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Did anybody start their projects by following tutorials and then adding on top of that code?

Created a shader to make hex division look like they were drawn in.
Changed menu style to bottom button selection.
Added aditional units to test cycling through units.

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>tfw you will never princess-carry C#-tan

why live?

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That's how I'm doing my current project and golly gee I sure hope that this works out
It's mostly just very basic collision code and stuff like that though so it should be fine


Yeah, if it's the first project or you're still new, I don't think it's a bad thing to do.

>no assembly

I made many bad backrounds today.

It's weird to think that i'm pretty close to being done with this game.

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>no GDScript

That's like the worst way to learn. You should be doing the opposite of that, following tutorials and deconstructing the code

How to make EU4 clone?

1. Have IQ over 100
2. Don't use UE4

That's about it.

very slowly

why did C++ age faster than C?

not a project, but that's how I learned, I think building a monster calculator/calendar/text adventure/pong/... is a good and fun way to go through tutorials, and also a good lesson in coding style and project management as it gets disgustingly spaghetti about the time you should learn refactoring

A map of the world seems like a first step. And translating between world-clicks into province selection

And where does it say I'm not doing that? Lol... Of course that you have to really understand the code you're writing if you're following a tutorial, otherwise there is no point in doing it.

Are you French?

No, why?

Following tutorials is bad, it trains you to think in terms of what you already know.

when will u make your hashgraph game user

What's a better way to screencapture projects?

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honestly, pretty much everything is better than powerpoint

Sup guys, quick question

I have 3 or 4 small ideas for party games and I want to make some sort of compilation.

Can I create every little game separately and then somehow make the main menu/launcher or should I integrate everything from the beginning?

I'll be using GameMaker because I'm too dumb to code properly.

Stress, she wants to be everything at all times. C is just living a simple and calm live.

use obs

Please someone tell me I'm not the only one with a horrible small world jam entry

And what the other option be? I don't agree with that, t b h.

I thought you wrote "of course that ..." because you were translating "bien sûr que ..."

help with babby's first 3d game. I got the part where you teleport (will later improve to smooth jump) where you aim and point player capsule towards suface's normal so the surface is now the floor for the player. The camera keeps getting messier with each jump though, how to fix that?
camera is a child of camera_holder which is a child of the player:
var yaw = rad2deg(camera_holder.get_rotation().y);
var pitch = rad2deg(camera.get_rotation().x);
yaw = fmod(yaw - event.relative.x * MOUSE_SENSITIVITY, 360);
pitch = max(min(pitch - event.relative.y * MOUSE_SENSITIVITY, 90), -90);
camera_holder.set_rotation(Vector3(0, deg2rad(yaw), 0));
camera.set_rotation(Vector3(deg2rad(pitch), 0, 0));

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>that free sprite pack


If you have an nvidia GPU, they have hardware encoding on the chip, so fullscreen capture is pretty lightweight if you use their software geforce experience

I have an idea for a video game where you have sex. I can do everything but do the art/assets, music, modeling, level design,design in general, coding, writing, managing of any persons or person, marketing, publishing, bug testing, and PR. Anyone willing to join my team?

In all honesty my only problem with this post is the fact that the game is about Sex. Like how lame in the brain must you be to do that?

Does the person making the game have sex or is the sex in the game

Both if that's what it takes
Yeah well where's your game tough guy?

The alternative being, coming up with your own solutions. Tutorials can be useful for general concepts, but if you use their actual code, then part of your project will be this black box you don't really understand, which only works because you experimented on it/tweaked it until it worked. Plus, when you want to add functionality there is no tutorial for, you'll be lost because there is no one to tell you what to do.

Not that tutorials should never be used or are useless, but copying from them/using their code means you're not really learning

You got me there. I have no imagination or drawing ability even after 5 years of trying, but I'd rather no game than a game with such a boring idea behind it.

Is that why C got so fat?

Please refrain from using ableist language in the future, this is a SFW ("Safe For Work") board

what game


Nigga, the fuck is wrong with you?

She's not fat you incel, she has a motherly figure after giving birth.

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do anyone watch this and feel motivated?

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Where'd you find this picture of me

Check out these posts I found on this forum where these losers are talking about an imaginary girl as if she's real lmao

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Mainly because of how shit it makes the other games look

Like that rabbit platformer

It's Ghostman, an adventure game where you play as a robot trying to make sure that the Titular ghostman and his buddy Charles aren't executed

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That rabbit game has some serious gameplay going on.

Drink water and have a nice day /agdg/.

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>being this triggered
Nice resolution btw. You browsing on a playstation?

I am new to Blender and using it with Unity, so bear with me when I ask WHY THE FUCK DOES THE MESH RENDERER THINK THE EMPTY SPACE IN THE CENTER THIS RING IS PART OF THE MESH.

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He cropped a screenshot. Fucking kek.


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Your using the camera rotation, instead use the impact normal

>posting an actual screenshot
enjoy having your IP backtraced

God damn how could I ever think this looked good

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Aggy daggers blinded by waifus told you it did.

