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If you're posting about streamers you belong on reddit edition
>wpsg guilds
Wrath of the Lich King
(H) - Sunwell.pl - Angrathar - 2x

/wpsg/ discord server - discord.gg/bSXZw39

>Where can I get game clients?

>How do I connect to [server]?
1. Register on a private server that hosts the same game client you have.
2. Copy their realmlist URL. This can usually be found on the main page of the website or on their registration page.
3. Look for a realmlist.wtf file in your WoW folder. This may either be in the root folder, or inside Wow/Data/enUS/
4. Open the realmlist.wtf file in a text editor such as Notepad and paste in the realmlist settings of the server. Make sure it starts with 'set realmlist' followed by the realmlist URL.

>I have set the realmlist correctly but it still connects me to XYZ server/says invalid login info.
Make sure your realmlist is correct and not read only.

>How do I stop my client from auto-updating?
• Start the game with wow.exe - not launcher.exe
• Don't use your email for logging in, use your account name.
• Find the patchlist file in your installation and remove it.

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ignore alex posting

>grizzly so assblasted they contact mods over irc

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tfw it only took me 5 hours to form a heroic group on gummys today

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When is nighthaven back up

>kronos shills try to make anti-gummy thread 30+ posts early just to shill their doa slav server
>don't even bother making /krog/ because it's just going to be ignored and 404
>mods blow them the fuck out

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Streamers are entertaining
Alex is /ourautist/
Staysafe is a racist gymbro douche /pol/lack who probably voted trump

how did it literally take seconds for jan to delete the thread that wasn't shilling gummy?

I'm considering just playing mage or rogue, but I can't shake the desire to play something like resto shaman just because of how useful and high in demand they are. It's hard to not pick it considering how many r shamans you can stack to benefit in both vanilla and TBC, but fuck me I don't know if I can handle healing ever again.

>spend a month getting to 70 on gummy crusade
>realize it's impossible to get 5 man normals going
>unable to get keyed for heroic and no one will help
damn. nice waste of time i guess

just be yourself.

>making threads about reddit streamers and shilling for kronos
you can't make this shit up

he made it 30+ replies early and just waited to post the link, it's pretty obvious shill tactics

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>berates alex for dudeweed and how he used to drink a lot
>does steroids
>has unironically listed steroid routines in his stream

why are all three of them hypocrites?

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I’m making a Veeky Forums Horde guild for Kronos 3. If you’re interested in joining please fill out the survey linked in the Discord here: discord.gg/Yr4YKE6
A few things to keep in mind:
>The Discord is primarily for LFG purposes and there will be no long-term or general discussion channel
>The guild name and loot distribution system are undecided
>Any officers appointed during the first couple of weeks will be temporary just to help add people to the guild; long-term officers will be elected or appointed later on
I’ve never played with a guild from /wpsg/ or its derivatives before, if that matters to you one way or another, but there seemed to be an interest for a K3 Horde guild so here we are. I’m usually lurking if you have any questions.

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>not being able to find a group on a 1.4k pop server
based retard.

see you next thread
I have some time to work on my next gummy meme now

holyfuck not even warmane is that obvious with fake population count

>50% bots
>5% at 70
>99% of the 70s are already keyed and will never run a normal again

>miss the stream and come to /wpsg/ for the drama
>stay safe discord actually just looks fucking hilarious and Alex looks like a dumbass
>thinking of looking in on Staysafe or his discord because it's looks like fun bantz
>he's already going around censoring it to hell and back because he's worried about muhh twitch ban

Well that sucks, I guess Alex thinks he's the morality police of WoW private servers now, like the H3H3 of autistic neets

thank god, I thought GRIZZLY might have mods on here. that would never happen though.

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I made /krog/ for us Krobulls :)!!!!
Please don't let this one 404 like the other 6 did

why do gumbulls think this is their thread when there's more people in it than the actual server?


>he doesn't know about scriptcraft
this is your average kronos player. I thought K3 was going to have their general 2 weeks before launch? What's happening is it really that dead?

Literally in the same position. I was lucky yesterday and managed to do 3 dungeons and it only took me an hour to find the groups.

you mean the server gum shut down because GRIZZLY quit the server?

what has scriptcraft to do with any of this, not even something gumdum can be proud of
also /krog/ bulls are all EU and getting enough sleep right now for the amazing launch later this week!

