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Best dragon

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nth for Cyberse

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Me on the left

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Femdom is the thinking man's fetish

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>Gungnir is the most aesthetic ice barrier and evilswarm dragon
how does he do it

I like Bahamut more than Ophion

>Another D R A G O N S thread

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Hopefully I can actually but these tips into play at my Regionals this weekend


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bow to your new queen, /dng/

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>really want to buy secrets
>tight on cash

You think we will have that fucker again after the new list cuz called by the grave?
I hope so

I B L E E ' S F E M D O M E D B I T C H

We have too. True Draco is going to be hit.

I hope she keeps at petdeck tier so the brandish engine isnt banned

Attached: 1443550269648.png (1300x1434, 1.58M)

Never until Vrains ends.

>opponent activates Maxx "C"
>activates Temple of the Kings and set then activate Appropriate
would there be anything funnier?

When was the last time a card was banned then immediately unbanned? I think they'll wait until next list.

He does the same to you next turn

I hope the entire deck gets banned.

Get the fuck out, subhuman Tripcunt

Using pic related after your opponent drew thousands of cards thanks to Maxx "C"

Attached: HeavySlump-AP03-EN-C-UE.png (363x533, 460K)

You know, looking more carefully at this image and the others this artist drew I am almost certain whoever made this traced large portions of this image from some other source.
Some robotic parts display an understanding of form that is totally incongruous with the line quality and craftsmanship.

>your opponent activates Maxx "C"
>you activate Temple of the Kings, then Appropriate and then set a facedown Heavy Slump which you automatically chain when they draw a card



Sure, I'll leave for a few hours since I gotta go to work soon. See you later user.
So is there any art of this yet?

Is World Chalice fun to play?
And Mekks?

Never come back unless you stop with the autistic trip

fun if you like long combos and negation
mekks joined with invoked

>Is World Chalice fun to play?
If you're into linear play
>And Mekks?
Maybe with good ol' Aleister.

>no new meta decks for ages
>even after this banlist the meta wont change much
>no good things coming out in near future

Konami wants to kill the game, what's new.

And Troymares?

Why do you keep spamming this?

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Clear Wing or Crystal Wing for a Daigusto Sphreez deck?

Because /u/tards are all autistic as fuck.

Does Konami wants to kill themselves ? It's been 5 years that it genuinely feels like this company is doing everything in its power to kill everything they own and stop every single one of their money engrossing IPs to die.

>liking sexual
/u/ has been about hand holding and feelings for a decade now.

They're Gouki's and every deck that can spam links

But the only good dykes are the slutty ones

Who the FUCK wants to duel?


My cock is diamonds.

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There was a time when I used to go to /u/ all the time, but it went to shit when actual lesbians started posting. You'd be lucky to even find a naked tit there now.

for anyone that uses them, do you use 1 or 2 deck dividers?(for main,extra,side deck)

Are the reloaded starter decks good for an absolute beginner? My gf is interested in playing, but I'm not sure how to introduce her.

Why are you so salty?

Did you have to reset your router just now, by any chance?

They are kinda cool i guess.

1 to separate side from main and extra.

I use a double deck box for actual big tourneys. One slot divided by 1 divider for my Side and Extra. The other slot is for my Main
Pick up the Link ones so she has a Decode and a lot of good generic beginner cards. The reloaded ones are shitty yugi kaiba cards that are really bad

What happened here?

Attached: filename with a joking topic.png (916x673, 1.06M)

1's enough. You can use literally any standard size card(Pokemon, Weiss, Magic,etc) as a divider.

is a double deck box where you put 2 deck boxes in it or just cards alone?

An unfortunate disconnect caused by my shitty internet. I'm up for a rematch just got to connect to my dongle instead of modem

Please respond lads

Hornet Bit token

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kys getter

Oh you little fuckin.

Ok you fucking win, that was pure skill.

