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>DLC 6 news:
Release Date: February 27th
Ultra Instinct Goku
Ranger 17
Customization for Mentor Characters

>DLC6 Souls
>DLC 6 skills

>Helpful Xenoverse 2 Data/Links
>1.07 patchnotes
>Xenoverse 2 Mods

>No Hud Mod (for beautiful screenshots)
>Anime Series Pastebin
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steam > userdata > [your steam id] > 323470 > remote > DBXV2
DBXV2.sav should be there, which is your savefile
If you wish to delete it to try reimporting or for other reasons, disable steamcloud on both xenoverse 1 and 2 first.

Saiyan Saga Vegeta and Goku Models found
youtu.be/gYjMn0lYV8w [Open] [Open]

Broly and Bardock DLC announced
Broly Trailer
Bardock Trailer

Dragon Ball Legends Announced

>Xenoverse Booru: Upload all Drawfaggotry here

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I still think he deserved to win.

I want to grab Ribrianne's belly!

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Which one do you call Super Armor, and which one do you call Hyper Armor, I thought that Super Armor is the one that takes damage and can be grabbed, while Hyper Armor is the ult one that can be broken, takes stamina damage and cannot be grabbed.

LR Ribrianne incoming

Got a chuckle

My fur > your fur

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Purple Yamcha rare is a shit

>tfw no Freeza but Majin Vegeta and SS3 Goku and Kid Buu

reposting again

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>saves U7
Where were you when Freeza did more good than Vegeta?

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Draw my cac

Cute Buufus

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posté lé câc

>gives energy to Goku for the spirit bomb and later to him
>eliminates Dyspo AND Gohan
>works together with 17 and later with Goku, successfully eliminating Jiren
>works together with Goku more than once
>eliminates Toppo
>gives Goku his last bit of energy before being eliminated by Jiren
Sad but true.

I'll do it if you post them

>I wish I was at home fighting gohan rares
>There isn't enough BBQ to go around
>My feet hurt
>I'm thirsty

But seriously, that's damn cute. Good job.


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Look at all these precious little round boys

I wanna sink that boat

Super double ultra gay I love it, I guess it's cool to find npcs you haven't talked to after so long.

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Sometimes it's nice to just relax at the beach.

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The MVP will kick your ass if you try

You're way overdressed for the beach man! Rock those trunks!


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>future gohan bows his head to the xv1 cac when he walks into the time chamber for Fu's mission
What a good boy

Gohan is always a good boy even when many people hate him

I missed doing all the silly emotes in XV1.

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Future gohan isn't a pathetic whimp and he died fighting like a real man.

Much better. It was really stuffy before!

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Anyone on PC want to fight a bit?

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He was still a whimp, just not pathetic

I would except I have prior commitments right now. Sorry.

I love how I'm sitting there like I have ever interacted with anyone in the pic. 10/10

>faced off against TWO Androids with only one functioning arm, knowing full well that they beat him like a rug the last time they fought and he had both arms then.
>he could have ran, he could have hid, he could have banged Bulma, but no, he knew he had to stand up to them and try.
>yet he's the whimp


GOHAN! ;__;

>Future Gohan didn't tap Bulma and give Trunks a little sister
Wasted opportunity.

Present Gohan (before RoF) wasn't a pathetic whimp and he died fighting like a real retard.
Does that count?

Where does Super Electric Strike come from anyways, 17 or 18 don't use it in any animated material that I've seen.

>tfw the Thot of Time will never alter timelines just enough so he can trick Trunks into thinking she's his little sister then trick him into taking a bath with her and...

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You seem to be under the impression Xeno Trunks isn't already fucking Chronoa.

But Future Shota Trunks isn't!

No, and we'll wait until he's 18, thank you and please.

I'd rather have her freeze time in public where we fuck in front of everyone and unfreeze time after we're done with no one being the wiser

Brooks N Dunn refrence?


>not having her timefreeze when you're in a public place then fuck you while you're time frozen and unfreezes time just as you cum so everyone can see your lewd face.

Don't sink that boat

I thought we had reigned in time loli's more uncouth tendencies.

We're drifting back into the lewdest timeline...

sorry, i guess it wasn't.

Brooks N Dunn it's an old country band, and one of their most popular songs is called "My Maria" , i misread the cac's name


>he thought her libido could be sated

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Gods I wanna cum all over her dumb face.

I want her to cum all over mine


>tfw no more tfs videos
On one hand, good, no more reddit memes.
On the other hand, it as actually entertaining.

Seems to me you two could just sort it out yourself.

There's more coming. It's just gonna be later in the year.

Vegeta deserved better

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>and the green bugman is kicking the door in on him!



Speaking of Cell, what WAS Dr. Gero's endgame plan? Suppose 17 and 18 did complete their objective and kill every human on Earth. Then Cell absorbs them. Becomes Perfect Cell. Then what? All the humies are dead or in hiding. It's just Dr. Gero, 16, the Trucker Hat and Geronirobo and Shaft Bot 9002.

Sometimes, scientists only care about "Can I?" and not "Should I?"

He was making Cell to absorb 17 and 18 (who weren't supposed to activate) and kill Goku absolutely for sure for real this time.

^ he only activated them cause the z fighters were knocking at his door

But in that timeline, Goku died of a heart disease.

Life uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh finds a way.

Yeah, I mean Freeza is right there! Easily the best, no wonder Cell is so jealous!

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remember that 16 only purpose in games from now on will be to die

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There are genuine people who think Cell was the best villian and I really do have to ask, "why?"
And not even Imperfect Cell, I can almost understand that, but fucking Perfect Cell? Really? Fucking Jiren in the last two episodes was more entertaining than le smug bugman

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Jiren did nothing wrong though.

Ok I don't even consider Perfect Cell to be all that great but he's still better than Jiren

The only thing Jiren did wrong is not make friends with the guy that killed his family and friends like goku has been doing for the past 20 years
Cell is better

It was nice of Shenron to fix Jiren and Toppo's clothes desu

Nah, Perfect Cell don't got shit on Jiren in 130 & 131 and this is coming from someone who hated Jiren so much I called another person a nigger profusely for daring to even try and defend his shitty writing. Perfect Cell is worse than Jiren, because I never felt fucking shit but apathy for anything he did. At least I could get some hype with the team fighting Jiren happy ass

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I want to smear whis' lipstick on my cock

You and me both.

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I want to smear his cum on my lips

That's fucking gay.


Imperfect cell is actually my favorite character he was more creepy and menacing, was really great.
The best villain is vlad plasmius

>try to have whis blow you discretely behind the bar
>his dumb hair is still visible

>Danny Phantom reboot/new series never

>ghost powers for CaCs never

>it uses this theme

Good shit
This is cute as hell

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Double Death Slicer definitely puts in work vs Giant Monkeys. Think I need a SS that boosts Ki Ults though.

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Is there actually a recruitable time patroller that uses an awoken skill other than Potential Unleashed and Kaioken?

Ai doesn't use awoken skills without scripts or mods anyway

no NPC's use awakening skills

I know, I have XVPatcher installed to allow for the AI to use them

Well, if you mean the yellow people in offline lobby then I'm sure a lot of people use super saiyan of any kind at least, or golden form, they're actual players' CaCs so you just need to look

>AI's using awakenings is possible
>Dimps just won't

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>tail accessory can be animated
>Dimps just won't

>clothing can be colored
>Dimps just won't

>hair changing for super saiyan is possible
>Dimps does, just not for CaCs