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Cute mewostress sluts!

>Monster Hunter: World
[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 -

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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Monster Hunter is for faggots


No you don't!

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generations and 4U are both on sale for 20 britbucks right now. which one should I get (world was my first game)?

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I'm sorry for being bad with the Hunting Horn. I'm just now trying to learn.

4U if you want to be reminded why most Gen 1 trash should stay in the grave.

Sounds like Capcom don't have plans to do any more layered armour anytime soon.

generations doesn't handle like shit so I'd get that, plus it has a better roster. Only get 4U if you enjoy fights at 10fps when things get cluttered

can you make this with the catloli instead?

Nth for people shouldn't compare weapons after and before patches.

delete this post now

>world was my first game
>posting cat pictures

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Gen has objectively best monster pic related.
Best armor looks, best fight, best fight music, best looks. Best everything.

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Kirin girls!

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>soap-breathing dragon is best fight
yeah no

Tbh don't get any game, you'll be disappointed going backwards from world. Handheld MHs are only good if you've played them before. They're laggy as shit, have bad interfaces, are really inaccessible etc

In western flavor!

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kinda did back when

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This is really shitty.

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I unironically love this design. Would have made for a nice B set.

you're welcome

Holy shit you're a massive faggot.

Ignore him and get 4U. Don't bother with Gen because you can just pirate or import XX later which makes Gen obsolete.
Gen/XX is a fanservice game for people who've played the other MH games before so it shouldn't be the second MH you play after World.

Don't settle for a lack of effort, make something good! I believe in you!

if I make a new thread that has a real monster hunter related op will people move over and abandon this dumpster fire?

I'm tired of this catfucker shitting up every thread.

don't start thread wars. he'll get bored in a week or three

No don't be a threadwarring faggot you utter child. Nobody cares what's in the OP as long as it's MH-related.

Ok thanks for the reply.

1.How is the 4U online scene? Will I have people to play with?

2.How will it handle on an original 3DS? Will it even be playable?

Good luck, people generally ignore "real" threads when there's a huge shitpost one but if a minor detail is screwed up in the text they all jump ship.

should I get the deluxe kit with my 20% off voucher

What a shame, he was just a weak shiposting faggot all along.

I bought the deluxe kit just for the samurai skin and even then just for the wrist slot skin

Feels GOOD being able to hide the disgusting eyesore that is teo bracers


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Fuck off

Okay now what light bowguns would you recommend using?

the best ones

Optimal Axe of Demon Set:
Augment: Affinity
Attack Boost Lv7
Handicraft Lv4
Weakness Exploit Lv3
Maximum Might Lv2
Critical Boost Lv1
Non-Elemental Boost Lv1
Protective Polish Lv1

Calculations: ((((805/3.5))*1.1)+21)*(1+(.30*(-.30+.10+.50+.20+.05)))*(1.32)) = 421.3572

Optimal Terror Tyrannos Set:
Augments: Attack + Affinity
Agitator Lv5
Attack Boost Lv4
Weakness Exploit Lv3
Handicraft Lv2
Earplugs Lv1
Maximum Might Lv1
Protective Polish Lv1

Calculations: ((((770/3.5)+5)*1)+20+12)*(1+(.25*(-.25+.10+.15+.5+.50+.10)))*(1.32)) = 432.531

NOTE: Calculations DO NOT INCLUDE Dragon Attack from Terror Tyrannos, nor do they include the charms or talons.

My penis weenus of course

4U is more populated than XX from what I've seen, pretty healthy community, there are Discords around too if you jive with that

>pre-order the deluxe ver cause I LOVE MONSTER HUNTER
>find out samurai skin doesn't save to sets
>have to micromanage it everytime i switch between sets that use and don't use it
>can only equip/unequip it in your room
>stop using it altogether because capcom is retarded

how fucking high do you have to be to use agitator 5 and pretend like it has 100% up time in your calculations

Terror should be 424.05, you can't go over 100 affinity

This desu
I know you're desperate to be contrarian about AoD but your math is fucking dumb and biased

I've been wracking my brain as to why my Monarch DB Critical Element build has been killing Nerg faster than my Diablos Clubs NEB one even though Monarch is locked to Blue Sharp and NEB tends to hit higher numbers in general.

