.

>Osborne is gonna go out like a complete bitch isn't he?

I highly fucking doubt that, if anything he'll go out with a bang. With the way they build him up and recent developments, he can even turn out to be the last boss.

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>english ys viii dogi is voiced by the guy who voiced kana in pillars of eternity
Hello... hello!??!+11

I guess it's there for people who want some extra challenge.
Oath on Inferno though? That shit is brutal.

>Enemies gain even more HP than Nightmare
>Enemies get even faster
>Some bosses gain some extra effects for their attacks
>Pattern changes
>3 hits and you're fucking for pretty much all of them aside from low hit damage bosses

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You're thinking of Brandish the Dark Revenant which is a PSP remake. As you would expect from Falcom it's pretty good, I had more fun playing it than I did the first Brandish which had godawful controls.
For some reason you can also play Blade in game just like CS. Maybe it's the origin?

So is that remake good? I'll probably give it a check if that's the case. And yeah, i remember the controls for the old ones, the character swaps direction and such, but the entire screen spins along with him to keep the front facing on where he's looking, which is a little disorienting, kinda like those dungeon crawler games, but with a top down perspective.

>"Have I told you the tale of the Kamoa warriors? Eighty glorious verses. Verse one..."

I played Ys VIII on inferno without using potions, it was a really nice challenge. Admittedly, I did rage just a little...

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How long's the timeskip between 3 and 4?

Enemies are 2x faster too

My problem with it is that it removes a form of progression from the game, making it a lesser experience.

Should begin immediately after 3 ends apparently. There isn't much room for a long timeskip since Crossbell is liberated by 2017, and Sen III ends with a few months left to the end of 2016.

I already said so but whatever. Most significant thing to note is how 3D transition actually helps the game a lot since it looks way more manageable now.
Other than that it's basically an improved Brandish, not really much to say I'm afraid. Been a long time since I played it too.

Give Juna back her Crossbell!

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Fully translated interview from Dengenki. Translation credits goes to "Komorebi".


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She's a good girl for trying to sport the Randy look.

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We're gonna get Crossbell back!

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I prefer Lloydo style

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>Kurt's clothes are his personal clothes. Its design is based on how easy it is to move around. In Sen4, he woke up in an unknown village, and that is a new map.
Hexen clan village?

Randy Orlando is a black guy's name.

Kurt looking nice, can't wait until the main event of Sen 4

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Cedric's gonna prevail

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Just make sure your phone battery doesn't die.

I wonder how they're gonna go about that. Will Cedric just be a major jobber and lose to a Kurt controlled Soldat? I'd love a 1v1 battle on foot between the two.

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>About Rean:
>The main protagonist is absolute Rean, even if he is in captive. However, when Sen4 begins, it will be hard to think of him as one.
Firstly, the New Class VII will start moving as Rean's students, and the game will start with them thinking about what to do with Rean.
Also, in Sen4, he is written as the story's center piece, not only as a student or as an instructor. His blood relationship with
Osborne and questions about his heart will be revealed, along with his 'Ogre Powers' and such.

Well this officially confirms it. Rean is the MC but won't be available for a portion of the game and will focus on new C7 until then


Kill yourself dude

Makes sense.

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Once Kurt is die, Juna will have my children

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It sounds like you'll have to wean off the Rean, my dude.

And you have to get that autism of yours checked out so you no longer feel the need to shit up the general for games you don't even like

Why is Rean so afraid of his edgy power? Are we even given a reason why Rean's afraid before the last 10 minutes of Sen 3?

He's not though? He uses his power no problem in Cs 3, the problem is that the power has been taking a toll on his body.
As for the trauma, it's explained in Cs 1 and 2, but it's basically due to what happened when he fought the bear like monster, and woke up with it mutilated, and not understanding why he even has it in the first place.

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Just give me my Jusis and Altina interactions and I'll be happy. They're technically siblings by extension thanks to Rean's seal of approval, if you know what I mean.

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>As for the trauma, it's explained in Cs 1 and 2, but it's basically due to what happened when he fought the bear like monster, and woke up with it mutilated, and not understanding why he even has it in the first place.

He was scared shitless of his power in Sen 1 and 2. And he killed a bear and felt bad? Thats bullshit

Are you dumb? Until halfway through cs2 he had ZERO control over himself when he used it. Why would he NOT be frightened of it?

>he killed a bear and felt bad
How many times do we have to do this? He's not scared because he killed the bear, he's scared of what the power can do. Imagine if Rean just went full power every fight and blanked out every single time. That's what he's afraid of.