How is twinstar going to keep k3 up without the shop? They said there wouldn't be one, but also said that if they couldn't raise enough money through donations alone they would add one.
Now they're saying they will let people pay to reserve names as a way of funding the server? How the fuck is that going to generate any substantial donations for them in the short or long term?
I think this might actually be a cash grab where they fundamentally change what they launched just like when they made k1 a 7xp server

back to servers wars, I'l miss alex posting.

the animes are in hibernation saving up energy for FRESH!

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be my gf

>eu trannies
>anime posters
based kronos 3 a literal containment server!

what's wrong with selling cosmetics? Nostalruse made money by selling gold and r14s - you have no ground to stand on, nost kids.

>h-aha the containment server! better have a dead 500 pop weekday server than that containment server! r-right guys? upvote my post grizgumgoyim!

>there's nothing wrong with tauren riding nightsabers or gnomes on kodos!
>i have this false equivalency about nostalrius doing things i have no proof of
It's not okay when any server does it what the fuck? Are there a ton of kronos shills here now too? i thought it was just reddit

every time

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>i can't defend having a player auction house and in game shop to earn kronos money
>so I will say that it's okay because x server did it too
how many stars do you get per post?

>comparing cosmetic pets/mounts and tabards to buying a level 60
how much gum do you get per shitpost?

you can buy level 60s that are totally not created by the staff. not like they can spawn them in a matter of minutes or anything haha :)

>nostalrius totally spawned characters
>no way kronos would spawn characters in their for profit shop!

roll the dice

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what difference does it make if the characters are spawned or not?

imagine posting the same image of inflated bot numbers over and over on Veeky Forums xd

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>6 months without an update on classic wow
how does blizzard get away with this? isn't this just prove we won't have classic wow until 2020?

nice meme

>it's bots x102838
>never any proof
What kind of person makes up lies about a supposed "dead" private server?

arthas roll

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Blizzard is just using the announcement as an excuse to shut down the server Alexensual is playing on. there's no actual Classic servers being worked on.

would you want to deal with the classic community? the community managers that were hanging out in the classic wow discord left due to the drama today. thanks alex.

They said they were still hiring for the team. Ever think that they don't have much to share?


gotta thank staysafe and his RACIST NAZI squad
that scared the blizzard soyployees

>6 months later
>not much to share
so 2020 confirmed?


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>reddit streamer drama
>wpsg discord drama


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is alex playing a character? there's no way he's a real person.

No, I'm making a FemHum Pally so I can be my pure waifu and protect smiles across the land.

>sent blizzard a letter that at most mildly annoyed them
>"me and blizzard now have a connection"
What it must be like to live in a fantasy world where you are never in the wrong.

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The same could be said of the people who post here.

stay jealous and stay safe, while you're in prison for gaybashing and lynching mud people I'll be working for Blizzard as a game dev for Classic.


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>at least formed a connection with blizzard in some capacity
ah no no no no HAHAHAHA
inb4 he's best friends with that trannyfucker CM now and the hunt down online nazis together



female forsaken warrior

the draw of the paladin is pretty strong with that free mount
i'm shit with money
but I already found a west coast horde guild to play priest ;_;

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Don't fall for the horde meme, Paladin master class!

honestly i just don't feel at home in the alliance
I've tried
Priest it is

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I'm going to play about one hour every day on K3 just to level to 60 over the course of about a year. There's nothing any faggot shill can do to stop me.

> I sent and achknowledge
> and achknowledge
> achknowledge


I feel really bad for him desu, he ruined his life to become a neet streamer degenerate on twitch and now he's going to get banned because of dalegribble shitposting his discord. he has literally nothing left—I hope he doesn't khs.

alright i must be retarded.
How does fucking with staysafe help alex or get him connections with blizzard games?


Daily reminder gummy is comfy and k3 is dead in 2 months


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he saw Staysafe get an alpha invite by selling out so he's selling out too.
I want to watch alex play BFA TB H.

That's not felmyst

wow 5 same fags kronos surely wont fail

This kills the cripple.

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what does Veeky Forums not playing on it have to do with it failing? Kronos isn't a Veeky Forums server like Felmyst.

damage control levels increasing

>twinstar shills still can't accept that the server is growing and at 1.7k pop

>janitor deletes shitpost /wpsg/ thread
>janitor ignores shitpost /krog/ threads which have been reported


should i roll a tank or a rogue on k3?

>I reported the Krog thread why isn't jan deleting it?

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nobody is playing on K3 stop talking about it.


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Well yeah, It's not out yet silly!

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>make wpsg 30 posts early to shill for kronos
wtf? Why won't they delete /krog/?
Kronos shills know it's doa


why does everyone call ss a sellout?

>pleeeeaaase don't leave us nooo it's not fair!

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