So... I finally ran the numbers in full and the conclusion surprised me. I'm sharing my autism here in case anyone else may find the info useful. I calculated hitting a full Demon Dance against Nergs forelegs with no spikes as they have a decent .50 multiplier for severing and .15 for Thunder and would be a balanced target that is reliably hit every fight.
I used my in-game builds which were as follows:

Diablos Clubs II: 230 Raw
Attack Boost Lv4, Critical Boost Lv3, Handicraft Lv4, Non-elemental Boost Lv1, Protective Polish Lv1, Weakness Exploit Lv3
Raw After Talents: ((230 x 1.1) x 1.32) + 12 = 345.96
Crit Multiplier After Talents: 1 + (0.4 x (0.05 + 0.05 + 0.1 + 0.5 - 0.1)) = 1.24

Monarch: 160 Raw , 270 Thunder
Attack Boost Lv4, Thunder Attack Lv2, Agitator Lv3, Critical Boost Lv3, Weakness Exploit Lv3
Critical Element
Raw After Talents: (160 x 1.2) + 24 = 216.00
Thunder After Talents: ((330 x 1.0625) / 10) = 35.06
Crit Multiplier After Talents: 1 + (0.4 x (0.05 + 0.1 + 0.5 + 0.09) = 1.30
Elemental Crit Multiplier After Talents: 1 + (0.35 x (0.05 + 0.1 + 0.5 + 0.09) = 1.26


I fucking feel you my nigga. Hopefully they'll fix that when they inevitably add more layered armor sets.

Zin ogre only roars when he is angry.

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Second room for the outcast and socially rejected.
Room session ID: 3J3LfJpFJuKM

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ive got a lil chub for the great bowgun. can run pierce 2 or normal 3 whatever you like, and it can fire all the status shots

>The absolute state of Jho fags
Teach me how keep Agitator up at all times fampai

I'll add that I did calculate the Monarch build with Agitator active, but it's only Agi 3 and kicker of the conclusion doesn't differ all that much without it.

The full Blade Dance damage came out as such -

>Diablos Clubs Raw Damage against Forelegs (No Spikes):
>268.119 x 1.24 = 332.47

>Monarch Raw Damage against Forelegs (No Spikes):
>167.4 x 1.3 = 217.62

>Monarch Thunder Damage against Forelegs (No Spikes):
>((35.06 x 0.15) x 15) x 1.26 = 99.40

>>Monarch Total Damage against Forelegs (No Spikes): 317.01

That's odd... I could have sworn that Monarch was easier to use... and then it hit me. It's his fucking Spikes. Aside from newly growing (White) spikes which get BTFO on every body part by every weapon type, spikes COMPLETELY TANK the damage multipliers of raw damage on whichever body part they are, with Head and Forearms (2 of the best targets for DB) falling from a 0.45 -> 0.20 and a 0.50 -> 0.10 respectively.

>Diablos Clubs Raw Damage against Forelegs (Black Spikes):
>53.62 x 1.24 = 66.49

>Monarch Raw Damage against Forelegs (Black Spikes):
>33.48 x 1.3 = 43.52

Thunder Damage on the other hand actually gets better. With an improved universal multiplier of .2 against any part with Black Spikes element damage doesn't give a shit where you hit.

>Monarch Thunder Damage against Forelegs (Black Spikes):
>((35.06 x 0.2) x 15) x 1.26 = 132.53

>>Monarch Total Damage against Forelegs (Black Spikes): 176.05


So there, if anyone needed any further convincing as to the reason why element isn't half bad and why lightning bow has been shitting all over Nerg TA's for a while now - this is it.

I know you're all probably circlejerking or arguing about Jho weapons but I hope this helps somebody out there.

Oh ok, my bad. Here you go user. Just for you.

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Hello, I'm the voice actor for the German Kaiba.

Ask me anything.

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When the next update comes out, everyone will have to abandon the fap room.

It will have to die.

Please avoid being reddit here.

Why is there so much math here just hunt the monster what the fuck

Which of these proves most effective?
Blos dual blades
Aff aug
Bazel db
Crit eye 5
Blast 2

Which one would deal more damage? It's a bit hard to test.

>find a monster too hard to solo
>dont want to go online because I'd just triple cart to it and ruin everyone else's game
life is hard

>Want to min-max
>Start seeing math equations
>Say fuck it and go back to having fun

>I've been wracking my brain as to why my Monarch DB Critical Element build has been killing Nerg faster
Because luck. How many runs did you do of each? Was monarch consistently faster, or did you just get lucky with RNG?

Why are you so assmad about Diablos no longer being the optimal choice? Do you have brain damage or something?

I'm sorry I wasted my time doing the math for you because clearly you're all fucking retarded.

Your proofs?

reminder to kick afk players in the fapper room

You are the living embodiment of every single square of pic related.