I remember explain this one before, basically, he's a child, and in his mind they were goners because the tool he had wasn't even good for fighting back, and yet somehow he wakes up moments later with the monster that was trying to kill them completely brutalized, and he himself smeared in his blood. Children get traumatized over even smaller shit, and that even would have scared a lot of them, but the main reason why he got traumatized was because he thought he mad Elise see him as a some sort of monster, and he probably didn't want his own family thinking that, so in his mind, he was being in denial about his family not caring about the fact, and they were just being considerate, but scared of him.
There's also the fact he had no previously no control whatsoever when he goes in that state, and his mind goes blank during the ordeal, and after he finally understands that Elise wasn't faking shit, he accepts to try and use that power to protect those important to him.

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And yet no one of importance dies because Rean is an edgelord. Only a bear and a bunch of Jaegars die.

This is reasonable

user you don't need to kill people to understand why not being in control of yourself is bad. This is basic common sense.

It makes sense since you wouldn't care if you killed the thing that was trying to murder them, his father liked to hunt too, so that wasn't the issue, but rather what his family thought of it was what scared him shitless.
It's basically like a depressed person who thinks of the worst possible outcome even when someone is nice to them, and they think "they're probably just trying to be nice, they hate me." or something like that, which is why Rean is so fucking autistic about understanding that his own classmates care about him the same he does for them. Depressed people are very good at wanting to help, and understanding when someone is in trouble, but they fucking suck at understanding that others may think the same about them.

TL;DR: shit writing with an asspull form of character progression that can't be taken seriously. We animu now.

now imagine how fast and cheaper localization would be if xseed dropped that shitty dub work

Haha, I, too feel perfectly fine with an unexplained and uncontrollable demon power that makes me do violent things.

Japanese VA sounds more pricey though. There are some really big names there unlike the dub.

NISA localized Ys 8 twice in less than a year, dub included. Just imagine XSEED, but not crippled.

What? How is it an asspull? They alluded to the problem being what his family thought of since Cs 1, it's not out of nowhere at all.

Calvard when?

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I wonder what's going to be different for the Lambda combat orbments in relation to Arcus.

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Soon bro, just one last Sen game then we'll all be free!

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Then we can vaguely talk about Calvard 1 spoilers while we wait for Sen 3 localization!

user, maybe around 10% of the script is voiced in the first place.

It's not an issue of money or big names though.

Basically the same as XSEED with Ys Seven and Celceta, except with 4 additional months for the relocalization patch and still no PC version out.

Pretty sure automatic fast travel because of space teleportation will be a thing. Not that it wasn't a thing before, but there will be a lore reason for it now. Could also be used to have a base in an inaccessible without teleportation place. Not a huge a fan but seems likely.

Let's not talk XSEED and PC. We'd still be waiting for Ys 8 at this point, and a PC version wouldn't even be announced until after 2020.

>>If we fail here then the 5 years of Sen will become a waste so we want to properly end it.
He's self-conscious that Sen has dragged for far too long and people are tired already, though I feel that it will be a disappointment regardless of whatever they pull with Sen 4 ending, since they are trying to tie up all of those past arcs like this and it's far too late to change the minds of the fans who never got into Sen anyway.

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Ys VIII PC would be done by now if XSEED handled it. Durante started porting CS2 back in September 2017, and Hyde started porting Celceta back in January of this month.

Wake up from what? Did Roselia kidnap him?

Sen 3 ended with Rean being choked by Osborne while everyone else was watching. How does that connect to people waking up elsewhere.

Kondo said that there will be a big pause following Sen IV. I doubt you'll see any news on a new Kiseki for at least 2 or 3 years, and even then it's not even guaranteed to be Calvard.

>It's not an issue of money or big names though.
I was just saying that his statement that Japanese VAs are cheaper is most likely false. I don't really care about this localization war.

Game will start immediately after the ending, so we'll probably see what happens, i'm betting on some sort of magical interference from someone, or multiple people, and maybe some teleportation spell that made everyone jump around.

I'm assuming Cedric is gonna stomp him like Crow stomped Rean for most of the game, but he's gonna be so drunk on his new found power he'll end up making a mistake that leads to him losing.

*January of this year

Me neither, I'm just going by what Tom says: gog.com/forum/general/interview_xseed_on_localizing_humor_and_harsh_realities_part_2_fac33/post51

Because he was afraid that was exactly what would happen someday. He'd lose it and attack something he'd know in his right mind not to attack but the shrek rage made him lose reason.

But it wouldn't be, XSHILL. It wouldn't even be announced at this point, let alone for PC.