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Alm is worst boy and ruined Echoes

Who won?

Post cute pairings.

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>Haven't saved more than 200 orbs since the sigurd banner
>had over 500 at one time

Fuck the lolis!

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nerva cute

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What happened next

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Hanging Nino!

this but unironically non literally

explain this meme


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Hanging WITH Nino

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will she be on the lego

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kys nufe cucks

Desperation doubles and procs regnal or wrath triggers and procs regnal. Dead Ephraim either way.

>merging 5* exclusives that have good fodder

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>*comes into your next FE game*
>*HYAH'S your waifu*

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finish the old thread before posting in a new one you fucks

that's pretty much it

bad time to post alm art?

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hump sharena endlessly

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Id rather make my Nephenee stronger than give someone wrath.

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Hit him up close

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this person can't draw

Holy shit
My sides

I want to eat bread with Nephenee!

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big sis

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>Catria smug in the background.

Cakes should only be pumped for a while then dumpes into the trash when the next shiny new cake is released.

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I forgot he can appear in training tower now. I hope that's a good Seliph.

Awful pairing

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Too bad I've stolen all of Nephenees bread and all of her ingredients to make more

Hory shit, post results



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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the absolute state of dragonpedos

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>ward stacking armor dragons and a physic healer behind them just because

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IT WENT BAD. I did not reasonably build my earth blessing team around encountering 3 fucking grimas who all have wary fighter with a pocket healer

Why are you such a bad person

>3 grimas

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How can a man who can't even keep his wife from slutting around possibly protect you from dragons?

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It's always 69


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Beast killer maybe?
I have a job so I don't watch anime sorry.

can anyone even compete? hinocucks and tanafags need not apply

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>Player phase unit dies on enemy phase

>wagecuck doesn't have time to watch anime but shitposts on /feg/

almchads, ravenchads, and ephraimchads are the holy trinity of player phase infantry whose usefulness skyrocketed with refined

I just use Nephenee instead, she can at minimum survive and kill all the non-green dragons (and sometimes Fae).

I want to pat her on the head for being such a good gal.

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Maybe if she wasnt such a lazy peasant, she would be awake to capture the bread thief, too much bread has made her fat and sluggish, I'm helping her

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>yolod a +speed/-health Kagero

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You expected 3 Faes! Ha, no! It's Grima time!

Who could possibly stop Celica though?

>only 35 Spd
The absolute state of Downsdeliacucks

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+Spd -def or bust

The question isn't who could stop her, but who could satisfy her.

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>that art
>those voicelines
>that character
sorry but being cute overrides esports, and cordelia is dumpster tier in the cute score

There's no reason to have more than 3 Core arena teams. Get the merges first, and then focus on making seven solid teams.

>DC refine
Now we're playing with powercreep!

>red at full health dies to green in 1 round

Yes posting on Veeky Forums is equal to watching anime.in terms of time, effort and availability.
They are also both equal to a three day hike or the average pregnancy a woman goes through;

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I'll take name that unit for 800 Feathers, Alex.

>This unit has the lowest HP for a melee unit.

is there anywhere she wouldn't be the best besides sword infantry and blue mage infantry?

-hp is better

Erk with Fimbulvetr with a built in chill res when?

Who is kagero

What are you even talking about? In what world are you making an arena team with 5* exclusives?

With Ryo art

Literally any armor type

-HP actually helps with Desperation, which Spring Kagero can use very well.

>Gloves go all the way to the hands
If only, the mages in the game use gloves that stop at their wrists, don't look as good.

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I wanna impregnate Mae

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Bravecina, LA Hector


Tempted to try and get her as high of a level as possible. I know im not gonna be able to +10 her right now but she'll come back

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Fucking monkey's paw

He still gets doubled though

She's tired from working on the farm.
That's why she sleeps.

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