It looks almost exactly like your current stuff. You are like the poster child for anime brain rot man.


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I know
I have no idea why I didn't see it


----[ Recap ]----
Game: UW
Dev: user
Tools: Unity
Web: twitter.com/DuqueHayashi
+ Skill points can be spent
+ Bandoliers expand bag capacity
+ Control improvements
+ Combat UI improvements
+ Bugs fixed
+ New mechanics are being added with decent progress.

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what subtle references will you introduce in your game agdg?

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And here's a little bit of the game in action.

Attached: InAction.webm (970x632, 577K)

Yeah, I ended up starting over at one point though

----[ Recap ]----
Game: Deadrinds
Dev: LoneBuckshot
Tools: Unity
Web: lonebuckshot.com
+ Debugging shop and artefact system from last week
+ Can now use multiple condition checks at once instead of nested checks
+ Can now check different condition types (switch, variable, inventory, timer etc.) at the same time
+ Started writing the second half of the story

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I always feel like I'm not programming the right way. I guess if it works then its good enough.

Please help. How to make center of ring not solid so my ball can fall through it?

I'm at a crossroads here. Gps based animal crossing clone (collect shit, customize shit, make friends with a take care of shit) or gps based RS clone (skill shit, kill shit, trade shit)

Implementing verlet integration was much easier than I first thought. Gonna look into damping and making certain constraints more flexible now, I'm gonna make a cape for my protag.

Attached: VerletIntegration.webm (798x438, 2.5M)

I'll put an adamantium dagger somewhere. Maybe. Possibly.

how about
create a trigger volume in the center, such that when something enters it, it disables the collider for the mesh?

it sounds like you cannot have colliders with holes in them in Unity

Wtf I hate bunny idol girl now

What's wrong with it? (serious question)

It's just a weak art style.

the proportions are all over the place

Will post a webm of the new features tomorrow. Sadly I've fiddled with some level initialization stuff today when ironing out the new condition checking and accidentally shot myself in the foot.

Also I apologize for the lack of new art and stuff like that in the past few weeks. Currently powering through the remaining features coding-wise that I want to finish before committing to just art and music.

This is hitting my nostalgia in all the right places. Very interested my man, keep it up

None. I will not make my game a parody of itself

>+ Can now use multiple condition checks at once instead of nested checks
>+ Can now check different condition types (switch, variable, inventory, timer etc.) at the same time

if you've got a unique voice and creativity, the former. If you don't, the latter, and enjoy being immediately and completely forgotten.

I have one enemy that will *teleport behind you* unironically, I think it's cool

Unreal chan why the fuck are you taking so long to start

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Gotta load all that shit you'll never use baby

gotta connect to that chink corp

Do you think it was scanning my computer for CPs? Not that I have any

>not an agitating dagger

>have discovered making your hands "wristjets" that add upward thrust when you hold A is fun as fuck in VR
>my game takes place in confined corridors that don't allow room for flight


Thanks for the inspiration user, I'll try my hardest to not let you down

This is why crushing your ego (but only the ego, not the determination) is a priority. That way you stop judging things based on how much effort/time was put into it.

Come on now I don't really like his style but there are some clear differences between now and then.

And then you clip through the mesh if you're going too fast.
The solution is either to use 4 convex hulls or to use a custom collision shape.

Nothing super fancy, basically you receive a concatenated condition string (that has all the parameters like "varName1==200;varName2==1000"), split it using a delimiter and then iterate through the array of conditions, parsing and handling the logic for each condition type. If one of them is false, just break out of the loop and continue the next events based on the condition check result.

Probably for the best. Would be hard to not make your game "fly out of range/around everything". Maybe use it to move between levels? Or as cinematic interludes

you know what to do lad

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it's simple
use other peoples code for your gameplay
use the assets of obscure playstation games for your art
put on kickstarter

----[ Recap ]----
Game: Generic Zombie Shooter: Redux
Dev: Generic Dev
Tools: Java, Slick2D
Web: None
+ added Flashlight
+ bug fixes
+ hit flash effect (enemies flash when hit)
+ knockback effect
+ first easter egg
+ alpha demo release

Attached: gzsr_gameplay_25.png (1024x768, 636K)

what's unique about your game?

Nothing yet. That's why it's Generic. But this is a remake of the original game that I posted about here 5 years ago.

The Redux edition is adding a lot of new features. One that I have planned is "Mutation Mode", where I'll separate the enemy traits and behaviors and use a genetic algorithm to evolve them over time to become more and more deadly.

I have too many new features planned to say what's really "unique" at this point, but it's pretty much just a parody of how dime-a-dozen these types of games are.

It was originally inspried by I MAED A GAEM WITH ZOMBIES IN IT!!!!111 from the Xbox Live marketplace.

I'm going to write my own engine and you can't stop me.

nvm I figured it out ;)

for those who may also use this in the future, it is unticking the "convex" checkbox