Just quit, man. Reading is one of those activities that people claim they have no time for but spend hours watching Game of Thrones or playing Yugioh in your case instead. Repair those dints in your car you made years ago and you'll be so goal focused you wouldn't even think about Yugioh, plus learn to sculpt, sand, spraypaint and a bunch of other shit in the process. If you want to read specifically, buy a fishing rod and read by the river. Can't play ygopro if you're in the forest.

I made the side deck to counter /dng/.
Waboku was just for you.

Attached: WABOKUUUUUUUUUUUU.png (913x673, 1.05M)

Clear Wing.

Rei is cute!

The worst part is that i made the mistake of dropping kaleido chick off the blue cat i gave you, if i dropped blue cat on my end, i could've survived with at least 1400 (had a second wolf in hand). Still though, fucking waboku, first time that card leads into a gameloss as opposed to delaying the inevitable.

Technically, Threatening Roar would be better, but Waboku has been my jam since The Eternal Duelist Soul.

Yeah, T.Roar hurts me more because if i can't swing, i won't nuke (and i damn sure nuked that board of co-linked knightmares.

The best part of Goukis is that you can just set up for your second turn so easily, so unless you get OTK'd off a board wipe, losing your board isn't a problem.
Keeping my usual board ends up giving me 3 draw phase draws, so it's hard to last past 2 turns against me.

Yeah i'll give you credit, on turn 1 when i saw i opened jackshit of handtraps i expected to get soymare'd but you didn't got greedy and i saw you having two rematches in your possession.

Whenever i've faced Gouki in the past, they always try to go for Tri-gate, and you can't Tri-gate with Goukis on turn 1, unless you have like 3 Hornet bit or something.
It's pretty easy to just set up something that's difficult to get over without using up too many resources, even more so if you open up with a Bamboo Sword so you can draw into Cosmic Cyclone and Waboku.

I don't use dividers, I use the plastic pocket that comes sleeves to separate my side deck from the main one. I just use sleves of a different color for my extra deck. I can post it in 7/8 hours if you want

It's not that much better than what I can do

Attached: DYsbFp4W4AAYwMl.png (169x121, 32K)

Attached: What if dzeeff actually had content.png (219x209, 60K)

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What binders do you guys use for your cards


Attached: FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN, OF COURSE.jpg (500x375, 24K)

Proper updated YGOpro android port fucking when? Mobile vidya is so fucking anus that I only have tag force special for PPSSPP in it


It's almost as if this soyboy was calling out another specific soyboy.

Attached: _WQiYoGM_400x400.jpg (400x400, 53K)

that is extremely pretty looking
>tfw rei is super cute but her deck is just handtrap bs

is he dead?

This fag needs a lot more substance and better editing if he really wants to be "good", but just listening to this guy can make you tell he's not going to improve in anything anytime this century

no he's just taking a nap

>tfw Diabolos pounds her every night
Diabolos is the true winner here.

Rei was made for dragon dick

Taking the dragon dildo experience to a new level, i see.

If the cards in the anime are mass produced, then why each character has his/her own unique deck?

sure. I always assumed dividers are for to easily take the different decks out of the deckbox. it kind of a pain when you accidentally take out a part of your sidedeck for example

>dlg has tea bbc
>dng has rei dragonfucker
Is nowhere safe?

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>Pleasing Dragon Cock
Move over bitch, that's my turf you're stepping on.

Attached: lyrical_luscinia___independent_nightingale_by_zarc07-dalld38.jpg (800x800, 223K)

they aren't though
BE being a perfect example
levels used to represent the rarity of a card

Couldn't have picked a more wrong name, she depends on 2 SKDSV dicks in her at all times.

at least dng is fantasy
different one, plus its been a thing since '13

>forgetting the og

Attached: Yu-Gi-Oh!.GX.full.1968479.jpg (480x640, 602K)

She snapped the reptile dick off, now no one can run him.

I'm amazed none of you nutters paid someone to draw porn of that.

>ree they only wanna do doujins

I'm not into straight double penetration.


Well she independently put an innocent guy in jail and SKDSV will follow suit soon.