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>if I make a new thread that has a real monster hunter related op will people move over and abandon this dumpster fire? I'm tired of this catfucker shitting up every thread.

NOW people start complaining? Where the fuck were you 30+ threads ago? Someone should have been stepped in by then instead of allowing this retardation.

>NOW people start complaining? Where the fuck were you 30+ threads ago? Someone should have been stepped in by then instead of allowing this retardation.
Several people did, several times. Mods always delete the non-shitpost OP.

Can you please check out my question here?
Forget ungrateful anons

Why don't people understand how retarted it is to comapre Blos and Jho SA runs? Blos was made pre-2.0 patch, ZSD was complete shit back then, Jho was made post-2.0 patch, where it's actually good. In the Jho run, the guy uses a ton because it got a boost to the tick AND the blast. Blos didn't get that, so shut the fuck up retard.

More like where the fuck was everyone complaining weeks ago? It's nothing new. I tried calling them out on pedobait OP's and the pedo defense force came in full swing.
>B-But it is MH related!!!

You know the embarassing thing?

I'm in the wrong fucking thread.
I opened Veeky Forums today, opened a couple of threads I post and apparently hit the Mon Hun one ... I wanted in the Duel Links thread.

Not that I don't post here, I just wait for the World PC release and try not to get spoilered.

W-why do I f-flex after healing?

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Someone please answer question

>ungrateful anons
lmao he's just a biased retard trying to push his jho weapon meme with biased ass math
can't wait until he replaces agitator with heroics

>tfw we will never ever get pic related
For context: these were weapon concepts that were for Generations, but they were scrapped because of concerns over adding too much new stuff and overcomplicating things (playing as nyanta, 4/6 new styles for every weapon).
iirc the Boomerang is classed as blademaster and the rapier+pet is classed as gunner.

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It was actually the math being posted here along with my own math to make sure that it was true that made me realize how much of a fucking waste of time it is and just go with what looks cool. Been enjoying myself by orders of magnitude more ever since.

Monarch was consistently faster. I'm not crazy TA material around so often I'd be using time re-positioning on the Nerg and I probably dodge a bit much in the grand scheme of things.

>Was monarch consistently faster, or did you just get lucky with RNG?
That's the thing. I've finally figured out it was because Monarch was breaking his spikes MUCH faster (since it does like 4 times the damage against black spikes) and as such staggers far more often and meant I was wasting less time with bad multipliers trying hitting the Forelegs, Head or Tail Tip.

There would also be times where I couldn't get to the part I wanted to hit so I just hit whatever was closest and Thunder Damage has much better all-around multipliers no matter where you hit him.

Must be sad to be so mad.

Is airborne good for anything besides meme GS builds?

I've heard it doesn't work on the LS Helmsplitter, or the SnS' Slam Dunk. Does it work on Insect Glaive?

Did Capcom really shit the bed this bad with Jump master and Airborne?

That's great but can you answer my question?

Why are you so mad and sad?

No jump skills work on IG because it's not technically a jump.

Reminder that playing what you like and how you like is objectively better and more enjoyable than playing whatever build sims the fastest TA times, and that TA fags are cancer.

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big dodos

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hard to say because it's blast. if I were you I'd probably run blos until you can get 3 blast because the last point is pretty significant


If you actually are german Kaiba that's awesome, part of my childhood mate. I guess you understand why i'm skeptical, seeing where we are

Entirely this.
>inb4 I'm LBGing and Horning just to be contrarian

There is a middle ground though like building sets that have the jewels slots to hold decos that make up for skills they lack. Like death stench and jho sets on dual blades or nerg sets on axes and hbg

With enough know how and decos you can easily wear full sets that are only slightly behind the ta autism and work better than most builds

Not the original anime Kaiba, just the one for the Duel Links smartphone game.

So, PC release when?

Thanks I'm looking for that last blast and last expert jewel for both sets. Blos seems a bit better but the blast really messes with me.

Can someone post a good sleep TCS webm. I do a roll back into tackle, level one, tackle cancel level two, and my TCS second hit hits the pole in practice area like 60% of the time. The only one I've seen is the one on Nerg and I never hit the hole with that one, I always come up short on distance.

Is there a Blast attack jewel?

Any incarnation of Kaiba is awesome.
It's gonna come in autumn this year, but i don't think a concrete date was given out yet.

I got two after 280 hours of play so they exist yea but...

Knightly Girls report in.

No slutposting. No Odo. No Kirin. Just pure ty.

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What Jho weapon is absolutely a must have?