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ROD OP next please


Attached: syoko burns them all w individuals.png (500x507, 368K)

Attached: Minami Loves Me.jpg (1204x898, 190K)

When can I expect a Syoko rateup?
I set her normal version as the center every live but I want more.

I can't wait to take care of Tenka

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>normal version
You mean her normal card? Just ticket her the next time that option comes around. Probably end of April.

Having loving, babymaking sex with Ranko!

Attached: 986078C4-3726-4CB5-84C5-A7DE403C9860.png (1334x750, 2.48M)

Halloween rerun.

If you think ROD has something to do with LL, you must be more knowledgeable about LL than I am.

RIP Rod, you were the breast.

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what idol would be the best mother?

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Attached: mushroom.jpg (321x373, 75K)

Riina is a good darkhorse candidate. She can cook, cares about her friends, is dedicated, focused and can easily be tricked into doing anal sex.


Seiji would be the best mother. He can even lactate! Minori is second.

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Attached: DMpLcvAVAAAp20V.png (538x776, 334K)


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Dark nippled idols.

No doubt.

Attached: __jougasaki_mika_idolmaster_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_and_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_starlight_st (990x1388, 1.08M)

No little Yuko, stave off the radical ideology!


Shut the FUCK up, Nina.

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Little plum I like you, hope you have a happy birthday.

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Chie, approved by Nina

ROD did nothing wrong anyone who says otherwise is an enemy of progess and on the wrong side of history

Nina, because she'd resolve to not make the same mistakes her own parents made.

Attached: 1489877342784.png (960x1355, 1.14M)

The only choice
Nina you're my daughter but please shut up

Attached: IMG_20180314_102219.jpg (1024x675, 111K)

Sticking a ROD inside Koume.

Or she'd do the exact same things her parents did because that's how things work.

Awwww yiss, can't wait to watch the OVA, I love Harukasan.

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Come on user, you were spoonfed the reference in last thread.

Does Reiko have any good doujins/fanart?

Attached: ReikoTakahashiRare3.jpg (640x800, 99K)

No, nobody wants to see old saggy women.

She's not tight enough for that.

Hell yeah dude she's hot

No contest

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Which idol is the best daughter?

Attached: M Mask.png (268x264, 103K)

Aren't they out already?

We're halfway through.

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Worst SideM is Ranger Lawyer

Pick one

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Attached: teru saltin.jpg (450x600, 47K)

You're being sarcastic again user

I'm taking the lolifox.

That Shiki is so cute

Attached: IMG_20180327_213709.jpg (2262x3066, 419K)

I request that smol Shiki.

Happy birthday, Koume!

Kanade looks to be the more innocent one in that picture. Her skirt is past her knees and she isn't sucking a lolipop or instrument like the others.

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Attached: 1522188919139.png (545x780, 503K)

Loli Kanade isn't pure, she's practicing with the flute

All Shikis are cute

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I'd do them all, so there's no problem.


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angry mushroom noises

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Attached: Is Rika the kind of girl to make this face.jpg (800x1000, 279K)

Except SM Shiki

Rika is the kind of daughter who begs you for a sloppy throatfuck all the time.

Those are some fighting words nerd

Attached: cute.webm (640x360, 218K)

In a plot twist worthy of M. Night Shyamnemenlenm, the best mother and the best daughter are both the very same idol.

Attached: DLk45PwVwAAeYna.jpg (918x2000, 188K)

He said best daughter not slutty ones.


I can't believe Koume sucked up Ryo's soul

Attached: __matsunaga_ryou_and_shirasaka_koume_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_drawn_by_kyouno__2b8 (600x569, 273K)


Attached: Rika's twilight sky is hella good.jpg (800x589, 299K)

That's something only a retard would say, so I don't even have to open the image to know that it's some loli.

Attached: IMG_20180309_083801.jpg (1360x1557, 401K)

Yukipo I kiss you

I predict we'll see an artist with this similar style on twitter but drawing different anime characters and under an alias. It always annoyed me to see his(her?) drawings uploaded in such a small scale.

Attached: yukipo run.png (282x301, 38K)

Mai puchifu

Attached: 1377444291743.gif (600x337, 215K)


Meet me in the yard.

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Kissin' on Yukipo

vrroom vroom beep beep b****tch get outta the way

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The Tomoka SSR

Where is it

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>four asterisks
bshittch? banditch? burgetch?

Rude, she's just little girl.

>Being rude to children.

Nina agrees!

Attached: 62901084_p0.png (900x1331, 1.01M)

My money on the orange-haired one from SC. The one that lifts and reads books. Walking feminist magnet.

Please be patient, she hasn't slept in 9 months.

Attached: 1522193724749.png (750x1334, 924K)

Please Home SSR, I skipped of Konomi's SSR just waiting in patience.

Attached: the weak should fear the strong ho.jpg (960x640, 245K)

Roco gets no pats.

From all the SEX

>Rika's twilight sky
go learn how to read 悪口雑言 first, Rika

End of April/Early May.

Milifes announcement soon right?