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I wanted to post the new thread with this as Song of the Day

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>Want Arisa, Himari and Rinko 4*s
>Get only Kasumis, Hina and Kaoru.

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>Want Arisa, Himari and Rinko 4*s
What do you like about them?

Should be country Edition or something OP.

Jambroee edition

Their personalities.

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>Their personalities.
They sure have a lot of that.

Won't forget Yurishii.


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God I literally just started playing and am a little bit overwhelmed. Rolle two 4* so I stuck with my initial account (they were S and A+ rank on appmedia). Do I just farm Multi-Lives now for the current event?

>New guitar girl plays Love Live
>The New Blue Ran is Blue from T7s (idol), Sui Kamishiro
Is this the beginning of the Idol Counter Revolution?

Only idolshitters care about card rankings, you just have to focus on getting your favdori.

You can do that but your aim should be to clear out missions and get the EX badge.

Despite numerous attempts, still cannot FC a 20 star song so I have given up.

The current event has objectives you'll want to meet that you can check on the event page.

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Haven't watched the series yet, I did roll Himari though and she's really cute


>Moca OP
My time is now.

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Does Sayo like tomatos and lettuce? Would she say my dinner is amazing?

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Sayo is a suffering tryhard.

Don't do that to your body, friend.

It's better to burn out than fade away

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Just like you.

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PasuPare gravure event will definitely help Hina win back onee-chan. Sayo would only have to look at pictures of her sister's wholesome chest, soft skin, curves, cute but erotic body to realise what she is missing out on compared to Tsugu's childish body.

>Afterglow OP
Hahaha time for another ded thread.

Go back there

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I have always been here though.

How many /gbp/ memes have you created?

Like 3 or 4, but not your favorite one.

I hate that one.

I like babby bandoris

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I like dog bandoris

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Fuck off paedophile.

Fuck off furry

I like smelly bandoris

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Fuck off sniffposter

I've never seen babby popipa.

So Maya is your favorite?

>had to leave the house and missed the afterparty
I should have listened to you guys when you said to never leave again

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I ask authorization to make a temporal afterparty for this user.

Request denied, next.

Because it deserves being asked every other thread (as opposed to every thread), "is Bandori a furry franchise?"

I ask authorization to post Kasumi.

Which Kasumi?

Only if it's proto-Kasumi.

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Don't worry user. Bandori is more important than wathever i could want to talk about in there.
you gotta post a furry bandori image with the question tho.

I secretly wanted the afterparty just for me. You were a nice excuse.

Dog Aya is adorable. Aya in general is just adorable.
What if I told you I don't actually have any bandori images at all to post because I don't bother saving any?

i would believe you since i used to do the same and now i only have Chisato reaction images on my phone and old bandori pics in my pc that i get to use once every week or two

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Why is Arisa walking around in that?

Why did you crop me out of the image?

King Kasumi ordered her to.

that's her fetish
i thought you would like me preserving your privacity

Hi Mari

how did you know

I always save all bandori images, but they are dumped in a folder with all other anime images I have saved over the years, it has never been sorted or opened at all so those images never see the light again.

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Ako is probably going to grow up into a very nice girl since she has a lot of good influences all around her

Ako is already an adult as far as I'm concerned.

Such as Lisa?

Her best friend has social anxiety, her bandmates are an autist a tryhard and a slut and her sister is actually a boy.
Sounds like a healthy environment to grow up.

Ako is already big enough.

I organize by band and have a special Hikawa folder but it's gotten kind of out of hand when trying to find something specific.

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Sex is not bad. This is a band franchise not an idol franchise. Musicians have sex all the time.
If anything she will be more versed in protection contraception and how to male it easier on her.

You should at least have a folder for your favorite one.




Sex is only okay for male musicians, because they just spread their semen to a bunch of whores. Female musicians on the other hand would get tainted with a bunch of semen from different fat otaku old men.


You say it like the female musicians have a choice in the matter.

>Implying they would have sex with fat otaku old men
Besides Lisa I don't see why they would do that rather than having sex with their boyfriends.


Don't ever post the B word again.

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Having a boyfriend goes against rock and roll.

You're right, they should fuck with a ton of them, that's rock and roll as fuck.

Fanfiction isn't allowed

Does that mean that I can't talk about the girls being with each other? Because that's fanfiction too.

That is why rock and roll is for men, girls should stay in the kitchen or the bed.

But the best Chefs of the world are guys, Why would you want a girl on your kitchen?

That's canon so you can discuss it.

Naked apron.

But it isn't canon, it's headcanon as fuck.

Is there anything worse than a /gbp/ that's doing anything other than posting fanart?

/gbp/ posting furry images.

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Yes, talking about the game.

I wonder if Craft Egg originally decided on making it pretty esports-centric but just gave up on that half way because they wanted everyone to enjoy the game.

I think they're slowly regaining that vision given the nature of events like the current one, also versus events.

It's only a matter of time before they revisit that idea and finish the job.

They already did that with the dumb tournament.

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That was so bad I don't count it.

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This is my cat, please say something nice about her.

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